Hello physics of love! | gathering momentum for January 12, 2011

Hello physics of love! | gathering momentum for January…

Good morning! I am so grateful for another beautiful day! I am so grateful to be awake and alive and connecting to my source! I am so grateful to have new ideas to propel me through the day! I am so grateful for my warm bed and fascinating dreams! I am so grateful for my girlfriend and my kitties! Pwny picked ME to sleep by last night (for some of it anyway). Hehe. I am so grateful for new business contacts. I am so grateful that Linty is a lap kitty.

I am so grateful for my wifey, with whom I renew my vows every single day. I am so grateful for her creativity and love. I am so grateful for her expansion in my world.

I am so grateful we mailed all our ebay packages! I am so grateful I had so much stuff to sell on ebay! I am so grateful to be getting rid of more possessions! I am so grateful for minimalism! I am so grateful for whitespace!

linty warmth
I am so grateful for the animals that live in my apartment. I am so grateful to share my life with animals. I am so grateful that my cats are healthy and well behaved. I am so grateful they are so fun to play with. I am so grateful they are so different from each other. I am so grateful for their warmth and love.

kel n me
I am so grateful for cold winter nights because we get to cuddle up in the bed all early. I'm so grateful to live in a city where REALLY COLD means 32 degrees. I'm so grateful we have plenty of heat and hot water. I am so grateful for Netflix.

soup mm
I am so grateful for hot tomato soup!

I am so grateful for hot english muffins with vegan buttery spread!

I'm so grateful for my beautiful life. I'm so grateful for the ease and flow I consciously chose.

yay bedtime
I am so grateful for all the people I attract into my life. I am so grateful to be warm, happy and safe.

Wouldn't it be nice to feel really good today? Wouldn't it be nice to feel unconditional love for all around me? Wouldn't it be nice if I could focus on two things at once? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to concentrate whenever I want? Wouldn't it be nice to feel absolute love for everyone? Wouldn't it be nice to feel more powerful than I already do? Wouldn't it be nice to feel like everything is unfolding perfectly? Wouldn't it be nice to have the perfect day? Wouldn't it be nice to meet some new cool people? Wouldn't it be nice to eat really good food? Wouldn't it be nice to pull all the energy I possibly can from source today?

Today I intend to pull energy from source. Today I intend to make it happen. Today I intend to have the best day of my life.

I love new ideas that help me reframe my reality. I love bundling up in the morning and going straight to writing. I love Wayne Dyer. I love astrojax. I love introducing people to AJs. I love rewriting my goals every few days. I love that we're going to get to house sit for my parents when my brother comes home. I love that my brother is coming home! I love focusing on love. I love thinking about pulling energy from source. I love thinking about being constantly connected to my source. I love expecting that I will be taken care of by source. I love the idea that if I'm connected to source, and source is everything, then I am already connected to everything I perceive to be lacking. It's all perception.

11 things I'm excited about today

  2. Noetic science
  3. Talking to Natalie about spirituality and getting new book recs - The Celestine Prophecy and The Lost Symbol.
  4. Our friend Tony at the Y asks us today, "why are y'all always so happy?" What a massive compliment!
  5. I'M SORE from Body Pump! This is awesome! I haven't been sore from a workout in a minute!
  6. NEW music recs from Katja! Mt Eden & Drumsound, Bassline Smith.
  7. Wayne Dyer quotes and ideas ahead! When you find coins on the ground, say "thank you source, for this reminder of abundance that is always flowing in my life."
  8. Be receptive to other people, especially the surly ones! Wayne says that his goal is to "have them eating out of my hand." LOVE IT.
  9. "We convince others by our presence."
  10. "How much energy can I pull from source?" SO FEELIN IT.
  11. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Message from Clair

Clair, how can I pull the most energy from source today?
First, try to remember that that is your goal. If in every moment you ask yourself, "am I pulling as much energy from source as I can right now?" then you will be more likely to actively seek this energy.

