money money money | gathering momentum for January 14, 2011

money money money | gathering momentum for January 14,…

good morning
Good MORNING! At 3pm! I am so grateful for all the rest I've been getting! I'm so grateful I've been able to work in the middle of the night! I'm so grateful I don't need a rigid schedule to get shit done! I'm so grateful I've published my four articles this week!

I'm so grateful for my adorable chippies. Yes, I am a cat lady and I LOVE IT.

pitty linty

new goals
I am so grateful I printed out my new goals! And I love them! They are so simple. And they are HAPPENING!

post office
I am so grateful we live so close to the post office and there aren't any lines and the people who work there are really nice and I always get the best spot in the lot!

in the car
I am so grateful for warm clothes in the Texas cold ;]

I am so grateful for all the delicious vegan food Kel and I know how to make. We've been addicted to mac n cheeze made with Nacho Mom's vegan queso!

I am so grateful for this beast.

encyclopedia show
I am so grateful we went to the Encyclopedia Show last night! It was so well produced, and really funny!

I am so grateful for my dear, darling, beautiful wifey. I am so grateful for industrial kisses ^_^

Wouldn't it be nice to attract more ideas for passive income? Wouldn't it be nice to come up with an incentive for people to sign up for the School of Life Design mailing list? Wouldn't it be nice to come up with the perfect January postcard? (Kel came up with it right after I wrote that!) Wouldn't it be nice if our 7 mile run today was really fun and easy? Wouldn't it be nice to level up during mediation today? Wouldn't it be nice to photograph Kel's booklet? Wouldn't it be nice to play with AJs for an hour or so tonight? And do a photoshoot? Wouldn't it be nice to find more hot food to make? Wouldn't it be nice to have some hot soup? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the life design book tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to get the new podcast about AJs up? Wouldn't it be nice to feel inspired to work all night? Wouldn't it be nice to have a great time at the Y tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life?

Today I intend to find solutions about money. Today I intend to have positive thoughts about income generation. Today I intend to focus on this beautiful momentum I've been gathering. Today I intend to focus on feelings of love and abundance! Today I intend to allow inspiration. Today I intend to allow FUN. Today I intend to feel bliss!

I love my passive income streams. Here is the current list of paths we are pursuing (in no particular order, but the bolds are ones I'm REALLY excited about):

  • Bluehost affiliate sales
  • Underwater videos
  • Ebooks
  • Fan club subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Google adsense
  • Amazon toy store
  • Youtube
  • Sketchbook downloads
  • Print on demand tshirts
  • Print on demand books

Active income streams that we enjoy thinking about:

  • Etsy store
  • Magick food
  • Web tutoring/consulting/teaching
  • Performances (like with AJs)
  • Promotional web video (getting paid make episodes of the podcast about things)
  • Making appearances
  • Guest lecturing
  • Freelance writing
  • Publishing deal

Donations, ebooks & teaching. These are my sources of income. I love donations because it means my work is so meaningful that people want to compensate me for giving them a new perspective. I love ebooks because I get to write and design a book AND it's passive AND it's digital. I love working on a larger scale project. I love teaching because it can be done in many ways, but mostly it's about sharing my perspective on the world. Sharing my insights and contributing them to culture. Shaping the way other people think about things.

I love using my phone as a magick wand. I love attracting inspiring information. I love technology and how quickly it improves. I love looking at the whitespace on my screen as I type this. I love Danielle Laporte. I love international travel. I love new ideas. I love getting donations. I love writing and selling ebooks. I love teaching about the Internet.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. The Megan Meditation! My friend Megan Weirich is new to meditation, and had some trouble focusing. So she came up with the idea to start each meditation with a letter from the alphabet. Start with A and let any thought
  2. I had this crazy spinning vortex mirror dream, it was straight from Simon King of the Witches!
  3. Milton Glaser + his view on the hippie movement. The hippies knew what was up!
  4. Danielle Laporte has some great ideas about making money. "Make a list of all the things you could do to make money. And then cross off two thirds of that list. Make a list of all the things you could do to make money. And then cross off two thirds of that list."
  5. Passive income. I love thinking about it, basking in it, desiring it, getting it.
  6. Thinking about money in positive ways! Finding new methods to do that!
  7. The idea of "taming the mind"
  8. Dharma
  9. The Bodhi Tree.
  10. We get to run 7 miles today!
  11. I finished scanning another sketchbook!!

Message from Clair

Sometimes you feel like you're off to a rocky start. Nothing in particular is going wrong, but you have trouble getting your positive thinking engine started. When this happens, remember that Nirvana is already now. This moment is the miracle. The now. If you can appreciate the miracle that is this moment, you can appreciate every moment here on out. This. Moment. This. Moment. This. Moment. What is so beautiful about this moment?
The perfect dubstep music is playing. Kelly is excited to have written a long post. I am bundled up and warm and cozy. I have new goals to look at on my desk. Kelly is laughing beside me. I am continually inspired to work on the life design book and articles for this site. I feel prolific. I am in no rush. I feel love. I love those around me. My family and friends love me. I can choose to focus on love. It is a choice. I get to experience the deliciousness that is sneezing. I have so many interesting things to look at. I just remembered the vision board panel I'm working on that's going to be AMAZING! My body is strong and healthy and ready to be used, like a prized thoroughbred horse. I am seeing my cute little visual hallucinations that I've had all my life. I am in this moment. This. Moment. This. Moment. The Now.

Telling my future

4pm: meditating and feeling the love. SO MUCH LOVE.
5pm: heading to the library and feeling giggly and excited about this day.
6pm: onto the gym for our 7 mile run! I can feel my muscles are stronger already from the body pump classes we've been doing! Running is easy!
8pm: delicious meal, I feel satisfied and energized. I feel excited. I feel ready to take on a project.
9pm: AJs PODCAST IS BEING WORKED ON! YES! I feel magickal, I feel like it's all coming back to me. I am in this moment!
11pm: I have no idea what we'll be doing, but I feel excited. I feel energetic. I feel KNOWING. I feel the next logical step. It's all around me.

Interview with myself

Where does inspiration for your articles come from?
They tend to come directly from whatever I'm working on that day. Whenever I feel like I've made some progress in making my life better, that becomes a post. I also really enjoy forming articles around questions people ask me about life design and positive thinking an LoA. And I try to write some articles for people just starting on their journey. I'm not trying to be all things to everyone, but different people hear different things. It's fun to pick a specific person out to write to, like they're my only audience. But really, I try to write for myself above all. I want to come to my site and remember what I know. I read my posts when I'm having a rough day, and they always turn it around :]

Today's affirmations

  • This. Moment.

Links I love

  • Kelly's Captain's Log from yesterday is EXQUISITE. Lots about the feeling of going with the flow.
  • When does the idea fairy come to you?
  • Thank you to Ouiluv Yu for reminding me how sexy My Girlfriend's Girlfriend is. Omg what a pivotal song of my youth.
  • We watched Joseph Campbell: The Hero's Journey last night on Netflix streaming, do recommend! He had a brilliant view on mythology.
  • We also watched Buddha, exploring the life of... Buddha. FASCINATING. Nirvana is now. This moment. Nirvana is reality. We are already in it.
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