a feast of new ideas | gathering momentum for January 13, 2011

a feast of new ideas | gathering momentum for…

kel n me blown
I am so grateful for chill nights with my girlfriend before our day off. We get to do whatever we want, stay up as late as we want, and sleep in as late as we want. MY BODY IS REPAIRED!

I am so grateful for meditation. I am so grateful I've chosen to make it a daily practice. It has changed my life so much.

body pump
I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR BODY PUMP. I AM OBSESSED! Aerobic weight lifting class?! I would NEVER make myself do this shit!

salad for lunch
I am so grateful we ate our salad for lunch yesterday! What a surreal treat.

kerri open mic
I am so grateful we went to Kerri's comedy open mic last night! It was so fun and FUNNY! And KELLY IS GOING TO DO IT NEXT WEEK.

kerri open mic 2

Wouldn't it be nice to publish that podcast ep today? Wouldn't it be nice to return that shit to the mall? Wouldn't it be nice if that ebay thing about the printer worked out? Wouldn't it be nice if I let go of a couple lame negative thoughts I've had today? Wouldn't it be nice to spend the day letting go? Wouldn't it be nice to play with AJs? Wouldn't it be nice to read? Wouldn't it be nice to watch another good movie? Wouldn't it be nice to make more progress on Michael's tat? (I am officially excited to work on it!) Wouldn't it be nice to respond to my emails before leaving for the post office? Wouldn't it be nice if it warmed up? Wouldn't it be nice if I had another idea for an article today? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the book today? Wouldn't it be nice distill my passion even further, into something delicious like a diamond?

Today I intend to go with the flow and appreciate each moment. Today I intend to direct my thoughts positively. Today I intend to allow myself to be receptive to new ideas. Today I intend to let source guide me to new ideas. Today I intend to let source do it. Today I intend to allow inspiration. Today I intend to get better at surfing the waves. Today I intend to have the best day of my life!

I love sleeping in one day a week. I love resting my body after working it so hard with running and body pump! I love working out hard! I love someone else telling me what to do! I love that Kerri has been inviting us to go to all these fun events! I love that we get to housesit for my parents again soon! I love that Michael is coming home! I love that I worked on his tat design finally! I love that everything is going my way! I love all the positive feedback I've been getting lately! I love that it's an indicator of my vibration!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Memorization. It creates portable order in your consciousness. So when you need to be entertained or have a fun puzzle to think about when you're bored, if you have a large block of something memorized you can play with it all day.
  2. MILTON GLASER. Last night we watched Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight (streaming!) and it was MAJORLY inspiring. God it feels good to watch something positive and beautiful about graphic design.
  4. Glaser believes that cooking is the same as drawing in pleasure gained - both are meditative practices. I love thinking about that!
  5. I love this idea - getting a membership to the Y for one month is cheaper than going to the bar for ONE NIGHT. And it's like you get to be a regular at a bar anyway - you get to meet all the cool people that hang out and work there.
  6. I love thinking of life design as getting better at surfing - eventually you learn how to ride out the waves without wiping out every time.
  7. Mailing the last of our boxes today! WOOT!
  8. Going to the library today! Double woot!
  9. Glaser talked about teaching as a demonstration of one's view of life, and that it is sharing a single point of view. Loves it.
  11. We got Hackers from Netflix. I can't wait to watch it. For this scene in particluar:

Message from Clair

Relax. Breathe. Allow things to come to you. There is no rush. Everything unfolds perfectly, every time. Look for the positive side of the wave. If you have an uncomfortable thought, think about the opposite feeling. If something negative happens, think about the solution. How could the situation be resolved in the way that would be most pleasing to you?

Telling my future

4pm: We go to the post office and library and have really fun interactions with everyone! I feel flirtatious, excited, and giggly.
5pm: We get to eat MACARONI AND CHEEZE. I feel healthy, satisfied, and ready to take on the night!
6pm: We get ready to go to a variety show! I am wearing a cute outfit! I feel sexy, fun, and mysterious!
7pm: We pick up Kerri and Betty and head towards variety! We feel goofy and silly and fun!
10pm: Variety show ruled! So many new ideas! So much more progress made on Michael's tat! So much inspiration for articles! I feel invincible!
11pm: DINNER IN THE BED. My favorite part of the day.
12pm: Inspiring videos, inspiring books, writing an inspiring lullaby! I feel inspired, invigorated, and have ideas racing through me!
3am: I go to sleep MASSIVELY in the vortex, excited about all the new things I get to think about!

Interview with myself

What is the hardest part about your job?
My overarching job is to feel good, and it seems like the bar gets raised every day. Meaning, it takes more and more to get me feeling better and better. But the thing is, the better I feel, the better things get. So the bar raising is natural, and expected. If the happiness bar wasn't raised each day, I would get bored with happiness. If I didn't have to work to be happy every day, what would be the point? I might as well kill myself.

So to keep up with the daily raising-of-the-bar, I have to focus on new ideas. Affirmations only stick with me for a day or two. New ideas are like produce and go wilty quickly. The key to my continual good mood is CONSTANT NEW IDEAS that feel good.

Today's affirmations

  • Let source do it.
  • I inform and delight.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Todd

    “…getting a membership to the Y for one month is cheaper than going to the bar for ONE NIGHT”

    Invalid cost analysis.

    do nawt want

  • jessica mullen

    todd, i love that you know what you want!

  • katja lev

    thanks for the pinterest link. found this beauty there
    SO GOOD! :.)

    wish you a great surf!

  • jessica mullen

    I am so eager to try out Pinterest! And thanks, the surf was smooth yesterday :] Love thinking about life like that.

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