Momentum gathering | January 11, 2011 | happy 1.11.11!

Momentum gathering | January 11, 2011 | happy 1.11.11!

I am so grateful we did BODY PUMP for the first time yesterday!

kel n me
I'm so grateful I called Citi and they said I won't have to make payments on my loans for A YEAR AND A HALF! Way better than I expected! I am so grateful I've decided to start checking my email only once a day. I'm so grateful for a warm heated apartment when it's cold out! I'm so grateful we got SO MUCH done yesterday! We posted, meditated, ran, did a Body Pump class, went grocery shopping, made food for our friend, got to chill... it was a perfect day, just like I intended.

new y bano
I'm so grateful the YMCA is remodeled!

I'm so grateful I went straight to bed last night. I'm so grateful for my dreams. I'm so grateful I can talk to people with my thoughts. I'm so grateful it gets easier every day. I'm so grateful to be so bundled up on this chilly morning! I'm so grateful to be lining up my energy before doing anything else this morning. I'm so grateful I have so many article ideas! I'm so grateful we're almost done shipping all the ebay stuff! I'm so grateful we have a gym membership and don't have to run outside today!

I'm so grateful we made macaroons yesterday! I'm so grateful for long conversations and movie nights with friends. I'm so grateful for the feeling of coziness. I'm so grateful for warm shearling blankets. I'm so grateful for my trusty car. I'm so grateful for middle of the night drives down Mopac. I'm so grateful for this city full of so many things to do, so many people to see.

I'm so grateful we went grocery shopping yesterday and got everything we need!


Wouldn't it be nice to open my email for the first time in 18 hours and find lots of delicious treasures? Wouldn't it be nice to find mailing list subscribers and donations and surprise commissions? Wouldn't it be nice to only get the best emails? Wouldn't it be nice to have another chill day today? Wouldn't it be nice to glide through the day like I did yesterday? Wouldn't it be nice to keep up this chill energy? Wouldn't it be nice to get better at AJs today? Wouldn't it be nice to get warmed up? Wouldn't it be nice if the weather warmed up to the 80s? Wouldn't it be nice to get an awesome gift in the mail? Wouldn't it be nice to win more contests? Wouldn't it be nice to stay in control of my vibration like I did yesterday? Wouldn't it be nice to keep the momentum gathering? Wouldn't it be nice if Pwny sat on my lap? Wouldn't it be nice to find it easy to direct my thoughts all day? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life?

Wouldn't it be nice to go to a beach resort? Wouldn't it be nice to write another article this morning? Wouldn't it be nice to get a kinect type thing for my computer? Wouldn't it be nice to have cameras and augmented reality in my eyes? Wouldn't it be nice to have LED tattoos? Wouldn't it be nice to have fangs? Wouldn't it be nice if my phone was a projector? Wouldn't it be nice to have a matter compiler? Wouldn't it be nice to read more of that Neal Stephenson book? Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time reading today? Wouldn't it be nice if the apartment cleaned itself? Wouldn't it be nice to get an entirely new wardrobe? Wouldn't it be nice to take a road trip? Wouldn't it be nice to play on a trampoline park??

Today I intend to keep the momentum gathering. Yesterday it was easy, and I think that's because I went with the flow for real this time. Everything unfolded so naturally, we had perfect timing everywhere, and got everything done that we wanted to, including getting to chill with Stephen! Today I intend to talk to people with my thoughts more. It's so fun, sometimes I like to think about it like I'm "poisoning" the air with my positive thinking, and it ALWAYS influences what's going on. People can feel thoughts, they're vibration. And some people can actually interpret them. It is so so rad.

Today I intend to feel strength and energy. Today I intend to feel passion. Today I intend to feel "but of course!" Today I intend to feel the best I've ever felt in my life.

