Momentum gathering | January 7, 2011 | getting the most out of today

Momentum gathering | January 7, 2011 | getting the…

workin it
Good morning my loves! I am so happy and grateful we got up at 8AM TODAY! I am so grateful we went to bed last night instead of doing something silly! I'm so grateful we worked out at the Y yesterday! We were only there for 30 minutes but it was so worth it!

I'm so grateful for meditation. I'm so grateful for the ability to create whitespace in my mind. I'm so grateful I know how to connect with source. I'm so grateful I choose to care about how I feel. I'm so grateful I think and feel, think and feel. I'm so grateful I've been giving myself lots of time to take action. I'm so grateful I have been treating myself so well!

I'm so grateful Sarah and I won at poker last night! I'm so grateful I have such wonderful friends to hang out with! I'm so grateful Sheima has a paper tablecloth and we all got to draw on it! I'm so grateful Sarah brought olives! They are the perfect poker food! I'm so grateful I got to chill with my AJs for a long time when we got home! They really help me direct my thoughts!

I am so grateful for GAMES! I am so grateful I am good at poker now! I am so grateful I choose to play SOBER now! It's a lot more fun! I'm so grateful I am doing so well! I am so grateful I'm feeling so good! I'm so grateful I choose to feel good!

Wouldn't it be nice if binaural beats really worked as caffeine? Wouldn't it be nice to come up with some great ideas during meditation? Wouldn't it be nice to work on an article today? Wouldn't it be nice to run all of our 5 miles today? Wouldn't it be nice to eat riblets? Wouldn't it be nice to need only 4 hours of sleep a night? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life again? Wouldn't it be nice if today was more perfect than yesterday? Wouldn't it be nice to return that blacklight? Wouldn't it be nice to get a lot more blacklights? Wouldn't it be nice to learn another language fluently? Wouldn't it be nice to study Latin again? Wouldn't it be nice to memorize some things like song lyrics or book passages or poems? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on what I want all day? Wouldn't it be nice to go to dinner at Bouldin? Wouldn't it be nice to get our shopping done today? Wouldn't it be nice to crazy cruize it? Wouldn't it be nice if it stayed warm out? Wouldn't it be nice to find the perfect swim cap? Wouldn't it be nice to take Pwny for a walk? Wouldn't it be nice to clean our entire apartment and get rid of a ton of shit? Wouldn't it be nice to make some new friends? Wouldn't it be nice to feel love? Wouldn't it be nice to feel appreciation? Wouldn't it be nice to always take the time to think about what I want, like what I did last night? Last night I was feeling out of sorts and so I immediately started thinking about vodka... but then I just played with my AJs and thought about what I wanted, and eventually figured out I just wanted to feel love. I totally calmed myself down then got myself some sweet sweet lovin!

Today I intend to have an iron will. Today I intend to do what I know feels good. Today I intend to think about what I want each and every moment. Today I intend to remember that this is just an illusion and I have nothing to fear or worry about. Today I intend to direct my thoughts. Today I intend to feel energized. Today I intend to feel inspired. Today I intend to feel productive. Today I intend to get deliciously worn out. Today I intend to push my creativity to the limit. Today I intend to test boundaries. Today I intend to step over the line. Today I intend to have more fun than ever before. Today I intend to focus on the flow! I love focusing on the flow!

I love keeping my focus. I love thinking "don't let it diffuse your focus" when faced with a negative thought. I love my sexy, beautiful, strong, intelligent, blacklight reflective girlfriend. I love spinach smoothies, they are my favorite food in the world right now. I love scanning my sketchbooks. I love coffee. I love focus. I love THE FLOW. I love getting it. I love when Kelly reads me passages from the meditation book she's reading. I love that we have been reading so much more lately. I love doing what I want, when I want. I love being my own boss. I love doing what feels good. I love knowing everything is perfect. I love thinking of myself as a modern philosopher. I love the food we've been eating. I love my kitties. I love focusing on what I want. I love POSITIVE THINKING.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. My favorite thing to think about right now is how to find ways to express the structure of the universe (an idea from Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.)
  2. I get to buy a SWIM CAP! I don't like getting pool water in my pretty pink mane, so I haven't been swimming as much as I would like. FINALLY the brilliant solution of a SWIM CAP came to me! Just in time for the opening of the new pool at the Y!
  3. I'm contributing to Kelly's new zine! I love her ideas and how she likes to make things with her hands.
  4. I'm rewriting my goals, one of my favorite pastimes.
  5. I've decided that I am "renewing my vows" instead of doing a "thought cleanse," more on that later!
  6. We did another astrojax photoshoot last night! I LOVE DOING THEM OMFG.
  7. I get to see my sister Kerri perform at an open mic tonight!
  8. I have an article percolating in my head that I'm excited to get to work on!
  9. I am getting much better at thinking better feeling thoughts instead of acting out impulsively to ignore my feelings!
  10. I am starting to think about replacing my bike soon! I miss bicycling SO MUCH.
  11. I started an astrojax Flickr group last night, woot!

Message from Clair

Clair, how can I get the most out of this day?
One thought at a time. As you construct your thoughts, consider the following: how does this thought feel? Is this what I want to be thinking about? What thought would feel better? What would make this moment more to my liking?

Today's affirmations

  • I enjoy choosing good feeling thoughts.
  • I feel good today.
  • I love myself and am perfect just the way I am.
  • I create, inspire and uplift always.
  • I have laser focus.
  • I have charming, charismatic, flirtatious interactions with everyone I encounter.
  • My power lies in my eye contact and smile.
  • I love all around me unconditionally.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Batsie

    Hi Jessica,

    I’ve lurked around your site for a while and just thought I’d drop in a comment to let you know how much your positive outlook on life has inspired me! Also… I LOVE your pink hair, and your request for info on a swim cap reminded me of something Brig Van Osten, winner of Shear Genius (season 2 I think) said about protecting her hair color when swimming in a pool. She said that she makes sure to saturate her hair with tap water before entering the pool (doesn’t say she uses a cap). I guess her theory is that the tap water fills the hair shaft and helps to block chlorinated pool water from fully absorbing into the hair. Anyway, hope this helps!

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Batsie! So nice of you to stop by! I really appreciate your comment, I was hoping so much for a little advice for the hair! I’ll be testing it out soon :]

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