Happy New Year! My Goals for 2011

Happy New Year! My Goals for 2011

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I love to spend New Year's Eve doing whatever I want more of in the coming year. Last year we spent New Year's cooking in Florida with Kelly's family. This year we'll be playing with toys!


My goals for 2011!

  • FUN
  • PLAY
  • TOYS

vision board

We've taken down everything on our vision board to start with fresh ideas for 2011.

vision board book


I've emptied my goals frame, and put a refreshing, generic wallpaper on my phone.


I am an empty vessel, allowing exciting new thoughts to fill me!

What 2011 will look like


My aesthetic direction for the new year is CUTE and LITTLE.




The first things to play with of the year are skitterbots:


And ASTROJAX! Astrojax are the most incredible thing that's ever entered my life. They're like a combination of gymnastics and jewelry-making. Expect to see a lot more about them!


Happy new year my loves! Let's have fun!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Dan Gentry

    Where’d ya get that iPhone background with the bubbles? It’s very calming.

  • jessica mullen

    Came with my iphone 4 :]

  • cherry

    11:11–make a wish! this is going to be my best year, EVER! i plan on thoroughly making it my bitch (this is the absolute nicest way that i can go about stating my exact intentions)! and it’s going to be super fun. i’ve thought a lot about making a vision board, but i’ve never actually done it. i’m inspired to now, for some reason ;-) first pictures are going to be my violently happy smiling face–and half-naked tall, blonde men surrounding me. this is going to be exciting to manifest! good luck to you and Big Love. Happy New Year!

  • jessica mullen

    Can’t wait to see your vision board progress!! Hope you post some pix! Much love :]

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