la flow es aqui | gathering momentum for January 18, 2011

la flow es aqui | gathering momentum for January…

I am so grateful for Rene at Active People! Active People is the company that makes Astrojax. I wrote them about an issue I had with a set of AJs, asking if they could give me tips on repair. They wrote back SO sweetly and are going to hook me up with the repairs! Rene also attached the above Astrojax image and the one below! They are the nicest people and produce wonderful products. Also, I ended up getting in contact with the INVENTOR because I wrote them!


I am so grateful to be having the best day of my life. Free stuff is flowing ALL AROUND ME! I've been in touch with all these people about product reviews and philosophy and feeling good and I've been getting compliments on my site and I JUST FEEL SO GOOD!

so happy!

I'm so grateful Kel and I have two new ideas for podcast episodes! I'm so grateful that last night I was going through some contrast - basically I was thirsty for new ideas - and then Kelly and I ended up just chilling and talking and the most amazing ideas came to me! I AM SO BLISSED OUT I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE IT!


I'm so grateful Kel and I just had a conversation about drinking and how we used to drink when things got too good and it made us nervous, so we would drink to be able to handle it... Basically we are over that now! Sometimes life gets so fun and exciting and good feeling that I feel like I'm going to barf. I'm learning how to embrace the feeling!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a great time at the Y running our miles? Wouldn't it be nice if that hand mixer I ordered was the shit? Wouldn't it be nice to work with more companies doing linking and reviews? Wouldn't it be nice to find more inspiring people and companies I believe in? Wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of page/post where I promote the companies I love and get a little affiliate cut? I have a cute list growing... Active People, Nacho Mom's, Philosophers Notes... It's so fun working with cool companies with similar views on life!

Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired to write another article some time today? Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired to record a podcast about getting out of the way? Wouldn't it be nice to bring people more gifts? Wouldn't it be nice to keep feeling such generosity and abundance? Wouldn't it be nice to stay tapped into the flow of ideas? Wouldn't it be nice to finish reading this Deepak book before it's due tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to go swimming? Wouldn't it be nice to feel love today? Wouldn't it be nice to laugh and have fun and play video games and feel inspiration!?

Today I intend to flow! Today I intend to let go! Today I intend to play! Today I intend to feel inspired! Today I intend to remember why I love the words "cute" and "cool"! Today I intend to feel like I'm 8 years old!

I love feeling like a kid. I love Nacho Mom's vegan queso. I love Philosophers Notes. I love attracting new ideas and inspiration and connections with awesome people. I love that I got a free hand mixer from CSN Stores! I love that it has an LCD display! I love ASTROJAX! I love that they are the most brilliant toy I've ever played with! I love that I came up with this AMAZING idea about AJs that I can't wait to talk to the inventor about! I love that life is so fun! I love that we get to go to the Y now! I love that we get to chill with STEPHEN! I love feeling so excited about everything! I love feeling so good! I love going with the flow! I love taking break from coffee! I love letting go! I love getting compliments on my site! And on my hair! I love making new friends! I love choosing to feel good! I love choosing to let go of anything that brings me negative thoughts! I love that it's THAT EASY! I love that I'm going to pay someone to do my taxes this year! I love that I have plenty of money! I love talking to Todd about activity streams! I love that SXSW is coming up! I love my life! I love that all that feeling good PAYS OFF!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. I upped my weights yesterday in BODY PUMP! I am getting so strong!
  2. Omg KeriBlog posted such an inspiring video of her doing GYMNASTICS, MY DREAM!
  3. Philosopher's notes has a new pricing model that made me purchase volume 1! I feel like a MODERN PHILOSOPHER! And then I got to talk to Brian on Twitter and he is so so cool!
  4. New pivot thought inspired from Body Pump class: if anyone is saying something negative, just respond with "DROP IT!"
  5. I was talking about AJs in my sleep! HAHAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE IT.
  6. AHHH having the best day of my life! Free queso! Free Astrojax repair! Interview with the inventor! Philosophers notes!
  8. I have a new decision-making process to test out: would I have wanted to do this when I was 8 years old? If not, maybe I'm trying too hard.
  9. Got a free hand mixer from CSN stores!!!
  10. Time to run 5 miles at the Y, my favorite hang out!
  11. Kelly and I have been FLOWIN out of CONTROL

Message from Clair

Your life is perfect. You are in the flow. Every day you are letting more and more go. Enjoy the next step on your journey.

Telling my future


Interview with myself

How do you make living in the flow sustainable? How do you get better at it and stay longer?
Quit caring about things that bother you. Let go of more and more. Take more risks. Interact with more people, and do it with love. Play with more toys. Eat the food you want. Chill out. Enjoy every moment. Love yourself and the beauty that is your mind reflected all around you. You made this. Drink it up. Trust the universe to take care of you and it will.

Today's affirmations

  • I flow.

Links I love

  • Need an HTML table but don't want to write the code? This is for you!
  • My next purchase from Brian Johnson will probably be Optimal Living 101
  • Hipster Runoff is hilarious
  • I am really into the Astrojax forum because of posts like this and this.
  • We watched Following Sean last night and it was really good! We wanted to attract more info about the 60s and here it is!
  • OMG this kid is SO GOOD AT AJs!

  • Thanks to Todd for pointing out this sweet NASA vid!
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • margo

    I am really enjoying your site and wondered if you have ever tried acro-yoga? It is acrobatic yoga and it is FUN! I hope you check it out, it will lift you up and you will FLY :)

    Hugs and Bliss

  • margaux

    I was just linked here from Gala Darling and I so love everything so far! Your positivity feels like the best of drugs and is just what I need right now. Thank you!

  • ann

    wow, I found you from galadarling, and I’m SO glad I did. this is amazing and intensely inspiring stuff!!
    thank you for doing what you do!

  • jessica mullen

    Margo, acro-yoga sounds so fun and I would love to try it some time. What’s the best way to learn? I’ll have to see if there are any classes in Austin. It would be awesome if my YMCA offered one!

    Margaux and Ann, THANK YOU for your kind words!

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