Source is abundant, it is all around you, and it is everything. There is no way you can not pull energy from source, because you are source. But you can channel source into the specific conditions you wish to create. You are a creator, after all.

Visualization helps, so picture a stream always flowing by your side that you can redirect into whatever it is you are currently focusing on. Picture the flow coming through your hands, eyes, mouth, feet, or heart. Anything you are putting any effort into can be assisted by visualizing source helping you.

You must be open and receptive to the flow. You must raise your vibration as high as you possibly can to pull the most from source. The higher your vibration, the more source you can channel. Collect positive thoughts and ideas like precious gems. Find anything and everything to get excited about. Practice having the beginner's mind; look at everything as strange and new.

Picture the dam bursting, and source gushing through you. Everything you want is already there, you just have to become a vibrational match. Allow source to guide you to the vibration you desire.

You can do anything. You just have to think about what you want.

Telling my future

I finish writing this post and make our smoothie, and it comes together like a magickal dance. I am open, receptive, and loving. As I drink my delicious greens, I am inspired to write today's article. After publishing I return my emails and play with AJs for a while. I am calm, pulling energy from source, AJing like a pro. I am much better today, because I can see the flow. I am the flow. It moves like AJs do. Liquid. A new physics. The physics of love.

We work on the podcast today. We get lots of positive feedback about our work today. Working on the podcast feels like heaven. It feels right. It feels like the right time to share. I feel positively enthralled with my video editing. It is perfect. It says what I want to say about AJs. When people see this episode, they will get "it" a little more. I am reminded of "it". I ponder a new article about "it".

I have pulled source through my work all day, and now it is time to go burn off some energy at the gym! We are greeted by friends who bend over backwards to accommodate us. I have them eating out of my hand. I am charming, bewitching, fun, happy. Our run goes by so quickly, and we have an amazing brainstorm where I get many new ideas. I love new ideas. I feel like I get it more than ever. I feel like I'm in love with everyone I see. I feel like I can talk to anyone and help them feel good. I feel like my very presence helps others feel good.

We do Body Pump class and massively pwn it. I am so relieved to be told what to do. I am so grateful for our enthusiastic instructor, Megan. I feel joy to be pushing my body more lately. I can see the effects of my extra effort already paying off. I feel so good.

After returning home and cleaning up, we embark to Kerri's comedy show, where we laugh our asses off and get to draw in our notebooks. I make more progress on the life design book. I am blown away by how creative and connected I feel today. Everywhere I look is a solution, everywhere I turn there is another perfect person to interact with. I feel complete, inspired, motivated, rejuvenated, giggly. I feel drunk on love. I see the true nature of things. I understand. I am pulling energy from source everywhere I go, and I am getting better at it all day.

Today is the day I learn how to pull energy from source in a focused, directed manner. Today is the day I level up again.

We return home from the show and get into bed with books and movies and more love. I write a lullaby for the day and feel so complete and happy. I have never felt this happy before bed. I am so excited for everything I learned, and I can't wait to see what I learn tomorrow. I love living my life like a blade of grass that can do whatever it wants.

Interview with myself

What was your process for creating Make Your Life Your Living?
I let it flow naturally. I worked on it when I was inspired to. Every single time I worked on it, I reminded myself that I was working on it because it felt good, not because I needed to get work done.

Some days I could just let go and ask source to provide the ideas. That became easier and easier as the book progressed. I would sit somewhere quiet and look at the empty spreads and allow the ideas to flow through me. It was like I didn't even have to think of them, they just appeared. I had done all the work of writing the School of Life Design lessons, explaining the concepts to myself, but when it came time to write the book, source rearranged everything and made it make more sense. The ideas were explained to me, I didn't have to invent them. I just had to let them flow through me.

Today's affirmations

  • Make it happen. (This one really worked for me yesterday!)
  • How much energy can I pull from source?
  • I have them eating out of my hand.

Links I love

  • Just one! OK Cupid has an interesting post on the mathematics of beauty. If men disagree about a woman's attractiveness, they're more likely to like her.
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