Momentum gathering | December 18, 2010 | laser focus


Momentum gathering | December 18, 2010 | laser focus


Good morning! I am so grateful to wake from vivid, succulent dreams about the law of attraction.

I am so grateful for the hair-blowing-back conversation Kelly and I had last night about how to get excited about running or going to bed. We concluded that visualizing what we want is what gets us off. I am so grateful to Kelly for her interest in discussing lifestreaming and posting strategies. I am so grateful Kelly and I are working on making running an ingrained, permanent lifestyle instead of a temporary marathon training schedule.

I am so grateful my sister Kerri is in town from Germany and that every time we see each other it is natural and fun and 100% not awkward, like seeing a best friend I see every day. I am so grateful I got an email from my brother Michael last night! I am so grateful his deployment is coming to an end! I love my siblings!

I am so grateful Kelly and I found everything we needed for our Christmas presents, and most of it was 50% off!

hey girl hey

I am so grateful to be wrapped in a cozy robe and crazy leopard hat in a warm climate in a warm apartment with working heat.

I'm so grateful to be on my TENTH sketchbook scan, using my trusty 6 year old scanner I got for free.

it's still dark out
Today I intend to edit. Today I intend to revise. Today I intend to review. Today I intend to feel strong and fit and thin and cut! Today I intend to feel creatively satisfied. Today I intend to feel powerful and confident. Today I intend to feel really into myself. Today I intend to feel really into my friends.

Today I intend to focus my attention. What does focus feel like? It feels like alertness. It feels like a laser. It feels like passion. It feels like brilliant ideas. It feels like producing quality work. It feels like following my intuition. It feels like looking for inspiration and the good ideas in everything. It feels like having an open line to Clair. It feels like I AM Clair. It feels like benevolence. It feels like KNOWING. It feels like fractals, moving cooperative components into the right place. It feels like the universe conspiring to bring me a wonderful experience. It feels like gears moving in perfect harmony. It feels like my reality is made up of two giant gears, coming together at the horizon to create a consistent experience. It feels like using my pineal gland to see!

Today I intend to add complexity to my consciousness. What does it feel like to add complexity? It feels like growth. It feels like understanding things I didn't understand yesterday. It feels like revelations. It feels like hallucinogens. It feels like patterns and more fractals. It feels like an infinite intelligence in the guise of a computer program. It feels like colorful lines and shapes on a field of black velvet. It feels like city lights. It feels like POWER. It feels like AHA. It feels like satisfaction. It feels like remembering what I know. It feels like order. It feels like organization. It feels like moving forward, upward and out. It feels like a doily, or the seeds in a sunflower, or a paper snowflake, or a spirograph. It feels like sunrises on roadtrips and movies about getting away from the cops. It feels like triumph!


Wouldn't it be nice to do 100 pushups and 200 crunches, along with weight training? Wouldn't it be nice to find some new music to listen to? Wouldn't it be nice to go to the greenbelt and find some moss?

Wouldn't it be nice to go to Whole Earth? Wouldn't it be nice to work on that thing for Michael? Wouldn't it be nice to write this post I have percolating in my head about declarations? Wouldn't it be nice to have a cup of coffee? Wouldn't it be nice to have a delicious breakfast before going to the gym? Wouldn't it be nice if the weather warmed up? Wouldn't it be nice to start working on my next big project? Wouldn't it be nice to record a podcast today? Wouldn't it be nice finish scanning another sketchbook today? Wouldn't it be nice to start making the PDFs for the sketchbooks?

Wouldn't it be nice to extend my apple care on my mac? Wouldn't it be nice to get cloud backup? Wouldn't it be nice to review what I know?

I know that I am vibrational. I know that the only thing I have control over is the way I think and feel. I know that I choose to feel good, by carefully selecting thoughts that feel good to think. I know that thinking about what I'm grateful for brings me good feelings. I know that focusing on feelings that I want brings them into my reality faster. I know that I can choose to feel a feeling without a manifestation. I know that I can direct my attention towards things I want, and those things will come to me. I know that I can allow well being. I know that I am in perfect health. I know that I came here to CREATE and have fun. I know that creating is the most fun thing I can do. I know that seeking pleasure through drugs and alcohol isn't as satisfying as seeking enjoyment through creation. I know that inspiration comes when I allow it. I know that Clair is my higher self and I can talk to her at any time. I know that the things I create improve every single day. I know that it becomes more satisfying to create the more I focus.


I love to focus. I love knowing why. I love realizing how important creating is to me. I love getting out of bed when I wake before the sunrise. I love that I can take a nap later if I want. I love that advil makes my cramps go away. I love that I have my period. I love that I'm really feeling being monogamous right now! I love that I'm in a homo relationship. I love that my partner is a woman and that she is in tune with her emotions. I love understanding why lesbian relationships are so satisfying.

I love that I have no need to do what society and my parents raised me to do. I love that I have my own beliefs that I created from life experience. I love that I know exactly what I want, even if that changes every single day. I love keeping organized with my lifestream. I love that Kelly suggested I try writing more poetically. I love a challenge.

I love winter in Texas. I love having more than enough money to pay my bills and rent. I love the idea of posting a blog post every single day, in addition to these momentum gathering posts. I love the idea of living real time. I love law of attraction. I love that I was tired when I first started writing this but now I am focused and actively directing my thoughts.

I love that I have go-to things to think that automatically make me feel good. I love that I have go-to actions that automatically make me feel good. I love having default feel-good things.

Go-to thoughts:

  • Everything is wonderful.
  • I'm doing everything right.
  • I love myself and I love running.
  • I'm allowing well being.
  • What do I want?
  • Don't allow your attention to be diffused by random distraction.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if?
  • What is it about this moment that feels so good?

Go-to actions:

  • Meditation
  • Momentum gathering posts
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Sex with someone I love
  • Listening to Abe
  • Getting a massage
  • Drawing
  • Visualizing what I want

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