trampgasm | gathering momentum for January 19, 2011


trampgasm | gathering momentum for January 19, 2011

Holy HELL I am so grateful to be featured on Ms. Gala Darling's beautiful blog! I am so grateful for the incredible response I've received from the interview! I'm so grateful to feel like I've inspired people! I'm so grateful to feel inspired!

I AM SO GRATEFUL MY MOM TOOK ME TRAMPIN AT THE MALL! I've had such an incredibly fun and busy day!

gettin ready
I am so grateful it is so inexpensive to tramp it! $10 for 5 minutes!

I am so grateful I got to do BACKFLIPS!

I am so grateful I got to have breakfast at Snack Bar with my mom and Kerri. I had delicious french toast and espresso and the conversation was delightful!

I am so grateful my mom got some toasty for me to bring home to Kelly!

I am so grateful I got to spend time with my mom today.

fabric of life!
I am so grateful I printed out graph paper and got to do fun drawings! This is exactly like something I see in my head...

workin out
I am so grateful I read this mind-expanding article in High Times.

y pool
I am so grateful the indoor pool at the Y is almost ready!!

me n kel
I am so grateful for Kelly!

Wouldn't it be nice to work on some articles tonight or tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to get all our shopping and cooking done tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to go see the Black and White Years tonight?! Wouldn't it be nice to hang out with friends? Wouldn't it be nice to keep feeling this good? Wouldn't it be nice to reply to all the delicious emails in my inbox? Wouldn't it be nice to find an adult gymnastics class in Austin?! Wouldn't it be nice to find more bands I want to get into? Wouldn't it be nice to up my weights in Body Pump? Wouldn't it be nice to find more awesome classes to take like BP??

Today I intend to keep looking for the next wave to ride! WOO SURFING THROUGH LIFE IS FUN.

I love surfing. I love feeling inspired. I love new ideas. I love donations and subscriptions and emails and comments pouring into my inbox. I love Kelly. I love playing with our toys. I LOVE BODY PUMP HOLY CRAP. I love all my new muscles! I love that Body Pump is getting easier! I love spinach smoothies! I love TRAMPOLINING AT THE MALL! I love dubstep! I love espresso! I love reading library books until the very last minute before they're due! I love ASTROJAX! I love hot showers! I love vegan queso! I love being a modern philosopher! I love eyeliner! I love letting source put my eyeliner on!!!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Things are normalizing. Real life is merging with the trip.
  2. I'm going to diversify my blogging!! for food blogging, TPP documents our search enlightenment, will be where more life design stuff goes, and we're going to start a toy/kids blog! ALSO I want to blog more for! WOOT! Splintering videos!
  3. Working on! Taking inspiration from Philosophers Notes!
  4. This RMA logo design by Milton Glaser is Joystorm logo inspiration!
  5. I FOUND TWO NEW MENTORS! A philosopher (Brian Johnson) and a toymaker/physicist (Larry Shaw)!
  6. This one's in note form: GRAPH PAPER. The kids. Hand drawn book. Give to kids - don't want to get a job or go to school? Get happy and keep a website.
  7. I'm going to ask Steve Pavlina for a free consulting sample ;D
  8. We used the band The Poetize Code on the podcast before but I'm just now starting to get REALLY into them.
  9. Black and White Years @ Antones tonight!
  10. I think I'm really into Daft Punk right now!

Message from Clair

Always be on the lookout for the next wave!

Telling my future

Tonight is going to be the most fun night of my life.

Interview with myself

How does it feel to be on GALADARLING.COM?!
Um... best feeling ever? But it feels like "BUT OF COURSE!" :D :D :D

Today's affirmations

  • Everything is perfect and in its place.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Mouse

    I saw you (and kelly!) on Gala’s website today.. Congratulations!!! I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Totally awesome.. and yes, you two totally deserve it!

  • Allison Koberstein

    I love everything in this post. Your energy is infectious!

    The trampoline looks so cool!! And Philosopher’s Notes….. oh my god, if self help books are like coke, then philospher’s notes must be like heroin. D: …. :D

  • James

    Congrats on the Gala Darling interview! I agree with @Mouse – you both totally deserve it. But of course it was the next logical step… ;)

  • Batsie

    I checked out the Gala article, too … very inspiring, congratulations! I like that you mentioned at the end of the interview that you draw the line at never complaining or speaking negatively, that’s something I need to really work on in my life!

    I’m also excited to see you are starting a food blog! Is it going to be a food service type site where people can buy your pre-made goodies and you deliver locally? Also, are you going to list recipes? The stuff you two eat always looks so yummy, I’d like to try to make a few of the things myself (like the bean burgers and magick pellets!)

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you all for the kind words! I am beyond excited about that whole interview thing :]

    Allison, the trampoline was SO FUN. The perfect activity for such a fun day. And yes, PN is like heroin! Ha!

    James, thank you. I love it when the “next logical step” gives me goosebumps… life is fun ^_^

    Batsie, so glad you enjoyed it! Right now Kel and I do the food business VERY small scale, just for a couple people. I’m not sure how/when/if it will expand but I do know the site will expand! Yes, we do plan on posting recipes. The bean burger recipe is from Emily here:

    And you can find the magick pellet recipe here:

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