Momentum gathering | December 14, 2010 | Merry Catmas & happy one year of being vegan!

Momentum gathering | December 14, 2010 | Merry Catmas…

WF tree display
Good morning! I am SO SO grateful for this gorgeous December day! I am so grateful to be awake early! I got up at 7:45a today, after the sun came up, which is much less confusing to my still-adjusting-from-nocturnal brain. I am so grateful I was inspired to go to Whole Foods and surprise Kelly with a Catmas tree! She'd been wanting one so much :D I'm so grateful it smells SO GOOD!

hello baby tree!
I'm so grateful we had such a PERFECT day yesterday. First, we woke up at 6. Then after posting and meditation, we went to the gym and ran an easy 3 and I did my pushups and crunches (after taking all of last week off, naughty!). Also, I found a quarter on the track after thinking to myself "I bet if I get my vibration high enough I could find money anywhere, even on the track"! Then we went to the library and got a book I am so excited to read - Flow. We came home and I made up a bunch of smoothies for us and our friend Stephen, then we worked on the podcast all afternoon and had a blast doing so! I can't WAIT to record more! Then I made macaroons for Stephen while Kelly posted all our episodes. Stephen dropped by to get his noms and it was so wonderful to see him! We have not had a lot of time to spend together lately. Stephen's visit was followed by an incredible sweet potato soup dinner with Abraham, then we chilled in the bed with some bad Netflix and fell asleep by 10! Glorious!
new tree!
I am so grateful I am IN THE MOTHERFUCKIN VORTEX! I am so grateful I am so FOCUSED! I am so grateful for the CLARITY I feel! I am so grateful for the PASSION I feel! I have been absolutely relishing working on our podcast and Lesson 8! I am so grateful Lesson 8 is WRITTEN! I am so grateful I get to work on it more today!

I am so grateful Kelly likes the tree so much :D I am so grateful we have a fun day ahead of us. I am so grateful to be awake early!! I am so grateful I feel so good! I am so grateful I have been doing such good work with my mood. I am so grateful for hot COFFEE! I am so grateful for all the hot noms we get to eat in the winter ^_^
look at that beaut
Today I intend to stay focused and in the vortex! Today I intend to continue feeling clarity! Today I intend to have a great attitude about running! Today I intend to feel good all day and be massively vroop vroopin it! Today I intend to have the best day of my life AGAIN!

Wouldn't it be nice if our run was really easy? Wouldn't it be nice to find another $100 on the ground? Wouldn't it be nice to read some of that library book? Wouldn't it be nice to get some lights and a star for our baby tree? Wouldn't it be nice to go to the carnival? Wouldn't it be nice to get all the image making done for Lesson 8 today? Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired to create all day? Wouldn't it be nice to record another fantastic podcast episode today? Wouldn't it be nice to do my pushups and crunches today? Wouldn't it be nice to scan more sketchbooks today? Wouldn't it be nice to SELL THEM ON MY SITE? Haha that is my not so secret plan. Wouldn't it be nice to hear beautiful music everywhere we go today? Wouldn't it be nice to meet really nice people on the street? Wouldn't it be nice to have a really fun day? Wouldn't it be nice to get a haircut and redye my hair? Wouldn't it be nice to work on making Christmas presents? Wouldn't it be nice to make amazing vegan tacos tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to make muffs and magick pellets today? Wouldn't it be nice to keep this high vibe going all day? Wouldn't it be nice to get more wonderful feedback on Facebook like we did yesterday?

I LOVE that we have been getting great podcast feedback! I love that I'm sending photos to Facebook again! I love that Kelly was surprised by the tree! I love that TODAY IS OUR ONE YEAR VEGAN ANNIVERSARY! Wow I can hardly believe it!! What an accomplishment! I love being vegan! I love vegan food! I don't miss eating animals at ALL, because vegan food is so much more satisfying! I love that we decided to stop upping our training miles and just stick with what we did last week - 3 miles, 6 miles, 3 miles, 13 miles. That way we can practice the half marathon over and over until the race in February - eff running 18 or 20 miles! Hahaha we'll save that for the spring when we're training for the full ;D

I LOVE being self employed! I love making a living from living! I love that I'm working on a new vision board panel! I love this beautiful city we live in! I love getting up with the sun rise! I love that even though it's pretty chilly here, it's NOTHING like Illinois cold! I love Austin, Texas more than any other place in the States! I love my girlfriend! I love that I got all choked up about getting our first family tree together! I love that Pwny and Linty and Kelly are my family! I LOVE MY FAMILY! I love my life! I love how much fun everything is! I love how good I feel! I love how I don't have to let down my vibration! I love focusing! I love clarity! I love FEELING GOOD! I love YOU!

I love collecting links to share! Here are some beauts!

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  • My friend Daniel posted the video below - the first movie ever filmed by cats!!
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  • kelly

    the quarter on the track example is so brill.

    i feel like it is less about you raising your vibe, and more about you changing your expectation. that was the part that was so poignant to me.

    i mean, yes, its obvs about raising your vibe because when you raise your vibe, you release resistance, but the way you told it was like, you realized that you could find money anywhere, not just in a parking lot. and you didn’t dwell on it, you merely formulated a new desire to which you had no resistance. you were led to a new idea! and if it were not for that new idea, a strong desire, and no resistance, that physical indicator could not have been there.


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