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No, seriously. LET GO! (+ lots of good links)…

Good morning! I am so grateful I am feeling so good today! I am so grateful for a full night of sleep. I am so grateful for fresh food in the fridge. I am so grateful for inspiration. I am so grateful for fresh starts and new weeks. I am so grateful for Myc Wyse's Youtube channel. I am so grateful for all the incredible inspiration I'm attracting into my life. I'm so grateful for my Y membership. I'm so grateful for my car. I'm so grateful for my girlfriend and family and kitties. I'm so grateful the sun is shining and the window is open. I'm so grateful we are really good at cooking. I'm so grateful everything flows in sync with the universe. I'm so grateful to be learning how to let things unfold. I'm so grateful to have a fresh new day to practice.

pwning med
I'm so grateful for these posts to focus my energy. I'm so grateful for meditation. I'm so grateful meditation gets better every day. I'm so grateful that as soon as I sit down to write this post, I release so much tension because I remember that my life is really good and that nothing really matters. I love that! I'm so grateful that all it takes to have a good day is a little focus. I'm so grateful I know how to focus.

Wouldn't it be nice to write my best article yet? Wouldn't it be nice to always do my best? Wouldn't it be nice to up my weights in Body Pump today? Wouldn't it be nice if running 3 miles was super easy today? Wouldn't it be nice to let go of more resistance? Wouldn't it be nice to level up today? Wouldn't it be nice to get better at focusing?

Today I intend to focus. I focus on what I want. I focus on letting go. I focus on the positive aspects. I focus on love. I focus on feeling good. I focus on creating. I focus on letting life live me. I focus on having fun. I focus on excitement, passion, ecstasy and joy.

I love thinking about 30 day trials, even if I never do one again. I love thinking of ways to improve myself. I love that every single person in the world can be turned off or on, and once they are turned on they can never be turned off again. I love that choosing growth and enlightenment is natural. I love that the Internet allows for the instant propagation of memes. I love writing about lifestreaming, life design and love. I love that my site has kept that same focus for a few months now! What an accomplishment! I love my site. I love that my categorization makes sense. I love that my site works for me. I love always improving my site. I love the Internet!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Waking up and thinking "TODAY is the singularity!"
  2. Saying "you attracted this video" because you did!
  3. The word impeccable. "We don't use our word against ourselves or others."
  4. The idea that to sin is to go against oneself. To sin is to miss the bullseye on a target.
  5. Nothing anyone does is because of you, it's because of them.
  6. CANI
  7. Don't take anything personally.
  8. I want to spend more time with the feeling of appreciation by making lists of 10 things I appreciate about someone.
  10. It feels like summer out! GET IN MY BELLY SUMMER!
  11. We have so many awesome monetization ideas to try out this week!

10 things I appreciate

About myself:

  1. I am always striving to improve myself.
  2. I'm a witch! And a magician.
  3. I'm really good at the Internet.
  4. I "get" Astrojax
  5. I manifest money whenever I choose.
  6. I love being focused.
  7. I have a great attitude and always see the positive aspects.
  8. I am a great designer.
  9. I attract incredible ideas.
  10. I love organizing.

About Kelly:

  1. She teaches me how to bask.
  2. She is a perfect balance to me.
  3. She is the master of physical reality and doing things with her hands.
  4. She gives incredible massages because she has the magick touch.
  5. She always convinces me to try new things.
  6. She helps me relax and allow.
  7. She is a brilliant artist and designer.
  8. She is an incredible verbal channel of the divine.
  9. She's REALLY funny.
  10. She takes care of me no matter what.

Message from Clair

Focusing on appreciation feels good, doesn't it! Learning how to appreciate is like finding a big key to unlock a level in a video game. When you appreciate something or someone, that something or someone increases in value. At the same time, you appreciate in value for your appreciation!

Telling my future

Today is the first day of summer. Today is the singularity. Today everything is flowing. Today is a day for leveling up. Today is a day for new beginnings. Today is a day to let go of old resistance. Today is a day for passion and love. Today I flow from one activity to another. Today I focus my energy on feeling good. Today I focus on magick. Today I focus on channeling inspiration into communication.

Interview with myself

How do you achieve your goal of setting up one new income stream a week?
Since Kelly and I already have a lot of experience with monetization, implementing a new stream is pretty easy. We rely on services like Paypal and Clips4Sale to do most of the heavy lifting.

This week we have quite a few ideas to test out. The first is Astrojax fetish videos. We'll film ourselves playing in our bikinis, and upload the videos to Clips4Sale. If the videos sell, we'll create a website for the videos.

The second idea to implement is Personal Power Symbols. These are like a tarot reading but in drawing form. I focus on a person and then allow a symbol to come to me. I draw it out, trace it in illustrator, and provide the EPS or AI file along with the original JPG scan. We'll use a Paypal button for this one. I'm allowing more inspiration to come to figure out how to "sell" this.

The next idea is Astrojax busking downtown! We're going to perform and see if people tip :]

Kelly is going to help me set up a page to sell scans of my sketchbooks. I've kept them all since I was 17 or so, and I've been slowly scanning them. They're quite beautiful in their entirety, and extremely personal. I might sell each book download for $5, and the whole set for $100.

