How to pull energy out of thin air


How to pull energy out of thin air

thanks missmareck & Gregor Aisch!

Wayne Dyer's 7th secret for success and inner peace is "understand the art of allowing." To practice this art, he suggests asking yourself, "how much energy can I pull from source?" The idea is that source will provide you with everything you need and want, if you are able to let go of the oars and let source do the work. Source (or god, or unconditional love, or your higher self) is where everything comes from, so there is infinite energy you can channel into designing your own life experience.

When you let source "do the work," you are essentially stopping all negative thoughts about what you are doing, and letting source inspire you to your next action. I've found two ways to tap into this energy so far, and I am eager to find more!


An easy way to get your divine energy flowing into your experience is through visualization. Think about source as a literal stream of energy that is always by your side. At any time, you can picture that stream flowing through your hands, eyes, heart, or legs into whatever activity it is that you're doing. Imagine that source is helping things go more smoothly, just by you thinking about directing the flow of the stream into your work.

Visualization also works great when you want to channel source energy into other people. As I fall asleep, I visualize my higher self fanning Kelly and me with a huge feather, gently blowing love all over us. When I interact with strangers, I can visualize love flowing into the crown of my head, and out through my eyes onto the eyes of another. They have no choice but to feel love emanating from me, because that is what I am projecting onto them.

Say to yourself, "let source do it"

I just tried this one this morning while making a spinach smoothie. Sometimes making the smoothie is a bitch, because it can be a long process to get 10oz of spinach mixed up with everything else. But today as I was blending the ingredients, I said to myself "let source do it." And I kind of zoned out and relaxed and suddenly I was pressing "pulse" at all the right times. The smoothie came together faster than ever before.

It's a simple example that can be applied to anything, especially mundane activities, or high pressure activities. If you can trust in your own divinity (you come from source, therefore you are source), then you can trust that source will flow through you and get everything done perfectly, with minimal effort.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    i love pushing pulse at just the right time.

  • jessica mullen

    i’ve got something for you to pulse.

  • kelly


  • jacqueline dandelion

    you’ve really taken off with this life design stuff. beautiful! i love it! its been awhile since i visited and there is so much much much more! fantastic!

    i really appreciated this article, which came to me right when i needed it. i just moved to a new city (chicago in january, yeah…) and i’m feeling a little bit like its hard to ride the waves, the ocean’s flat (its a lake) and i don’t know how to groove! i was bumming out pretty hard, being new and i got sick and i’m still unemployed, and feeling like a mud puddle for a day or two.

    this “let source do it” thing is exactly what i needed. that, and a very very long walk to clear my head, have been medicine. i’ve been letting source do so much the past few days and i got so much coooool stuff going on! a babysitting job for wonderful people (who have a light therapy box in their kitchen which is my supreme pleasure to use), chocolate-making business endeavor boosts, and random winks from the universe.

    so, thank you. and awesome work, here.

    <3 jackie

  • jessica mullen

    Chicago in January, oh man what a time to move! I lived in Chicago for 2 years after undergrad, and it was definitely a challenge in the winter! Long walks ALWAYS helped, I would walk from my place on North & Ashland to the lake nearly every day for a couple months (ha in the summer anyway). In the winter I would take the train downtown and go shopping or look at the bean. I would also walk to the library a lot.

    I am SO HAPPY to hear that this article helped and that things are on the up for you! Thanks so much for taking the time to share, it’s awesome to get feedback like this (especially on a day when I’M the one who’s sick!)

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