I woke up in a great mood! | gathering momentum for January 16, 2011

I woke up in a great mood! | gathering…

Good morning! I am so grateful the warm front is moving in and it appears to have stopped raining! I am so grateful it's going to be in the 60s this week! I am so grateful for this amazing city!

I'm so grateful for rainy day snacks in the parking lot of Whataburger.

I'm so grateful I wore eyeliner yesterday and it was smokin.

sweet cuppn cake
I'm so grateful we are working on perfecting our cupcake recipe! The progress has been delicious!

I'm so grateful I look the way I do.

I'm so grateful for cute socks.


bp 2
I am so grateful I have a wonderful girlfriend to go to Body Pump with.

I am so grateful I am getting so much better at Astrojax!!

I am so grateful I am learning how to repair Astrojax!

kerri eating
I am so grateful Kelly and I went out to eat at Bouldin Cafe for dinner last night with my sisters Kerri and Joy, Kerri's friend Lisa (visiting from Boston!), our friend Betty and her sister DonNell who I finally got to meet!

I'm so grateful all these beautiful people got together in one place.

joy n kerri
I'm so grateful hanging out with my sisters is always so fun.

joy n kerri 2
I'm so grateful everyone at the table got along so well and we laughed the whole time.

kel n me
I'm so grateful for my partner who is always by my side.

lisa n me
I'm so grateful I got to see Lisa again! I haven't seen her since we both lived in Chicago in 2006 or so!

egg salad sammie n el tipico
I'm so grateful Bouldin's vegan food is so delicious! We had the mock chicken salad sammie (PERFECTION) and the el tipico with tofu scramble.

Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired to write another article today? Wouldn't it be nice to get a head start on the week? Wouldn't it be nice to go to Barcelona tonight and dance to dubstep? Wouldn't it be nice to play with AJs today? Wouldn't it be nice to hear about Stephen's trip to Vegas? Wouldn't it be nice to figure out how to extract a stripped screw from an Astrojax ball? Wouldn't it be nice to get a free replacement set from Active People? Wouldn't it be nice to go to the Y today and do a great workout and see all our friends? Wouldn't it be nice to get inspired to make another podcast episode (maybe about the Y!)? Wouldn't it be nice if Kelly woke up in a great mood and we had a great day together? Wouldn't it be nice to go grocery shopping soon? Wouldn't it be nice to get a delivery grocery service? Wouldn't it be nice to have a garden in a cabinet that grew all the food we needed? Wouldn't it be nice to have an endless supply of toothpaste and dental floss? Wouldn't it be nice to find more vegan restaurants in Austin? Wouldn't it be nice if Walmart or HEB started carrying vegan queso? Wouldn't it be nice to figure out where thought comes from? Wouldn't it be nice to have a great meditation session today? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the life design book today?

Today I intend to keep the momentum gathering! Today I intend to feel great in my perfect body! Today I intend to eat delicious food! Today I intend to treat myself with love and respect! Today I intend to look at everyone with LOVE! Today I intend to have everything go my way by focusing on LOVE!

I love having dreams about people choosing violence, and then I think "no, your power is in love." I love that my dream thoughts are directed positively! I love remembering my dreams! I love staying sober even when other people are drinking! I love feeling the flow! I love drinking coffee and taking breaks from it so it works again! I love having Astrojax parties!

I love having my period. I love focusing on solutions when presented with problems. I love going to bed when I feel myself losing focus. I love choosing to follow my inspiration. I love feeling in the flow. I love having conversations on Facebook with Sara and Ouiluv Yu about where thought comes from. I love that some people like to talk about life. I love directing conversations away from small talk. I love humor. I love making jokes. I love laughing. I love being around people I love. I love choosing to love the people I am around.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Can you figure out the vibe that aligns with your goal?
  2. I AM OFFICIALLY AN ASTROJAX REPAIRWOMAN! We now have 2 working sets of Blue Diamonds!
  3. We get to go to the Y! I am obsessed with the Y!
  4. Pwny picked my head to sleep on last night, hehehe.
  5. I can feel my next article brewing!
  6. It's SUNDAY!
  7. I haven't eaten yet, which means I GET TO EAT SOON NOM. Yes, I am very excited about this.
  8. It appears Stephen had an awesome time in Vegas! Can't wait to hear about it!
  9. WE ARE CAUGHT UP ON OUR PODCAST OMFG. Time to record fresh eps!
  10. I finished scanning another sketchbook! Time for numero once!
  11. We got new washable markers for our wall calendar, YAY.

Message from Clair

When you wake up in a good mood, congratulate yourself. You chose to go to bed in the vortex, and now you get to wake up in the vortex. Enjoy the process of directing your thoughts and bask in the knowledge that you are getting better every single day. What used to be a novel idea is now a way of life. As you continually improve your ability to direct your thoughts, you will notice exciting manifestations happening faster and faster and faster. Everything you want is already yours, and you are already enjoying it all.

Telling my future

1pm: Kelly is awake! We are both in fantastic moods and begin talking excitedly about our upcoming day!
2pm: We are basking in our lazy Sunday of slow posting, slow eating, slow moving.
3pm: Time for meditation! Best sit yet, I have creative solutions bursting out of me.
4pm: We head to the Y and enjoy a blissful workout. We get to have fun conversations with our friends.
6pm: We enjoy a delicious meal that is the perfect amount and the perfect nutrients. I feel invigorated and energized.
7pm: We get a little work done! I feel so amazingly productive and excited to start the week!
9pm: it's about that time... Netflix in the bed time... enjoying it while it lasts because as soon as it warms up we are getting some bicycles and getting out of here!

Interview with myself

What drives your work with The Popular Podcast?
TPP is an ongoing project that Kelly and I work on when we are so inspired. It started because I got a new underwater video camera and we were enthralled with taping awkward drunken situations. The podcast evolved into a vehicle for some of my graduate work and became a semi-serious project for a while. Eventually Kelly and I realized that we make the podcast because it's fun. It's fun to document certain aspects of our lives and make inside jokes that only a few will get. It's been a deep pleasure refining our website, our editing and posting process, and our monetization strategies. We used to bang our heads on the wall, trying to figure out how to make money from the podcast. That wasn't a very fun time for TPP. When we finally let go of the need to monetize the site, we had the idea for the now popular Art by Mail Fan Club, and now everything is fun again ^_^

The best part about making the podcast is that we have found two of our best friends in the world through it, Betty and Stephen. The videos we make attract like minded people and that's the real reason we do it - to connect.

Today's affirmations

  • Let source do it.
  • This action is inspired.

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