Finally, we are working on a monetization method for selling Kelly's "rampages of appreciation", because she's so good at it and our friend James suggested it! The time to sell is when there is demand! We will probably record several free audio rampages and attach them to podcast episodes, then create a page on the podcast where you can buy topical rampages for a few bucks. They'll be gorgeous!

Today's affirmations

  • Let go.
  • I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and actions.

Links I love

plugin Articles

8 essential WordPress plugins that make lifestreaming easy

Thanks Darwin Bell!

One of the most fun parts of setting up your own WordPress site is finding plugins that make your site do cool things. Plugins are bits of code that are easy to install and add major functionality to your website. To start experimenting with plugins, just click on the "Plugins" button on the left menu in your dashboard. You can install new plugins right there!

  • Akismet (download) is a plugin that comes with WordPress that prevents comment spam. It is absolutely essential that you activate it, or your inbox will overflow with penis enlargers! To get your WordPress API key (which you need to make the plugin work), visit here.
  • Facebook Like (download) puts the little Facebook Like button at the bottom of each post.
  • Login LockDown (download) was recommended to me to prevent site hacking. If someone tries to log in to your site too many times, Login LockDown will show his ass to the door.
  • Postie (download) is what I use to post to my site via email. It can do cool things like categorize!
  • RYO Category Visbility (download) is how I suppress all posts except articles from the home page.
  • Share and Follow (download) is how I add the "share" buttons to the bottom of each post, and also how I get that neat "follow" thing on the right side of the page.
  • Subscribe to comments (download) is so important! When people leave a comment, it gives them the option to receive an email when someone else comments. Otherwise they'll never know when you reply!
  • Twitter Tools (download) is what I use to update Twitter when I publish a new post - make sure you activate the URLs! Otherwise if your post title is too long, it won't go through.
Gathering Momentum

see inside for free graph paper coloring book ;P…

kel n me
I am so grateful for my incredible girlfriend who takes such good care of me! I had a few days of being under the weather and she made me feel so much better! I am so grateful for Sunday morning massages! I am so grateful for brainstorms in the bed! I'm so grateful for spinach smoothies and FEELING BETTER! I am so grateful for SUPER LONG nights of sleep to clear my body of all resistance! I am so grateful for our growing science experiment! I am so grateful for my crazy dreams! I am so grateful Kelly's dreams inspired me to start working on a new project!

I am so grateful for this gorgeous Sunday. I am so grateful that we get to cook at our leisure. I am so grateful we get to go to HEB and Whole Foods for groceries. I am so grateful we have plenty of money for groceries. I am so grateful we have plenty of money to pay the rent. I am so grateful Kelly gives me such great ideas. I am so grateful for her support and enthusiasm behind my endeavors!

kel almonds
I am so grateful Kelly rinsed the sunflower seeds and almonds. I am so grateful we are eating more raw this week. I am so grateful it is warming up! I am so grateful I live in Austin, Texas. I am so grateful people like my site. I am so grateful that when I listen to my source, I do awesome things. I am so grateful to feel so inspired. I am so grateful to be lining up my energy. I am so grateful my dreams have been so full of so much magick lately!

I am so grateful for the new ideas in my sketchbook! I am so grateful that this spread has on it everything I need to remember for the coming week. I am so grateful I have pens and paper to organize my thoughts with. I am so grateful for this individual experience. I am so grateful nothing really matters. I am so grateful everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

I AM SO GRATEFUL to be getting better at Astrojax, I am so grateful that last night I finally felt the feeling I felt the first time I played! I am so grateful for this ecstatic feeling, I am so excited about it I could burst!

Wouldn't it be nice to write two articles today? Wouldn't it be nice to get all the cooking done today? Wouldn't it be nice if the cooking did itself? Wouldn't it be nice to have so many ideas about monetization this week? Wouldn't it be nice to create 5 additional income streams this week? Wouldn't it be nice to set up 5 new income streams every week? Wouldn't it be nice to add "I create a new income stream every week" to my list of goals? Wouldn't it be nice to start that publishing house? Wouldn't it be nice if everything unfolded effortlessly? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the life design book today? Wouldn't it be nice to cook while Kel works on the PDF worksheet? Wouldn't it be nice to feel energized and excited about working all week? Wouldn't it be nice to take real good care of myself and relax and chill at the same time as working? Wouldn't it be nice to go slow and breathe? Wouldn't it be nice to go with the rhythm of life? Wouldn't it be nice to sync up with the universe once a minute? Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to do that easily? Wouldn't it be nice to think of more ways to sync up with the universe? (The current list is: Astrojax, meditation, creating, exercise ((especially gymnastics, running and walking - for me anyway)), sleeping...)

Today I intend to feel energized and excited! Today I intend to feel inspired and productive! Today I intend to bask in my health! Today I intend to work on personal power symbols and new articles and the podcast and cooking! Today I intend to improve at AJs! Today I intend to let life live me!