I love that I still haven't checked my email. I love that my inbox is going to be filled with fun. I love that I don't have to return emails if I don't want to. I love that we've been eating mostly raw. I love my girlfriend, and her energy. I love her beautiful blonde hair and her smile. I love her hands. I love her presence in my life. I love my friends. I love slowing down enough to enjoy a movie with a friend. I love that the ebay shit is almost out of our lives! I love that my dominant proclivity really is positive and it's very difficult for me to have negative thoughts! I love practicing feeling good. I love focusing. I love that I know what I'm doing. I love that I can have coffee if i want it. I love spacing out and straight meditating while writing these posts.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. I'm going to try writing a momentum gathering post each night now. That idea got me so excited yesterday, but then I went to sleep without posting because I was too tired. Which I consider an ultimate win! Anyway, expect more evening posts!
  2. We get to have bean burgers and mac & cheeze soon, nommmm.
  3. We went to BODY PUMP CLASS. We get a set workout schedule and more weight training!
  4. The remodeled YMCA is gorgeous! And the pool is going to be open the 22nd!
  5. I am SO INTO our new wall calendar! I love writing fun things on it!
  6. Checking email only twice a day! OMG I think this is going to change my life.
  7. Movie night with Stephen! Last night we watched Simon King of the Witches. It was so badass! Next up are Michel Gondry's short films and Waking Life.
  8. When we sit around and bullshit with each other, it doesn't matter if we have facts or sources. All that matters is that we're expanding the universe with new ideas and contributing our thoughts to solutions. Thrilling!
  9. I got to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last night! I love that I'm attracting more video games into my life.
  10. I'm considering getting into tea. But I think I need some new things like a teapot. Fun!
  11. I want to start doing more tarot readings again! It's time.

Message from Clair

When things go smoothly in your life, pat yourself on the back. Your experience is a direct result of your thoughts. When people compliment you, or even speak positively about their own lives, bask in the knowing that your positive vibrations attracted those experiences. No one can compliment you if you're not a vibrational match. People cannot express much good around you if you feel bad.

Be as generous as possible. Be always kind. Take your time and allow things to unfold naturally. They always do anyway.

Telling my future

I finally warm up after being bundled in many layers of coats and robes. I make some coffee and wake up completely, feeling exhilarated and refreshed. I write a new article, my best one yet. It gets dozens of comments and FB likes. We have great conversation about the topic. I wake Kelly up and we begin our day together. I make our smoothie while Kelly posts, and she's so cheerful and makes me feel so happy and cozy. We wrap up the rest of the ebay stuff and meditate. The meditation is the best I've ever had. We mail our packages and head to the gym, running an easy 5 miles in under an hour.

After the gym we come home to get cleaned up, have lunch and prepare for the next segment of the day. We head to the mall and effortlessly return out broken blacklight, then do that shopping I mentioned yesterday. The mall is so weird and new. We come home and work on the podcast! Yay a new episode up today about AJs! After dinner we spend a chill evening working on projects. I write one more momentum gathering post which makes me feel so good and ready for tomorrow. I check my email after that and find buried treasure! We go to sleep SUPER in the vortex and I have my first lucid dream in a while.

Interview with myself

How do you stay focused when you're tired or feeling ho-hum?
First, I tell myself everything is unfolding naturally and there is nothing I can do to rush it or make it happen faster. If I'm feeling ho-hum, I think about things that might feel better. If my energy levels are low, I'll allow myself to do restful activities like nap or read. I am not above a little coffee to get things going too! But once I get in a rhythm of thought that feels good, my energy rushes back to me like it never left. Because, really it didn't. It was just my thought patterns and perception that made me feel a certain way.

Today's affirmations

  • I am free.
  • Make it happen.
  • I have so much energy!

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    oh fuck, trampolines! i’ve been thinkin about them for awhile, and i’ve never really experienced it properly (was way too overweight before) and now i am SO EXCITED and trying to find a gym or Some Place that has a trampoline that you can use. gah!

    reading your mail once a day sounds like an awesome plan. i do it about 20 times a day and that’s a bit crazy! and i love your wouldn’t it be nice’s, especially fangs & led tattoos! omg. AND yay for evening momentum gathering posts!


  • jessica mullen

    Hey Katja! Oh man, as soon as you can, get on a tramp! THEY ARE SO FUN.

    I haven’t checked my email since this morning, I’m still going strong! But I think I definitely have to check it twice a day to do my posts, bc I email all my photos to myself… still, that’s way better than before! I feel like I have so much free time now!

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