Improve your ability to surf through life

surfing rapture

Improve your ability to surf through life

surfing rapture
thanks Elizabeth Haslam!

Learning to direct your thoughts is like learning how to surf through life. If you don't consciously create your life experience, it's easy to get caught in the undertow and feel powerless. Some people choose to sit out entirely, watching from the beach, never brave enough to try surfing themselves!

If you have the courage to dive in, here are some ways to improve your game.

Quiet the naysayers

Sometimes the people around you don't even want you to go surfing. They think it's dangerous to follow your own path. They want you to do things their way. Parents have a tendency to do this! But getting support from the people you love can be easy; all you have to do is share your excitement.

Picture someone naysaying, telling you not to dream too big or set yourself up for disappointment. You have two choices: adopt their negative emotional vibration about what you want, or continue vibrating your positive emotion about what you want. If you are genuinely passionate, start talking about it! Convince the naysayer of your excitement! Make them believe in you by believing in yourself. Before you know it, they'll be telling their friends about the awesome things you're doing with your life!

Don't blow your load too early. This trick will only work if you are 100% passionate about your dream, so if you aren't sure what you want yet, figure that out first!

Constantly be on the lookout for the next wave

So you've started practicing directing your thoughts, and some good things have come your way. But now you're back where you started, wanting to feel that good again! Don't get discouraged that the wave is over. Remember that there are infinite waves still coming your way.

When you get what you want, it's like riding a wave to the beach. You wouldn't sit there being sad that the ride is over, you'd just swim back out and catch another one. And when you are always looking for the next wave, it gets easier and easier to land on the beach.

Always be thinking about what you want next. Don't dwell on things you want that haven't come yet. They will! Just think of what would make this moment better. And then all the waves you want to ride will start showing up. They might look different than you expected, but you'll be having so much fun you won't care!

Feel for the rhythm

Some call it the divine pulse. Some call it flow. Some call it the zone. Whatever you call it, it's where all the action is at. One key to the surfing experience is to find that flow and go with it. Let go and let your body know what it knows how to do. Let go and let your source guide you.

If you haven't felt the rhythm before or don't know what you're looking for, there are a lot of ways to practice getting the feeling. Meditation is the simplest. Hallucinogens can give you an idea. Lots of people flow with music, art, or sports. Playing with Astrojax is my current preferred method to practice the feeling of flow. When you practice that feeling, the other areas of your life start flowing with the same ease. The law of attraction brings you more of whatever you choose to feel.

What if I fall?

Sometimes you slip up and think negative thoughts, and what felt like a fun ride is suddenly a freaky nightmare. Just remember, it's only your thoughts that make it that way! When you think negative thoughts, you are part of the problem. If you think you're bad at surfing through life, you won't improve!

Don't worry, your past negative thoughts about your surfing abilities won't come back to haunt you - you create yourself with each new thought. Just change your thought to one that feels good RIGHT NOW and enjoy the ride! It really is that simple.

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Todd

    Calm, soothing, ethereal Haslam image appearing in the same post as the “Don’t blow your load too early!” metaphor…

    You win Juxtapose of the Day Award!


  • jessica mullen

    hahahahaha thanks Todd, glad you liked that one ^_^

  • kelly

    i love the part about sharing your enthusiasm with skeptics. it makes total sense that others would have no choice but to be affected by your positive vibration on the subject. it reminds to be passionate and sure when i tell people what i do. i am a magician!

    there was one line that i disagree with. the part where you say, ‘what would make this moment better?’ would be better stated as ‘what about this moment is so good?’ i think as humans, our minds have been trained to focus on the one thing that is missing, which would just expand on the feeling of lack for that.

    in my own practice, i’ve been really trying to focus on what is most excellent about that moment without any awareness that it could get better, but while knowing and expecting all the time that it will.

    another great article, thank you!!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you for disagreeing! I think what I meant is to always be on the look out for a better feeling thought. Always keep your desires and ideas fresh, because if you focus on stale desires you keep the feeling of lack alive.

    It’s kind of a way to distract your thoughts from messing up the current moment. Like if you’re super in a flow moment, maybe thinking about what would be better keeps your mind from thinking negative thoughts. And if you are really in the flow, whatever comes to you as “better” will instantly happen. And THAT is ecstasy – living in real time.

  • kelly

    i agree, it does not feel good to focus on stale desires.

    i think though, that when one is in the vortex, flow, the zone, whatever you call it, that the practice of ‘milking the feeling’ or expanding on why the moment is so good is more helpful to spiritual practice than keeping on looking for what could be better.

    when you feel good, milk it. allow it. practice the feeling of feeling good. as you say, try to ride out the wave as long as possible, don’t be looking behind you for the wave that is about to come.

  • jessica mullen

    Hmmm good point about looking behind you, but I think that might be stretching the surfing metaphor a little far. I was seeing it more as “ok, I got what I wanted, but NOW what do I want?” And that just looking for what you want is like looking for the next wave from the shore. But you have to be ready to hop on the next wave, so you have to be in deep water. So maybe you tread water by milking the moment.

    LOVE this conversation, thank you.

  • Jayanthi

    I absolutely LOVE your site. I saw your interview in Gala’s site. Your site is a power house of information. Great work. I am a huge fan now onwards. Thank you for what you do :)

    – Jayanthi

  • Rachael

    This is exactly what I needed.

    My goal this year is to have a positive outlook on life instead of being a self naysayer. After reading your interview with Gala Darling I had to check you out.

    You are a breath of fresh air and inspirational, thank you.

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Jayanthi! Thank YOU for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet note! It’s great to meet you!

    Rachael, hell yeah, cheers to your goal for 2011! It only gets easier from here! <3

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