I love sleeping for 12 hours because I needed it. I love dreaming about things that help me in real life. I love that real life is an illusion. I love that I get the meaning of life. I love that there is so much more to understand. I love that life is mysterious. I love unlocking the mysteries one at a time. I love basking. I love knowing everything is in its place. I love hanging out with my mom and sisters. I love that MICHAEL IS COMING HOME SO SOON! I love that the Christmas tree is still up for him! I love that I am feeling so much better today! I love that when you let things go, they manifest! I love letting things go. I Love learning how to let go. I love typing. I love spacing out. I love income streams! I love listing them out and thinking about them.

Our current income streams that I'm excited about:

  • Bluehost referrals!
  • Ebooks!
  • Underwater videos!
  • Art by mail subscriptions!
  • Donations
  • Amazon toy store

Income streams I am setting up soon!

  • AJ swimsuit fetish videos
  • Personal power symbols
  • AJ busking downtown
  • TPP rampages of appreciation!
  • Sketchbook downloads

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. TRIANGLES and the etymology of the word cute.
  2. Becoming one with chaos.
  3. Using drawing to access one's personal power.
  4. MASSIVELY improving at Astrojax. Thanks to the Pluses!
  5. This week's words to focus on: CHILL and MONETIZE.
  6. ORIGAMI!! Described in Between the Folds as "all of math wrapped together in paper folding."
  7. "As Shiva dances, cosmic order resumes. When his dance is over, the world and the cosmic order collapse." From the book National Geographic Essential Visual History of World Mythology. Shiva Nata makes more sense now!
  9. New goals in the frame! This time I added a new one, "Kelly and I create one new income stream a week."
  10. Kelly has assignments! I love it so much! We are the perfect team! This week's assignments: create sketchbook campaign and mailing list PDF worksheet.
  11. That origami movie made me much more interested in protein folding...

Message from Clair

Now that you are energized and refreshed, how will you spend your time? It is your ability to create order in any area of chaos you choose.

Clair, how can I remember all the things I need to live the way I want?
Let life live you. Have fun. Breathe. Collect the ideas that inspire you most, and there will always be more to inspire you.

Telling my future

This is what today is about: getting things done without trying. Accomplishing many things through one activity.

I effortlessly obtain the materials I need to create. I squash out negative thoughts by focusing on letting life live me.

I create with an unprecedented fervor. I drink inspiration continuously, distilling it into meaningful communication.

Interview with myself

What is your favorite thing to dream about?
The best dreams are the ones that blur the edges between waking and sleep. When I open my eyes, I see fractals and colors and the fabric of reality. When I close them, I am filled with astounding revelations.

I also love dreaming in Astrojax. This is a sort of complex thing to explain, unless you've played with them yourself. It's the feeling of being synced up with the universe. It makes my dreams synced up with the universe too.

I also love premonition dreams. When I have concrete dreams about things possible in real life, if I like them enough, they happen pretty shortly after the dream. Last night I dreamt of speaking in front of 500 people about the power of thought, and flow, and fun. Can't wait for that to manifest ^_^

Today's affirmations

  • I let life live me.

Links I love

Gathering Momentum

photo explosion | gathering momentum for January 29, 2011

I am so grateful to finally be writing this after almost 2 days of not posting! I am so grateful for the contrast. I am so grateful that I KNOW how important these posts are. I am so grateful to be counting my blessings! I'm so grateful to have so many photos to show off!

josh ajs
I'm so grateful we had a wonderful potluck Thursday night with Kerri, Betty, DonNell, Josh & Joy. I am so grateful we played AJs together!

I am so grateful Joy has such a rad boyfriend.

sweet cuppn cake
I am so grateful we brought the perfect food to the potluck! The potluck came together so serendipitously. Everything was perfect.

betty n kerri
I'm so grateful Kerri had such a great stay at Betty's place!

joy cupn cake
I'm so grateful I got to spend time with both my sisters in one place.

kerri cupncake
I am so grateful Kerri stayed in Austin for her visit! I'm so grateful we got to have so much fun together!

kel drawing
I'm so grateful Kelly has been really into drawing lately, because it's been super inspirational. Sometimes I forget that drawing is a flow activity since it comes so naturally to me. It makes me so happy to draw.

I'm SO GRATEFUL that instead of writing our posts yesterday, we sprang out of bed and bolted out of the apartment first thing so we could enjoy the beautiful 77 degree weather! We went on a 10 mile walk to the east side and it was SO BLISSFUL!

hot out
I'm so grateful it was hot enough out for tshirts!!

ajin in the shadows
I'm so grateful we walked with our AJs the WHOLE TIME. I feel like I massively improved!

eye love you
I'm so grateful Austin is so full of love.

bulk kel
I am so grateful we had breakfast in the HEB bulk aisle! We got raspberry fig bars, energy nuggets, dried mango slices and jalapeno chips ^_^ Oh and Odwalla!

dry ice!
I'm so grateful that HEB has dry ice! Who knew! I always wondered where to get dry ice and now... I know. Lol.

penguin brand
I'm so grateful the universe is full of such mysterious concoctions.

