Momentum gathering | December 30, 2010 | getting my affairs in order

Momentum gathering | December 30, 2010 | getting my…


Good morning! I'm so happy and grateful to be up so early! I'm so happy and grateful I just got to video skype with Michael! I'm so grateful we get to stay in touch while he's away in Afghanistan! I'm so grateful he sent me fascinating video to watch. I'm so grateful he has free time to go to the gym and skype his sisters. I'm so grateful he might be coming back in january!

I'm so grateful I wrote that post last night. It was so fun and exactly what I needed to do to bring in the new year. I'm so grateful people enjoyed reading it. I'm so grateful I get to chill today!


I'm so grateful I read all of Paris Hilton's Confessions of an Heiress last night. It was very fluffy with tons of pictures but full of serious gems of wisdom. Main tips: smile as much as possible and say as little as possible, tell people what they want to hear then do what you want, never be boring, act ditzy because it throws people off and make them think you're cute. She suggests acting like every day is your birthday! Also, Paris never really drinks alcohol, only energy drinks! That way she doesn't mess up her hair or makeup. She is so smart, she is my #1 role model right now. Ha!

I'm so grateful my hair is freshly dyed and I don't have to think about it for another couple months!


I'm so grateful for inspiration. I'm so grateful for technology. I'm so grateful for my iphone. I'm so grateful for coffee. I'm so grateful for apples. I'm so grateful for cute kitties. I'm so grateful for quiet rainy mornings. I'm so grateful for my friends. I'm so grateful for facebook. I'm so grateful for water. I'm so grateful for pens and sketchbooks. I'm so grateful for lists. I'm so grateful for libraries. I'm so grateful for vegan food and co-ops. I'm so grateful for my apartment complex. I'm so grateful for nutritional yeast. I'm so grateful for my girlfriend and her bitchin bleached hair. I'm so grateful it's new year's eve eve. I'm so grateful I am READY for this new year. I'm so grateful I am already working towards all of my goals and "resolutions". I am so grateful to be so focused. I am so grateful I know what I want. What do I want today?


I want to think about our book, Make Your Life Your Living. I'd like to ponder it, sketch it, put it in outline form. I'd like to feel solutions coming to me. I'd like to have an easy 5 minute brainstorm about it. I'd like to explore visual aesthetic directions. I'd like to do a sample page or chapter.

I want to want to work on the podcast. I want to open that box from mashable (can you BELIEVE we still haven't opened it?!). I want to open my new year at-a-glance calendar and hang it up. I want to clean. I want to trip. I want to see with fresh eyes. I want new perspectives. I want fun. I want to rewrite my birthday goals. I want to rewrite my about page. I want to feel good. I want to feel excited.


Today I intend to think about what I want for this coming year. Today I intend to focus on my dreams, goals and aspirations. Today I intend to get excited about possibilities. Today I intend to focus on what I want. Today I intend to let things come to me. Today I intend to attract love, joy, and intrigue. Today I intend to feel on the top of my game. Today I intend to have the best day of my life. Today I intend to act like it's my birthday!

shake it up

Wouldn't it be nice to write another article? Wouldn't it be nice to be constantly inspired to write articles? Wouldn't it be nice to reshape the way I think of my job? I call myself a lifestreamer, but that doesn't give the whole picture. I'm a writer, photographer, designer, videographer, artist, musician, creator. I like saying I'm an "independent designer" and that I run a "lifestream monetization" company. But I want more! I want new ideas, new ways to think of my creative output.

Wouldn't it be nice to spend the day creating? Wouldn't it be nice if all the vaseline came out of my hair? Wouldn't it be nice to have an easy workout today? Wouldn't it be nice to have a spinach smoothie for breakfast? Wouldn't it be nice to draw in my sketchbook? Wouldn't it be nice to have some revelations today?


I love finding new ideas on the web. I love inspiring links. I love reading. I love reading a book in one night. I love skimming parts that are boring. I love that I've given permission to myself to skim books. I love that I can read books way faster now. I love that I have all these self help books on my desk. I love the idea of self help. I love helping myself. I love taking responsibility for my reality. I love being aware that I am in control. I love not having to blame anyone or anything else for my experience. I love thinking about the feelings I want to receive from a specific manifestation then receiving the feelings in unexpected ways. I love talking to people with my thoughts. I love casting spells. I love that thinking is casting spells. I love that all the magick and witchcraft I was into as a teenager was just a stepping stone on my spiritual path. I love that I questioned Catholicism. I love that I was raised Catholic. I love that I think Catholicism is sexy. I love corrupting Catholics. I love it when Catholics do shit they think they shouldn't. I love helping people see the world in new ways. I love having fun. I love being fun. I love sharing fun with other people.


I love thinking about working on projects. I love pondering the future of my site, the podcast, and our book. I love feeling creative. I love creating my reality. I love directing my thoughts. I love feeling inspired. I love going through my thoughts and organizing them. I love finding my "prized possession" thoughts. I love finding 2 or 3 thoughts to hang onto for the day, that help me remember to focus. I love coming up with new things to love. I love being in the moment. I love that the better it gets, the better it gets. I love that the deeper it gets, the deeper it gets.

Message from Clair

Allow things to come to you. Expect them to. If they don't, it's only your vibration to blame. If you want something, think about how it would make you feel, practice that feeling, then let it go. Don't keep asking for it. Don't keep trying to force it.

As you prepare for the new year, think about what you really, truly want. What makes your heart sing? What brings you the most joy? What can you leave behind? What thoughts are distracting you? What kinds of tools do you have to keep yourself focused? If you could only think 10 thoughts today, what would they be?

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