New post tag: visual metaphors

New post tag: visual metaphors

One of my prized skills as a graphic designer is the ability to translate concepts into visual metaphors. "A metaphor is a direct comparison between two or more seemingly unrelated subjects describing one subject as being alike to another subject in some way [..] A metaphor consists of two main parts: the tenor and the vehicle. The tenor is the subject to which the metaphor is applied. The vehicle is the metaphorical term through which the tenor is applied. These two parts come together to reach a point of similarity known as a ground."

A visual metaphor is a way of explaining an idea pictorially, without words. An example would be an illustration of a person looking like a water bottle, indicating the idea of "humans are water bottles". Humans are the tenor, and water bottles are the vehicle. The ground is that humans are about 60% water and the rest is packaging :D

Kelly and I have been coming up with a lot of visual metaphors to use in our upcoming book, "Make Your Life Your Living". I'm going to start keeping track of them with the post tag "visual metaphors" so I can access them easily in the future!

Here is the running list we have so far:

  • meditation is restarting our computers to clear our RAM
  • we're always trying to stay in the vortex by keeping all our plates spinning
  • lifestreams are treasure maps
  • change your thoughts and feel the boat turning in the right direction, downstream
  • we live in a polly pocket house
  • there is no other shoe to drop
  • I'm my own pet
  • life is a video game
  • my iphone is my magick wand
  • you are your product
  • lifestreaming helps you gather momentum
  • daily routines are computer macros
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Allison

    Majorly looking forward to this!

    My favorites:

    “I’m my own pet”
    This is a weird, unintuitive concept, but it really struck a chord for me. I got it instantly when you explained it in TPP. When I think of this, it’s much easier to be nice to myself! :)

    “life is a videogame”
    Life changing, self explanatory

    … and “my iPhone is my magick wand”
    Because it sounds like it will make a cute picture. <3

  • jessica mullen

    Yay so glad you’re excited about it! Thanks for pointing out your favorites, it’s helpful to know what resonates!! :D

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