I am so grateful that it doesn't take much to interest me :]

I'm so grateful for our BEAUTIFUL CITY!

I'm so grateful the sky always looks so CHRIPPY here!

I'm so grateful we took advantage of the beautiful day and took our sweet time walking around.

kel bridge
I'm so grateful for my wonderful girlfriend who is so fun to talk and laugh with all the time.

kel bridge ajin
I'm so grateful for Astrojax in the sun!

I'm so grateful the universe reflects such beauty back at me.

I'm so grateful that every time we take a long walk, everything looks so different because of how different we are each time. I'm so grateful we are constantly changing and evolving.

kel sunset
I'm so grateful for our little nook by the food trailer park!

aj platform
I'm so grateful we had our very own stage to Astrojax on while the sun set!

I'm so grateful the sunsets in Texas are SO GORGEOUS.

vegan yacht
I'm so grateful for the Vegan Yacht food trailer. I'm so grateful for the owners, Mike and Danielle. I'm so grateful for abundant vegan food in this city.

cheer up tree
I'm so grateful for cute dive bars on the east side.

cheer up chocolate
I'm so grateful for cute dive bars with vegan chocolate peanut butter cups!!

kel ajin cheerups
I'm so grateful that everywhere we go, there is somewhere beautiful to take pix of AJs ^_^

I'm so grateful we got to go on a nighttime hike through the trail. So peaceful.

I'm so grateful we took care of our grocery shopping last night! Finally!

pumpin it
I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR BODY PUMP AND MAGEN. Totes have to up my weights again on Monday!

I'm so grateful my Mom and sister came out for a picnic lunch today!! Today was Kerri's last day in Austin, so my mom picked her up and brought her to our place for lunch. The weather was so gorgeous!

the spread
I'm so grateful my mom makes an awesome vegan feast! I'm so grateful making vegan food is easy for her now!

el pool
I'm so grateful for our perfect apartment complex with the perfect pool.

kerri mom
I'm so grateful for family close by.

kerri kruize
I'm so grateful we crazy cruized it today! I love my life! So fun and full of toys!

kel aj
I'm so grateful this woman exists in my life.

kel cruizin
I'm so grateful we finally tried cruizin it in our parking lot! It's like skiing down a bunny hill!

me cruizin
I'm so grateful for the perfect chill afternoon spent with people I love.

kel ajs
And as always, I am eternally grateful for Astrojax and the fun that flows into my life from them.

Wouldn't it be nice to let go of more resistant thoughts? Wouldn't it be nice to feel as perfect as I know I am? Wouldn't it be nice to get all that cooking done soon? Wouldn't it be nice to catch up on the podcast? Wouldn't it be nice to post the Y ep and an oracle ep? Wouldn't it be nice to go to Whole Foods for dates? Wouldn't it be nice to feel on top of my game? Wouldn't it be nice to feel like I'm riding another wave? Wouldn't it be nice to feel completely rested and refreshed? Wouldn't it be nice to tie up every loose end ever? Wouldn't it be nice to hang out with our new friends? Wouldn't it be nice eat all raw this week? Wouldn't it be nice to make a list of goals for the week? Wouldn't it be nice to fine tune these posts so that I included certain parts once a week? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the life design book today? Wouldn't it be nice to get it over with so I could stop talking about it? Wouldn't it be nice to allow things to flow naturally? Wouldn't it be nice to let go and let the universe do it?

Wouldn't it be nice to do the work in the air? Wouldn't it be nice to completely trust the universe? Wouldn't it be nice to feel free? Wouldn't it be nice to feel caught up? Wouldn't it be nice to feel productive and inspired? Wouldn't it be nice to relax and play with AJs in the blacklight? Wouldn't it be nice to try that Shiva Nata dance? Wouldn't it be nice if Niia space had a class in it? Wouldn't it be nice to chill some cool spiritual folks? Wouldn't it be nice to be part of a drum circle? Wouldn't it be nice to AJ it in the middle of a drum circle? Wouldn't it be nice to try hooping soon? Wouldn't it be nice to try poi soon? Wouldn't it be nice to feel as magickal as I know I am? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on what I want all day? Wouldn't it be nice to keep my focus? Wouldn't it be nice to increase my activity level more? Wouldn't it be nice to go with the flow? Wouldn't it be nice to feel 100% synced with the universe?

Today I intend to focus on feeling healthy and good in my perfect body. Today I intend to sync up with the universe and go with the flow. Today I intend to listen for the divine pulse. Today I intend to listen. Today I intend to gather momentum. Today I intend to focus on what I want. Today I intend to rest. Today I intend to allow well-being to flow into me.

