Momentum gathering | December 23, 2010 | Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Momentum gathering | December 23, 2010 | Merry Christmas…

Good afternoon! I am so grateful that it is Christmas Eve Eve! I love Christmas! I am so grateful our gifts ARE ALMOST DONE AND SOON I WILL GET TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM WOOO!!!! I am so grateful HEB and Walmart are open 24 hours so we can get all types of glitter and glue at all hours of the night. I am so grateful for my organized to do list in my moleskine that is keeping me sane as we wrap up all the loose ends before the BIG DAY. I am so grateful we got to hang out with Betty, Joy, Josh and Kerri last night! It was so fun! SISTERS! I am so grateful both of my sisters are in Austin right now!
I am so grateful for baby food jars. I am so grateful for glycerine. I am so grateful for glitter and half off sales at Hobby Lobby. I am so grateful for pink lady apples and fish oil pills. I am so grateful my Mashable Mashpack came! I haven't even had a chance to open it yet because we've been so busy! I'm so grateful we get to record a TPP episode opening it! I am so grateful that we have plenty of time to get everything done today.
baby food
I'm so grateful we get to workout at the Y today. I'm so grateful we have gym memberships! I am so grateful Kel and I are so into fitness, spicy food, and Paris Hilton. What better things to have in common? I'm so grateful to be so hungry because my breakfast is going to taste sooo good. I'm so grateful we get to do so many fun things today, like make ethiopian food and brownies! I'm so grateful for my cute kitties who bring me SO MUCH JOY on a daily basis. They are hilarious!
Today I intend to remember what I know. Today I intend to remember that I create my reality with my thoughts. Today I intend to talk to Clair more. Clair, what's up? I am here, and I am flowing through you right now. Today I intend to keep the momentum flowing! Today I intend to remember all the momentum I gathered yesterday! Today I intend to FEEL momentum. What does momentum feel like? It feels like CONFIDENTLY riding a wave. It feels like the last month of fall semester. It feels like October. It feels like design projects. It feels like things falling into place. It feels like realizing that I can be or do or have anything I want. It feels like boundless creativity. It feels like my dream about reality being made up of waves of sand when I was little. It feels like smiling when I think of the things I have to do today. It feels like excitement. It feels like productive vacation. It feels like getting things done. It feels like starting a project I'm REALLY excited about. It feels like being a gymnast! It feels like running a long run! It feels like not having to think, just DO, just flow, it feels like growing like a blade of grass grows towards the sun. It feels like being pulled by the moon. It feels like a cycle revving up. It feels like I'm doing EVERYTHING RIGHT. It feels like my body moving without me telling it to. It feels like talent meeting demand. It feels like FLOW. It feels like weaving a magickal tapestry. It feels like bliss.
kerri and rocky
Today I intend to feel satisfaction. Satisfaction feel like completed projects. It feels like tying up loose ends. It feels like delicious, home cooked meals. Satisfaction feels like being proud of what I've done and how far I've come. Satisfaction feels like being in love with myself. Satisfaction feels like other people getting it. Satisfaction feels like ON TO THE NEXT! Satisfaction feels like NEW IDEAS. Satisfaction feels like having my shit TOGETHER. Satisfaction feels like wearing my favorite jeans! Satisfaction feels like knowing exactly what and when to do it, when exactly I'm done, and how exactly to talk about it. Satisfaction is like having a gallery show. Satisfaction is like 11pm after the gallery open, stone cold sober, wearing my cutest outfit, flirting with everyone, finding a million new ideas and opportunities, and making mad sales. Yes, that is something that I want.

Today I intend to remember:

  • Meditation is entering a sea of limitless creativity.
  • Clair is guiding me there right NOW.

Wouldn't it be nice to finish these gifts once and for all? Wouldn't it be nice to find the exact scene I'm looking for in Labyrinth? Wouldn't it be nice to go to Whole Earth today? Wouldn't it be nice to have time to do all the things I want to do today? Wouldn't it be nice if I wrote out a little schedule that I could hopefully follow? Wouldn't it be nice if we did these things in the following order?

  • Eat delicious breakfast of SMOOTHIE
  • Make Christmas cards!
  • Meditate
  • Finish laying out all the gifts and note what's missing
  • Fill in what's missing and fill the jars
  • Pack for mailing and wrap for giving
  • Go to the post office!
  • Go to the Y!
  • Go to Whole Earth!
  • Give friends things!
  • Cook ethiopian and brownies! Chop celery & carrots!

I LOVE LISTS! I am obsessed with them. I love lists on towels. I love lists on little bags. They are so cute and I love them. I love that Linty is sitting in my lap. I love that I played with Pwny when I got up today. I love that it's Christmas Eve Eve. I love that I'm going to make us a smoothie for breakfast. I love that my body is craving one. I love that we're almost done with our gifts and they are so damn cute. I love twitter. I love facebook. I love predictions about how awesome technology is going to get. I love that Pwny is obsessed with helping us with making our gifts. I love that I get to drink coffee if I feel like it. I love that we're going to work out today. I love that the gym and Whole Earth are open late. I love that we did all our shopping in the middle of the night instead of waiting till today. I love that Kel is still sleeping and I'm about to go wake her up. I love my to do lists, OMG. I love that I just ordered a year-at-a-glance calendar. I love formulating my "year in review" post to work on in the next few days. I love thinking about goals for 2011. I love that I already have my first quarter goals set:

  • is a resource on lifestreaming, life design, and love with over 100,000 visitors a month & over 1000 people on the mailing list.
  • Kelly and I have published a book titled "Make Your Life Your Living"
  • We have a thriving podcast fan club with over 100 devoted members!

I love that I can write XHTML and CSS from scratch. I love understanding how the Internet works. I love that I was in 6th grade when we first got the Internet and it was life changing. I love that I had a computer in my bedroom in high school. I love all the creative things I got to do when the Internet was a baby. I love that I taught myself how to make websites because I had a 10pm curfew. I love that I had a band and made music constantly because I had a 10pm curfew. I LOVE that I had a 10pm curfew! Thanks mom and dad! I love developing pattern languages. I love thinking about hosting a private art party. I love thinking about hosting a private tripping art party. I love thinking about tripping. I love how life IS THE TRIP. I love how drugs are completely unnecessary because our thoughts are drugs. I love thinking about and researching drugs. I love Erowid. I love Amsterdam. I love ayahuasca rituals. I love how malleable the human brain is. I love expanding my consciousness and making it more complex. I love having books I am dying to read. I love having Netflix I am dying to watch. I love being too creatively inspired to consume other people's creative works!

Links I love!

  • Kelly lists some favorite things about her life, and I love it! Also the last paragraph is pure gold:

    if you are tripping and you get distracted by a negative thought, you can easily just meditate on love and turn in around. its that easy. your life is just a long trip. you are trippin. how else could you explain how awesome life is?!?!?!?

  • In this week's Dash newsletter by my friend Laura Roeder, she suggests getting a year-at-a-glance calendar to plan your coming year. Something about seeing the whole year on one page works magic! I ordered this beaut from Amazon!
  • IBM makes big, exciting predictions for 2015!
  • If you haven't seen DRINKING OUT OF CUPS, it's TIME BAYBEE. Get real.
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