Momentum gathering | January 5, 2011 | finding excitement!

Momentum gathering | January 5, 2011 | finding excitement!

new ajs!
I am so grateful for Astrojax, as you may have noticed. We got more today! This pair is the VMAX, and they are like Blue Diamonds but they don't light up. They're made of similar plastic. They're much lighter than the aquas, and the balls on the ends are fixed. It is SO FUN to have different ones to play with and learn from!
trash troll in the sink
I am so grateful for my kitties. They are constantly doing the cutest shit in the WORLD and sometimes they are so adorable it hurts to look at them. Pwny and Linty make my life wonderful.
I am so grateful for the abundant food in our fridge! I am so grateful we cooked for a few hours yesterday and now don't really have to cook the rest of the week! I LOVE the idea of cooking once a week and then not having to deal with it again!
I am so grateful for our food clients! I love making heaps of food for our friends and getting to make our food at the same time. It's a total win - we get to try things we wouldn't normally make, we get to eat the extras, and if we make double batches there's always plenty for us! SO worth the time!
I am so grateful for Jesus' Birthday Cake Reprised! Chocolate brownies, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles. OMFYUM.

Wouldn't it be nice to publish an article before leaving on our run? Wouldn't it be nice if it was 70 degrees and perfect outside for our run? Wouldn't it be nice if Kel got that internship? Wouldn't it be nice if that movie tonight was really good? Wouldn't it be nice to find more and more things to feel excited about? Wouldn't it be nice to eat the perfect amount today? Wouldn't it be nice to learn a new astrojax trick today? Wouldn't it be nice to take some great photos today? Wouldn't it be nice to spend the afternoon working on the podcast? Wouldn't it be nice to sweep and mop and clean the tub? Wouldn't it be nice to get a new wardrobe? Wouldn't it be nice to start picking it out? Wouldn't it be nice to make some progress on the book today? Wouldn't it be nice to find new movies to get on Netflix? Wouldn't it be nice to watch more Louise Hay stuff? Wouldn't it be nice to get published with Hay House? Wouldn't it be nice to start my own publishing empire? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to constantly find new things to feel excited about in each and every moment?

Today I intend to feel excitement. Excitement feels like not being able to eat because my stomach is too tense. Excitement feels like being on speed. Excitement feels like Christmas morning. Excitement feels like bouncy houses. Excitement feels like new opportunities. Excitement feels like a full day of fun. Excitement feels like an amusement park! Excitement feels like performing. Excitement feels like jumping up and down! Excitement feels like being a kid!

I LOVE returning to good feelings I haven't felt since before I was a teenager. I love coming up with new ideas for articles. I love thinking about creating my publishing empire. I love the expansion that Armin and Bryony provided me today. I love their sites! I love that Kelly and I had dinner with Armin once! I love that Armin ran the half marathon last year! I love that they live in Austin! I love that I drove Armin in my car! How weird! I love this city, I love being an independent designer, I love working for myself, I love creating my own design projects, I love feeling inspired, I love having my shit together, I love approaching life design like a serious day job. I love having fun! I love balancing work and play and rest! I love being off the caffeine! I love doing things naturally! I love going with the flow! I love GETTING IT!!

11 things I'm excited about today!

  1. Going to see Black Swan at the Drafthouse tonight!
  2. The idea of Kelly working for Armin and Bryony!
  3. Our new science experiment!
  4. Working on a new article about excitement!
  5. Having FOUR podcast episodes to edit and publish that I'm actually really into!
  6. The electronica/IDM station on Pandora is the soundtrack to my LIFE right now!
  7. NEW ASTROJAX. Many flavors, many weights, so many possibilities!
  8. Becoming an astrojax repairwoman! Batteries: ordered. Needle-nose pliers: check. Precision screwdriver set, hell yeah!
  9. The life design book is COMING TOGETHER! Kelly gave me some great ideas for it yesterday!
  10. KELLY! I love how much she expands my world every single day!
  11. Figuring out how to find FLOW in every moment! It is my quest!

Message from Clair

Being in control of your emotional vibration is absolutely necessary to succeed and thrive as a self-employed artist or designer. By maintaining a positive attitude and mood, you create the inspiration you need to sustain your motivation to work. When you feel good, you have access to all the good ideas that people have put in their vortices. All ideas are out there, waiting for you to put them to good use, but you have to be a vibrational match to them. So if finding that perfect pair of jeans would make someone elated, you have to feel elated to get the idea for the perfect pair of jeans. Neat huh?

Today's affirmations

  • I find new ideas to feel excited about every moment of my day.
  • The rhythm of life guides my every movement.
  • I flow from one experience to the next.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    ok, first of all, your links are great today! i love that you have so many everyday!

    i also have been feeling the daily affirmations section. i have been feeling affirmations, too, since watching ‘you can heal ur life’.

  • Emma

    This post made me feel better. I’ve fallen from the life design wagon and I don’t know how to get back on, and get inspired to stick with it. I definetly noticed a drop in my mood. Major.

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Emma, I know exactly how you feel! But don’t worry, each moment is a new chance to think a better feeling thought… the “perfect” life design doesn’t happen overnight, it’s all about iteration. Think about how far you’ve already come! And then just make the choice today to feel good! You can turn it all around right now, just forgive yourself, don’t beat yourself up, say “I love you Emma, you’re perfect in every way and there is a reason you are in this place right now. Now that you know more about what you don’t want, you know more about what you do want!”

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