I love the relief I feel from finally writing this post. I love that writing these posts has become such an ingrained activity that if I skip a day I get pretty freaked out about it. I love having something so useful that I do every single day! I love that if I can stay on top of these posts, I can stay on top of my life. I love that I AM on top of my life! I love that I am synced up with the universe. I love that I am always too excited to sleep because every day is like Christmas. I love staying in the flow of well being. I love remembering how easy it is to go with the flow. I love that nothing is urgent. I love that we have all the time we need. I love that everything unfolds naturally, whether you try or not. I love not trying. I love letting go. I love that I learn more about letting go every day. I love regaining my focus through writing. I love clearing my head. I love organizing ideas. I love focus. I love knowing what I want and how to get it. I love that everything in the universe illustrates the laws of the universe.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Any time I think about "syncing up with the universe" I'm able to do it pretty instantly in my head, I love it!
  2. Taking long walks with Astrojax is a really fun way to casually improve!
  3. Today marks our 3rd complete week of Body Pump!
  4. Now that I'm caught up on my posts, I can finally get into fresh articles and podcasts and life design books!
  7. No plans for the rest of the day, such relief!
  8. Taking one day off from posting made me really see how seriously addicted I am to writing these posts. It is so much easier to stay focused when I write in the morning. It is so much easier to keep positive thought patterns when I take the time to think about what thoughts I want to think for the day. I love that I am always looking for ways to make these posts more useful to myself.
  9. My dad tried sushi for the first time. This is huge. It's his new favorite food. Hehehe.
  10. I'm not gonna lie, I am unbearably excited to get back to AJin tonight.
  11. I love that I am not a lazy thinker. I love that I erased what I had originally written here because it was a limiting belief. I am refreshed, invigorated, and in sync with the universe. I need sleep and food and water and air but more than anything I need positive thoughts. And I've got em in spades.

Message from Clair

"Welcome to the next level." In this level you will learn to live more in real time. Beyond that, you will choose what to learn. There are infinite possibilities surrounding you at all times, including now. Everything is now. And you can choose anything. Where do you want to go next? Where would you like to create order where previously there was only chaos? Where would you like to create more chaos from order?

Telling my future

Today I will reinvigorate and refresh myself through thought. I will massage my head in a warm bath of meditation. I will rub my shoulders with my thoughts. I will rest my eyes even when they are open. I will absorb the nutrients I need and eliminate everything I do not. I will use my time in the way I find most enjoyable. I will focus on what I want. I will receive what I want. I will think about what I want in every moment. I will ponder what makes each moment so perfect. What makes this moment so perfect?

I am listening to the perfect IDM song on Pandora through my headphones. The window is open and the weather is beautiful. My apartment smells of incense and markers. I am nearly finished with writing a post to focus my thoughts. I feel calm, collected and inspired. I feel ready to take on the world. I feel refreshed and energized. I feel like dancing and AJing. I am wearing a cute outfit, and I already did plenty of exercise for the day. The lighting is perfect. I feel disconnected from my body. I am seeing as source sees. I can see my reality waver in front of my eyes. I am aware of the infinite possibilities that surround me. I am focused on what I want.

Interview with myself

How do you catch another wave after you've fallen off?
All you have to do is sync back up with the universe. You can do that with meditation, exercise, writing, or creating, among many other things. If your thoughts have slipped away from you like a slippery eel, just let them go and create new ones. Who do you want to be RIGHT NOW? Start thinking like that.

I am an inspiration. I have my shit together. I'm in control. I'm fucking sexy. I live in the perfect apartment in the perfect city with the perfect woman. I am synced up with the universe. I have inspiration gushing through my fingers. I love everyone I see. I choose to focus on the positive aspects of every situation. I am solution oriented. I am full of natural energy. I am sustained by delicious raw food. I consciously direct my experiences. I know exactly what I want.

I am beautiful. I am strong. I am bewitching. I am calm, collected, cool. I am a cute set of 3. I am an Astrojax pro. I enchant those around me. I project positive thoughts into my reality. Positivity is my dominant proclivity.

Today's affirmations

  • I feel healthy, rested and energized.
  • I am in sync with the universe.
  • I am magickal and perfect.
  • I change my reality with a single thought.

Links I love

  • James O'Toole has some beautiful photos up of the Abraham cruise ship docking in Australia!
  • Here is some deep thought on Shiva Nata. Gives me goosebumps.
  • My new favorite WordPress plugin is Share and Follow!

What to do when you’re sick, injured, or heartbroken

When you're sick, injured, or heartbroken, it's all the same thing – a physical manifestation of your negative thoughts. You are blocking the flow of well-being that is natural to all life with your thoughts. Here's how to get yourself on the mend immediately.

1. Ask yourself, "what does it feel like?"

I went to bed last night with a sore throat, aching body and exhausted mind. As I was falling asleep, I asked myself "what does it feel like to have this sore throat?" The answer I came up with was, "it feels like I've been talking and doing too much, too fast." That feeling, or thought pattern, literally manifested in a sore throat.

If you can't figure out what thoughts created your discomfort, let it go. It doesn't matter if you know or not. What does matter is putting an end to your negative thought pattern.

2. Stop your negative thoughts

You have the power to choose thought and therefore how you feel. When you change how you feel, you change your "vibration". Your vibration is your point of attraction–it's how the universe decides what to bring you in physical reality. If your vibration is full of love and gratitude, the universe will bring you more to love and feel grateful for. But if your vibration is full of pain, you will only attract more.

