Momentum gathering | December 20, 2010 | catching waves


Momentum gathering | December 20, 2010 | catching waves

Good afternoon! I am so grateful to be writing this post so late in the afternoon because it means I SLEPT IN today! I was able to get up before 8am every day last week but I developed a massive coffee taste, so today I had to break it. Or else I'll become dependent and cranky and we all know where that leads... to HELL. Anyway, I am so grateful I am so refreshed and don't feel the need to drink coffee today!

I am so grateful for my spinach smoothie breakfast. It is the antidote to all the sugar we had last night!

brownies with dueling frosting!

I am so grateful that Kelly did the dishes and cleaned up this morning. I am so grateful I found a way to salvage our freaky brownies. We used chocolate chips, which I didn't realize was a brownie no-no. They were WAY too sweet and smooshy. So I froze mine and had some bites this morning and it was like ice cream! Crisis averted.

I am so grateful we are almost done with our Christmas gifts. It has been such a fun design project, and they are turning into a BEAUTIFUL TPP episode (with super secret surprises!). But I am ready for gift-stressin to be over! I am so grateful to have wonderful family and friends to give gifts to! I am so grateful we had so much TIME to make our gifts this year. I wouldn't want it any other way!


I am so grateful Kel is working on the gifts while I write this because she already wrote her post this morning. I am so grateful we have such a symbiotic relationship. I am so grateful we get along so well and each of us prefers to do different types of things. I prefer to do computer based work, photography and cooking, while she prefers to do hand-made work and cleaning. That's a pretty big generalization but it works out like that a lot and I love it! We are a perfect match and I love her with all of my heart, I am so lucky (meaning I am such a good life designer ^_^) to have such a wonderful partner!

I am so grateful my sister Kerri is now in Austin and we get to hang out today! We're going to go to the gym and eat together! How awesome! How natural! How perfect!

I am so grateful my dreams are indicating my vibration has been SO GOOD lately. I am so grateful that I really don't dip below neutral, emotionally, anymore. I am so grateful that when I am "out of the vortex" I am just at neutral, and not negative 5. I am so grateful I am getting so good at directing my thoughts! I am so grateful that yesterday I let my wave of fucking awesome flowing crest, and let myself chill and take a breather and get ready to hop onto the next idea. By doing that I allowed fresh ideas into my head and now I have POST IDEAS FOR EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK! I don't know how soon I'll get to write these posts but the ideas are there and that's all that matters! I am SO SO EXCITED!!


Today I intend to hop back on that wave of momentum. Today I intend to bask in my knowing. Today I intend to congratulate myself for riding a wave of momentum (slash flow) for 8 solid days, then gracefully riding out til the end without falling into the negative. That's that best way I can describe it... I was in the vortex for 8 days, then the wave crested when I was physically burnt out and my creative energy was just... gone. It needed to be replenished. So I turned off my computer, indulged in some mind expansion, watched Avatar (and had my mind blown), made some brownies, took a walk in beautiful weather at the most perfect time, ate homemade food that was already waiting in the freezer for me, got some fish oil pills for my omegas (we haven't been eating hemp oil, need to buy more!), and slept in. And now I can officially say I've jumped on the next wave! Without a hangover! Without totally overeating or turning towards other self-destructive "comfort" behaviors!

Today I intend to focus on that wave. Getting into the flow. Riding it out, even longer and harder than last time. And I will gracefully dismount when the time comes.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fun run at the Y today? Wouldn't it be nice if Kerri ran with us? Wouldn't it be nice to have a perfect solution for shipping our xmas gifts to Kelly's family tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to have the perfect dinner with Kerri? Wouldn't it be nice to get a chance to write a couple posts that I am ITCHING to write? Wouldn't it be nice to finish all our gifts tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to cook my salsa, soup and bars? Wouldn't it be nice to make an exquisite xmas TPP ep? Wouldn't it be nice to have a relaxing week with family? Wouldn't it be nice to have a productive evening? Wouldn't it be nice to gather more and more inspiration? Wouldn't it be nice to see Sheima and JIMMY?

I love that Kerri is here! I love being inspired! I love having tons of links! I love that I WAS FULLY AWARE OF MY PROGRESSION ON THE WAVE OF MOMENTUM THIS TIME. I Love that I really GET IT even more than ever! I love that we got a donation today! I love that we are helping people! I love that it is FLOWING! I love that my CSN $60 gift card came today! I love feeling abundant! I love knowing that I don't have to even THINK about money! I love that we're listening to Morphine! I love transferring money from paypal to our joint checking account! I Love having a joint checking account, it makes life so much easier! I love that Kelly and I are so smart about money in our relationship! I love that we are the perfect match! I love that I HAVE POST IDEAS! I love that I know I will always have plenty of ideas for this site, and if I make time for it, I really can write an article 5 days a week! I love writing! I love lifestreaming! I love aligning my energy! I love Mondays! I love the holidays! I love that it's almost the solstice! I love that the days are going to get longer! I Love riding the wave! I love being aware of the wave! I love LIFE!

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