100 pushups & 200 crunches, check!

  • David Botevyle

    Your cats eyes reminded me of an ‘unfinished creation’.


    To think that was just over 12 months ago, doesn’t time fly.

  • cherry

    you’re SO freaking beautiful and radiant! even your kitty friend seems to know so.

  • jessica mullen

    david, haha i can’t believe you remember that so well. you seem to bring it up frequently!

    cherry, THANK YOU! my kitty just likes to photobomb my pix ;D

  • David Botevyle

    Jessica, both you and Kelly have presented some vivid images over the last couple of years  Some have made more of an impression than others. Maybe my commenting at that time made it easier to recall. (Certainly made it easier to track down – it would not have been easy to go through a whole year of both your posts to locate it!). I may have made reference to those circumstances quite recently but that was just focussing on just one aspect of the image, maybe in time ‘Posted No Trespassing’ might have future relevance as might baking foil. 

    Maybe, unwittingly, I am directing your thoughts back to instances 12 months or more where things were not so ‘hot’. Maybe like me, you need to be reminded of the changes that have taken place during the last year. You and Kelly have risen to lofty heights during this period. 

    Look back 18 months to ‘ttp_141preroll’ for example and see the two of you as you both appeared in that ‘ep’ and then compare yourselves in your present form in current material. Worlds apart – there has been such a significant transition in both of you. It’s been a real joy to observe. I pray it continues. 

  • jessica mullen

    Dude. I had no idea. We were… different. Not a vibrational match to watching that one! AT ALL EVER AGAIN OMG WTFFFFF

  • jessica mullen

    Also I’m wearing the same shirt today as I was in that ep.

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