Do whatever you possibly can to take your mind off of what hurts. Watch comedies or listen to stand up radio. Meditate. Sleep as long as you can. Last night I told myself that if I just slept long enough the sore throat would go away. Twelve hours later, I woke refreshed and feeling great.

When you sleep, you stop all thought, meaning you stop your point of attraction. You stop sending out your vibrational request for more pain. Your body's cells are consciousness, and they know how to allow the flow of well-being, as long as you stop screwing them over with negative thoughts.

3. Feel for the other side of the wave

The painful situation you are in is perfect. It is creating your unique experience. Without learning what we DON'T want, we would never know what we DO want. Whatever negative feeling you experience, ask yourself "how would the opposite of this feel?" That is the feeling you are craving.

Once you know the feeling you WANT that your negative experience helped you find, you can start practicing the feeling. And if you can practice the feeling, you can change your physical reality!

If you feel unloved, practice the feeling of love. Look at yourself in the mirror with love. Look at the world around with you with love. Look at the people in your life with love.

If you feel pain, practice the feeling of relief. What does relief feel like? What things give you that feeling? The more you focus on practicing the feelings you want, the more your physical reality will reflect those feelings back at you. You'll be back to perfect health and perfect love in no time.

If you enjoyed this article, please consider a small donation to keep thriving! This site is entirely funded by beautiful readers like you. Thank you for your love and support!

Gathering Momentum

Silence is the medicine | gathering momentum for January…

I am so grateful to be so into Astrojax that I always have something to do. I am so grateful that I am attracting more and more information about flow activities because I spend so much time in flow activities. I am so grateful there are so many different kinds of Astrojax to explore. I am so grateful there are so many different flow activities to experience.

kel n me aj
I am so grateful to have so many emails to return because so many of them are AJ or flow related! I am so grateful to be attracting like minded souls who are at a similar level of consciousness. I am so grateful that every time I figure out a "mystery of life" I find a new one. I am so grateful there is no end to the joy I will find in my life.

I am so grateful for my vibrams. I am so grateful Kel and I started wearing these last April. They have changed my life so much. I am so grateful to be pain free when I run. I am so grateful vibrams are so comfortable. I'm so grateful they make me feel like a cyborg. I'm so grateful I don't ever have to worry about buying shoes because I only wear one kind!

twournal & ajs
I am so grateful for my new Twournal I got in the mail! I won the Twournal in my Mashable Mashpack and it is so neat! It's such a cool record of an extremely pivotal period of my life. Haha when I made the book, I only had enough room to go back to last April, filling a 235 page book with only 9 months of tweets!

ALSO I am so grateful we got two new pairs of AJs in the mail today! We got Pluses, which are made of soft foam and don't hurt when you bean yourself in the eyebrow! SO EXCITED.

twournal inside
I am so grateful for all the cool shit in my life. I mean seriously, my life rules. Also, getting packages in the mail every day has been LEGIT!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fun potluck with my sisters and Josh and Betty and Kelly tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to play AJs? Wouldn't it be nice to crazy cruize it sometime?! Wouldn't it be nice to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to do our 11 miles outside? Wouldn't it be nice if those kale chips were ready? Wouldn't it be nice to publish this article I've got written? Wouldn't it be nice to return my emails today? Wouldn't it be nice to clean up my desk? Wouldn't it be nice to read my library book? Wouldn't it be nice to feel more relief? Wouldn't it be nice to have fun making food for our friends soon? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate? Wouldn't it be nice to always have enough time to do all the things I want to do? Wouldn't it be nice to chill with Larry? Wouldn't it be nice to make some more progress on the book tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to get all our shopping done? Wouldn't it be nice to go to whole foods and walmart? Wouldn't it be nice to get grocery delivery service? Wouldn't it be nice to get a new bike?

Today I intend to allow the flow of well-being that is natural to me and all life.

I love my yoga pants. I love my pocket belt. I love my vibrams. I love my sense of style. I love focusing. I love writing these posts. I love aligning my energy every day. I love sleeping when I need sleep. I love allowing. I love allowing well being. I love learning about buddhism. I love learning about wabi sabi. I love that I have so many accounts on various sites online. I love that I always have access to my old illustration work. I love that I could get back into illustration some day. I love that I know enough to make it useful. I love the dream I had last night! I love that I had a dream about someone because I wanted her to dream about me. Ha.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. While I was napping, I dreamt I could do the perfect summersault. I moved exactly like an astrojax ball. Incredibly delicious feeling.
  2. The idea of "syncing with the flow of the universe"
  3. A reader sent me a link to this site about Shiva Nata: the dance of Shiva. The movements are so similar to Astrojax movements! Mind blowing.
  4. Dreaming about a certain someone after saying "she's so going to dream about us". I love watching the laws of the universe play out all around me.
  5. Our friend Natalie mentioned trying out Auralign, fascinating concept!
  6. Potluck with all my ladies tonight! And Josh ;D
  7. Running 11 tomorrow! Long runs are so fun, like extended meditation. Plus we always outlast everyone else's visit. I'm not sure many other people hang out at the Y as much as we do!
  9. Brand new food order came in just now! Looking forward to some meditative cooking.
  10. My dreams have been getting so incredibly delicious, and I credit AJs completely.
  11. I made progress on the life design book yesterday! WOOT!

