This one really helped | a lullaby for January 13, 2011

This one really helped | a lullaby for January…

good night

I am so grateful for such a glorious day. I am so grateful I got to sleep in. I am so grateful we mailed our last box. I am so grateful today was so relaxed. I'm so grateful today was our day off from working out and it felt amazing to let my body repair itself. I'm so grateful we went to the Encyclopedia Show at ND Studios with Kerri and Betty. I am so grateful we've been getting invited to do things and go places that are fun and funny. I am so grateful for the inspiring films we watched tonight about Joseph Campbell and Buddha. I am so grateful I already feel enlightened. I'm so grateful I get it. I'm so grateful I am learning so much at such a young age. I am so grateful for my open mind. I am so grateful to be exactly where I am right now.

10 things I loved about today

  • I got to massively sleep in! I was having delicious dreams.
  • My body got to rest in its delicious soreness.
  • I wrote a new article!
  • I really enjoyed driving my car.
  • I got to spend time with Kerri and Betty.
  • I printed out a revised goals sheet!
  • I got to eat delicious pasta and bean burger.
  • My day went pretty much exactly as planned.
  • I got really excited about making money!
  • I learned a lot about Buddhism.

Message from Clair

As you feel yourself starting to lose focus late in the day, relish the message your body sends. A need for rest is not a bad thing. Feel excited to go to sleep, for you get to enter nonphysical reality and become one with source again. You will have dreams that make you feel good. They will be lucid and beautiful and completely under your control. When you awake, you will be refreshed in the knowing that you get to experience another day in physical reality.

As you drift off to sleep, think of the things that bring you the deepest enjoyment. Good friends. Fig trees. Security through passive income. Freedom to do whatever you wish. Gaining fresh insight every day and sharing it as quickly as possible. Creating. Loving.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.