5 ways to renew your commitment to loving life

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5 ways to renew your commitment to loving life

Making the decision to be a "positive thinker" and believer in the law of attraction has a huge payoff: a joyful life. But sometimes we get off track, lose focus and forget to direct our thoughts. If you find yourself temporarily lost in the muck of physical reality, here are some ways to remember what you already know. Life is all about perspective–make the choice to find a view you like!

1. Take nothing seriously

First off, lighten up! Sometimes life can seem dreary and boring and full of pain. But really, who cares? We're all going to die, so enjoy this life as much as you can. Make it fun! Make a mess! Enjoy your food! Take risks! Make mistakes! We're going to die! Fuck it!

2. Take responsibility for your thoughts

Your thoughts create everything in your physical experience. Accept this and you will be free! You won't have to blame anyone else, you won't have to feel guilty, and you get to be in complete control of EVERYTHING.

3. Practice

You can't get better at anything without practice, and the same goes for the way you think. Your only job in life is to feel good, so put in some hours! Smile, think about your goals, write momentum gathering posts, meditate, exercise, think about what you're grateful for. Use your website to keep yourself motivated. When you add positivity to the Internet, you're uplifting so many others around you. Think of it as a good deed!

4. Shape your environment

Get rid of anything that doesn't make you feel good. Food, books, papers, clutter, trash, anything that brings you down-toss it, now! If someone around you starts speaking negatively, shut them down with "don't let that dilute your focus!" You are under no obligation to let other people drag your mind around wherever they want. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs and don't tolerate negativity!

5. Love

Life is a trip. The best advice I ever heard from someone about tripping was this: "if you find yourself feeling scared or overwhelmed, just meditate on love and you'll be ok." We're all looking for love. Love is what life is made of. Whatever your thoughts are right now, focus on the feeling of love and you'll find the relief you're looking for.

So what's my reward?

In return for all your positive thinking and feeling good, you get to live peacefully in the flow. Flow is a state of consciousness where your thoughts create your reality in real time, everything falls into place perfectly, and you feel deep, invigorating ecstasy. You have no fear, no worries, no troubles, only solutions, love and bliss. Whatever physical manifestations you desire will crop up around you, and you will feel appreciation for them. But you will know that they are just indicators of your good feelings, and you will already be yearning for your next desire.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    this is such a perfect article, and for me, at such a perfect time! i was literally JUST thinking about most of these things, and hearing them coming from you and put into clear, coherent form just makes me so RELIEVED!

    something i’ve been wondering about though (which probably does indicate that i’ve got some work to do with my focusing-on-the-positive job), is that if focusing my thoughts and allowing well being provide me with good things and happiness, then what if i slip a little and think bad things? it’s something i’m constantly worried about (which i also should know better than to be), because i don’t want to be responsible for bad manifestations,and i get afraid i’ll get some. which is only making it worse, i suppose. ahh, evil circle :D

    anyway, love this!

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Katja, don’t you love synchronicity? It’s all around us!

    As for slipping and thinking negative thoughts, according to Abe (and others) a negative thought has WAY less power than a positive thought. Like thousands of times less power.

    Just take it easy on yourself – the negative thoughts won’t hurt you, I promise! Just think of them like gnats or something, and shoo them away. They’re harmless. Once you believe that, you’ll stop worrying and the positive thoughts will come much more freely.

  • stephanie

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post!! I really needed it! Right now I’m going to eat breakfast, go out for a run with my headphones and Chopin, then I’m going out to shoot some pictures! Woohoo!!!

  • jessica mullen

    Woot! Stephanie, I’m so glad to help! Hope you enjoyed your run! Hmm running to Chopin sounds delicious.

  • Lindsey

    This made me tear-up in a goodway. I’m not there yet but I just feel it in my heart, I’ll get there. This constant flow of positivity. Thank you

  • jessica mullen

    Lindsey, there is no rush! I’m glad it resonated with you :]

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