Message from Clair

Distraction is a misleading word. When you feel negative emotions, resulting from negative thoughts, one solution IS to distract yourself. But distraction implies that your focus will eventually return to the negativity. So instead of distracting yourself from negative thoughts, consider thinking of it as letting go. When you let go of a negative thought, it can permanently leave your reality.

Telling my future

Today will be relaxing and energizing. Today will be full of synchronicity. Today will be chill, and I will think chill thoughts. I will be easy on myself. I expect good things to flow without any effort on my part.

Interview with myself

How are Astrojax like a pet?
When I play with AJs, they talk to me. Literally. The three balls are like three separate entities, but together they form one bigger entity. They giggle a lot and have a high pitched voice. They often say "play with us!" when I am thinking too hard about doing tricks or other distracting thoughts. They also say "we'll teach you!" a lot, when I get frustrated. And sometimes, when I get flowing well with them, or I see someone else flowing with them, they look like a snake that climbs around the body. It's the craziest shit. They are pet that is an extension of one's higher self - it's like one's higher self personified. When you are flowing, the AJs illustrate that flow. And it's like seeing someone's natural, inherent perfection on the outside. It's like seeing the beauty of one's higher self as a physical object.

Today's affirmations

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Links I love

flow Articles


illustration by Kelly Cree

Entering the flow of well-being is all about getting your thoughts out of the way. The only thing that prevents you from having everything you want and feeling as good as you deserve is negative thought.

Getting out of the way involves two steps, but they're really two sides of the same coin–you can't have one without the other.

1. Love yourself

A huge (if not only) source of negative thought is a lack of love for yourself. To stop negative thoughts, you must come to know your inherent perfection.

Stop caring about what others think. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Embrace your uniqueness. To truly love yourself, you must understand your individuality as well as your infinite nature. You have your individual perspective to contribute your own unique expansion to the universe. That is your value as an individual. Yet, you are one with everything else. We are all the same source energy. We are all part of the whole.

As individual persons, we are the spines on a koosh ball. It doesn't matter what the spine looks like or does, only that it's there. The koosh ball is source energy. God. We are one and the same. We all have access to the same infinite intelligence, because we are infinite intelligence.

You cannot love God in entirety without first loving yourself in entirety. You cannot feel pure love for that which surrounds you until you feel pure love for yourself. You cannot be God without loving yourself as the God you already are.

2. Stop ALL negative thoughts

The only things preventing the flow are your beliefs. And beliefs are just thoughts you think a lot. Any time you have a negative thought, let it go. You don't need your negative thoughts. They do not define you. They do not protect you nor keep you safe. Negative thoughts feel comfortable, but only because you're used to them. Positive thoughts will become more comfortable over time. Give yourself permission to let those negative thoughts go. You don't need them anymore.

When you're able to let negative thoughts go, you'll stop blocking the stream. You don't have to change anything about yourself; just think a different thought. The universe will take care of everything. That thing that's bothering you? You can let it go now. Picture yourself dropping it and walking away. It's already gone.

Gathering Momentum

there’s always more to let go | gathering momentum…

Good morning! I am up early! I am so grateful I awoke from some SERIOUSLY amazing dreams. I had so much power! So much control! I was on the very edge of combining waking logic with sleeping understanding! I might have to go back to sleep after writing this... I am so grateful I woke up to delicious correspondence plotting future rendezvous.

I am so grateful Kerri has been enjoying her time in Austin. I'm so grateful she's moving here. I'm so grateful we get to have a potluck tomorrow! I'm so grateful we've had a chance to spend so much time together during her visit. I'm so grateful Austin won her over ^_^ I'm so grateful for my family close by. I'm so grateful to feel so much love.

gun show
I'm so grateful to wake up after 4 hours of sleep and be ready to take on another day. I'm so grateful to be too excited to sleep. I'm so grateful I am passionate and driven and inspired and full of light and love. I'm so grateful I made the choice to feel good. I'm so grateful I studied lifestreaming. I'm so grateful I get the Internet. I'm so grateful I get AJs. I'm so grateful for my girlfriend. I'm so grateful for this beautiful life experience full of more and more excitement every single day.

I'm so grateful for my full to do list. I'm so grateful everything on it is something I really want to do. I'm so grateful I'm learning how the universe works. I'm so grateful I KNOW for a fact, without a shadow of a doubt, that if I want something I have to let it go. I'm so grateful I know that to receive the manifestations I desire, I have to be happy without them.

Wouldn't it be nice to remember what exactly I was dreaming about that was so invigorating? I remember what I saw, and I think it had to do with AJs and chrippin, but I forgot what my thots were. You like that? Thot? I write the word thought so many times in a day I thot I'd try out this freaky abbreviation.

