Momentum gathering | December 17, 2010 | FLOW

Momentum gathering | December 17, 2010 | FLOW


GOOD MORNING. I am so grateful to be awake early! I am so grateful I slept all night without waking up at 3 or 4am! I am so grateful to be listening to "EVERYDAY I'M HUSTLIN'" again! Who the fuck you think you're fuckin with?!

I am so grateful I won poker last night! $44.40! I am so grateful I got ANOTHER Bluehost affiliate yesterday! Thanks kt! I am so grateful I had dreams where I explained way more of LOA to myself! I am SO SO SO GRATEFUL to be reading Flow finally, IT IS INCREDIBLE! Seriously, if you are into Abraham at all, pick up this book! It explains law of attraction in terms of "scientific" psychological study. It explains how humans get in the flow (or the vortex) by doing "enjoyable" activities that make consciousness more complex. Complexity is added to consciousness by experiences that add to our "differentiation" (uniqueness/personal preferences) and our "integration" (awareness of the whole/we are one). I don't know if that makes sense but the book is really giving me so many new ideas about law of attraction, lifestreaming and life design!! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR NEW IDEAS! Since I finished lesson 8 yesterday I've been CRAVING a source of inspiration for new ideas and this book is it!!

I am so grateful Kelly is refilling my smoothie! I am so grateful I got to have a choco banana muffin for breakfast and a smoothie! I am SO GRATEFUL MY SISTER KERRI IS IN TOWN AND WE GET TO SEE HER TODAY OMG!!!!!! I am so grateful she'll be here for SIX WEEKS! I am so grateful she is staying close by with Betty!!!! I am so grateful we get to go out to lunch with her and my mom today! WHAT FUN!

I am so grateful I dreamt I went back to brown hair and I didn't like it so now I know I'm going to keep pink for a while longer! Hahah hooray! I am so grateful Kel and I have all afternoon and evening to go shopping/get haircuts/go to the CARNIVAL! I am so grateful it's friday and money is flowing and we can do WHATEVER WE WANT TODAY! I am so grateful we're about to meditate and go to the gym to run and it's going to be so fun!!!!!

I AM SO GRATEFUL WE HAVE GOTTEN UP EARLY EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK! The latest we got up was 8a! I am so grateful that's our new thing! I think going to bed by midnight and getting up at 8a is a totally legit schedule and I am FEELIN IT! I am so grateful that my life IS SO PERFECT!! And it just keeps getting better, because I am in FOCUS.

That's another thing Flow talks about - flow comes from the ability to FOCUS ATTENTION on desirable things. (And when you don't direct your thoughts, your attention/psychic energy is diffused and wasted.) And that is what lifestreaming is all about. And practicing Abraham ideas/processes. I AM SO GRATEFUL for all the information and ideas I am attracting!

Speaking of, I almost forgot I photographed my favorite passages I read last night. I hope this counts as taking notes and not as copyright infringement. These BLEW MY MIND last night!

Today I intend to focus my attention on what I want, in every moment. Today, I intend to have fun and do whatever feels best. Today I intend to bask in love of family! Today I intend to feel CONFIDENT. Today I intend to FEEL THE FLOW. Today I intend to allow new ideas to come to me. Today I intend to feel inspired. Today I intend to bask in my ALLOWING. Today I intend to not waste a shred of attention! Today I intend to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

Wouldn't it be nice to go to How Do You Roll? with mom and Kerri? Wouldn't it be nice to go dancing to dubstep? Wouldn't it be nice to run all of our miles today? Wouldn't it be nice to do my pushups and crunches? Wouldn't it be nice if it got really hot out for a few weeks? Wouldn't it be nice to work on xmas gifts all weekend? Wouldn't it be nice to get lots of great new ideas at the gym? Wouldn't it be nice to have our salad for dinner? Wouldn't it be nice to attract another book to read after Flow? Wouldn't it be nice to find our apothecary jars? Wouldn't it be nice to have a day even better than yesterday?!

I LOVE MY LIFE. I love lifestreaming. I am OBSESSED with lifestreaming. I love that lifestreaming helps focus attention. I love that lifestreaming adds complexity to consciousness by increasing personal differentiation and integration. OMG IT IS SO MIND BLOWING WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. Lifestreaming adds integration by making us aware of the whole - the fact that we "are all one" - the Internet brings us all together without geographic boundaries. And it adds to differentiation by helping us develop preferences and become as unique as possible, because the most unique sites get the best feedback... or are the most

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