Wouldn't it be nice to publish an article this morning? Wouldn't it be nice to publish two? Wouldn't it be nice to cross off all the items on my to do list? Wouldn't it be nice to find some wonderful inspiration today? Wouldn't it be nice to feel focused and flowing? Wouldn't it be nice to crazy cruize it? Wouldn't it be nice to do some spring cleaning? Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of half my possessions? Wouldn't it be nice to talk to Sharon about Astrojax? Wouldn't it be nice to make some progress on the book today? Wouldn't it be nice to get free badges to SXSWi? Wouldn't it be nice if Calle 13 played a free non-badge show? Wouldn't it be nice if Poetize Code played? Wouldn't it be nice to find out more info about Poetize Code? Wouldn't it be nice to go to an amusement park or water park or trampoline park? Wouldn't it be nice to learn to drive stick? Wouldn't it be nice to learn to drive a motorcycle? Wouldn't it be nice to flow through my entire day?

Today I intend to practice the feeling of abundance. Abundance feels like being excited about everything flowing into my life. Abundance feels like being taken care of. Abundance feels like not worrying about a thing. Abundance feels like "but of course". When I had listed out all our passive and active income streams and thought about the ones I really like, within a couple days money was POURING in! All I have to do is remember to focus on the positive aspects of money and it flows!

I love learning how to be a magician. I love learning the laws of the universe. I love observing them in action in everything around me. I love that I'm writing a book that I'm really excited about. I love that it's going to be a printed book then an ebook then a print on demand book. I love that it's going to be readable by children. I love that Kel is going to illustrate it. I love that I have an incentive for people to sign up for the mailing list!!

I love that the Bluehost referrals have been flowing! I love that people are getting websites to pursue their loves! I love teaching web, I love setting up websites, I love knowing how to set up a digital publishing house! I love that Kerri and my Dad might be the first books we publish! I love pondering what a fun project it would be and leaving the rest up to the universe!

I love getting donations. I love making money by doing precisely what I desire to be doing. I love inspiring people! I love uplifting! I love that it is my dominant proclivity to be positive! I love that I understand the laws of the universe more every day! I love that I can see the bright side of any situation! I love that my mind is so well trained! I love that I am so practiced! I love how fun life is!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. The power of appreciation. Whatever you like in your life, focus on it and you'll get more of it, I PROMISE!
  2. The law of attraction really does replace self discipline! Wild horses couldn't stop me from running, Body Pumping, AJin, meditating, or writing. All the most important things I want to do every day come so naturally, I don't even have to think about whether or not to do them.
  3. I wish I could express the importance of the dream I just woke up from... it was like I was seeing the fabric of reality. It was like being in a lucid dream, but the lucid dream was waking. It was like being in a cartoon. I love living in a cartoon.
  4. I've started reading Add More -ing To Your Life and it's really great so far! Bernstein pretty much says: meditate, exercise and write stream of consciousness and you'll be good to go. Sounds familiar ^_^
  5. Oh Larry, I'm so into you! Can't wait to chill in Austin!
  6. This PDF mailing list incentive is just stellar. I get to conceptualize it & Kel is going to do the type design, WOO!
  8. Which means, SWIMMING TODAY!
  9. I FOUND MY ATOMIC PINK HAIRDYE ON AMAZON! It had been sold out everywhere and I got some!! And you know how I did it? I started looking for a different brand. I let go needing that specific brand. And voila!
  10. Shopping trip coming up! On the list: paneez, black yoga pants, black tanks. I love feeling like a gymnast.
  11. I'm thinking about adding another section or something... I want to remember my "questions for the oracle", a new podcast thing we're trying out ^_^

Message from Clair

Clair, where can I find more questions?
The questions and answers all already exist in the core of your consciousness, you just need to access them. To unlock the flow, let it go.

Telling my future

Today can be described as magickally productive. I am getting better at allowing law of attraction to do my bidding instead of orchestrating things myself. I feel energized and passionate and inspired as I write articles and work on the book and PDF. I feel like a rubber band, unable to be pulled back from my work for too long. I feel so excited! I pause to appreciate all the physical manifestations resulting from my feeling good. I appreciate my financial abundance and grow richer. I appreciate my physical health and grow stronger. I appreciate my thoughtfulness and find more to think about. I appreciate my creativity and find more to create. I appreciate my love and find more to love. I appreciate my pets and find more to pet. I appreciate my friends and make new ones. I appreciate my life and feel more alive. I appreciate my understanding and find more wisdom.

Interview with myself

If you could do anything today, what would it be?
I get an email from someone wanting to arrange a meeting about a book deal. Kel and I agree to hop on a plane tonight after Body Pump. I finish putting together the concept for each page of the book and prepare a small presentation. Next, I polish off an article and meditate. I have groceries delivered and a chef prepare my meals. I get a new blender in the mail. On the way to the gym, Kel and I go shopping for new outfits. I find everything I need. We pwn our run and Body Pump and head to the airport. We fly to California where we trip on love and a book deal. We go swimming in the ocean and see Otis and Devin. And then we're home before out potluck dinner tomorrow night.

I like this question!

Today's affirmations

  • Let go.

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