Momentum gathering | December 9, 2010 | do you remember the big universal joke?

Momentum gathering | December 9, 2010 | do you…

Good afternoon! I am grateful I got up one hour earlier than yesterday, at 4pm instead of 5pm! Being an Internet entrepreneur may lead to keeping strange hours - or it's just too cold to go outside during the day anyway.

I am so grateful to be sitting in my warm apartment, typing away at my magickal spell for the day! I am so grateful that I have the power to change my mood with the click of a few keys!

I am so grateful Gala opened up advertising on her site, go check out The Popular Podcast banner on the right sidebar!

I am so grateful more and more inspiration is flowing into me every day. I am so grateful to be building momentum again. This time the buildup seems slow and sexy, a sure sign the crest of this wave is going to be MONSTROUS!

I'm so grateful I have the most perfect girlfriend I could ever imagine. I'm so grateful we spent all of yesterday cooking together. I'm so grateful we get to spend so much time together. We are so lucky!

I'm so grateful for inspired ideas that help me write these posts! I'm so grateful that I've just decided to use this post to get my to do list done for the day!

Today I intend to keep building momentum. Today I intend to feel amazing. Today I intend to allow inspiration to flow through me. Today I intend to make progress on TPP and Lesson 8. Today I intend to keep the plates spinning. Today I intend to talk to Clair. Today I intend to GET THINGS DONE. Today I intend to ALLOW WELL BEING.

Wouldn't it be nice to get that Detroit thing done? Wouldn't it be nice to call Chase and reverse that charge? Wouldn't it be nice to fill out that Wired bill? Wouldn't it be nice to fill out that loan paperwork? Wouldn't it be nice to publish Lesson 8? Wouldn't it be nice to publish 315 & 316? Wouldn't it be nice to have a fun 3 mile run? Wouldn't it be nice to drop off all that food on the way? Wouldn't it be nice to feel energized? Wouldn't it be nice to get some more sun tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to have a really fun day? Wouldn't it be nice to run our 3 miles in 30 minutes? Wouldn't it be nice to feel inspiration flow through me? Wouldn't it be nice to feel productive and intelligent and abundant? Wouldn't it be nice to feel successful? Wouldn't it be nice to feel satisfaction? Wouldn't it be nice to create something amazing? Wouldn't it be nice to live above knowing and belief every day? Wouldn't it be nice feel better and better as the day goes on?

Wouldn't it be nice to clean the cat box? Wouldn't it be nice to have a totally clean apartment? Wouldn't it be nice to have new ideas all day? Wouldn't it be nice to have a delicious breakfast? Wouldn't it be nice to feel right again? Wouldn't it be nice to get up on that wave and say "I'm never getting off again!" Wouldn't it be nice to stay on top of it? Wouldn't it be nice to stay in the vortex?

Sometimes I feel like I get out of the vortex and I automatically need 2 days to get back in. That's got to be a limiting belief. I need to decide when I get back in. And I have decided that RIGHT NOW is when I'm getting back in. I'm in! I'm in! I can talk to Clair! I can do my work! I can function nocturnally! I am in the vortex and nothing is getting me out! I am beginning a new segment of my life! I am going to INTEND each and every segment! I am going to focus on what I want! I am doing it right now! I am going to stay clear headed! I am going to eat well! I am going to focus on feeling good every moment! I am going to build this momentum into an EMPIRE! And I'm going to do it during this beautiful month of December!

I LOVE cleaning up my vibration with focus. I love writing these posts. I love that sometimes it feels like "going through the motions" but then I focus and it ends up being worth it every single time. I love taking photos with my phone. I love using these posts as an excuse to get things done. I love deciding that I'm in the vortex. I love that that's all it takes to feel good again! I love that I had two choices this morning - get back in bed and feel sorry for myself (for no good reason) or step outside for some fresh air and try to face the day. I chose the latter and now I feel incredible!

I love that I am so inspired to work on things today. I love that I have so many fun things to work on. I love that my job is podcasting and lifestreaming. I love taking a break from the two to get perspective and see how much I really appreciate having those things in my life. I love lifestreaming. I love documenting the good in my life. I love writing. I love being a writer and a designer and a photographer and cook and musician and teacher and lover. I love being made up of love. I love my friends and my family. I love that my brother is ok and will be home SO SOON! I love that he took a chance and went into the army and it seems like it was really worth it for him!

I love focusing on the positive aspects of my life. I love focusing. I love writing these posts. I love gathering momentum. I love observing what's different about this time. I love figuring out how to make my experience better and better. I love that these posts are like therapy. I love that I can have therapy any time I want. I love that Lesson 8 is almost out the door! I love that Kelly is my business partner. I love that we have such an amazing relationship. I love that she does a lot of hand made things and monetization things and I do a lot of cooking and writing! I love that we each get to work with our strengths.

I love that I have enough focus and good feelings right now to get things done that I need to do. I love that we get to go to the Y soon. I love that we made english muffins, sweet potato soup, bean burgers, and salsa last night. I love having a fully stocked fridge. I love choosing not to worry. I love choosing not to be depressed. I love choosing to direct my thoughts. I love focusing on love. I love where I am right now. I love this jumping off point to decide what I want. I love that so many manifestations have come into my life lately, and they've made me realize more than ever what I want. I love the fun of physical reality. I love that it's like a fun house. I love remembering these two experiences I had... I should draw them some time. The first was when I found out the great big universal joke - my physical body perspective was able to peek into non-physical reality and see how things really are. One. Love. Everything and nothing, all colors and all black, the great pulsing energy behind all of our existence. Someone tweeted the other day that at one point in time, all of us existed in the same singular point of matter. We still do! We are all one. Sometimes it just takes remembering the big picture to gain some perspective on my little adventure of a physical life. Life is supposed to be fun! It's supposed to be entertaining! It's supposed to be satisfying and mesmerizing and loving and happy and exciting and euphoric and creative and simply amazing! And it is!

I love remembering my other "big revelation" experience, where I saw all of the infinite possibilities of physical reality before me like a puzzle. I could choose to go any direction I wanted. It was then that I saw physical distance was a myth, and it was then that I found out the the Internet was the best way to spread the "meme". The meme is that life is supposed to feel good. Life is fun. Life is whatever you want it to be. Life is a joke, a laugh, a game, an expansion pack.

Life is magick. Life can be ANYTHING you want it to be! You just have to believe it! Socialization has so many wonderful aspects but it has socialized us away from believing in ourselves! We act like we need some government to tell us what to do, or what's right and wrong, but we already know everything inside! Socialization is great for comfort and shopping and food and industrialization and transportation, but all of that is so PHYSICAL.

Life is whatever. you. want. So what do you want today?

I want to get some things done. I want to be inspired to publish to my site CONSTANTLY. I want to be inspired to record podcasts constantly. I want to be inspired to exercise every day, HARD. I want to be inspired to love myself at all times. I want to remember that I ALREADY GET THE JOKE! I don't have to relearn it every single day! I already get it! I already know not to take life too seriously! Jesus Christ I feel like I'm having some major revelation - LIFE IS ANYTHING WE WANT! WE make it! WE decide! WE are the creators! WE are expanding the universe! Our thoughts are creating our reality! The point of being a physical being is to think my own thoughts from my unique perspective so I can create a unique experience! When we are in our "one" state of all being the same consciousness, we can't have unique perspectives. SO we have physical reality to be born into unique perspectives to think unique ideas to expand the universe in unique ways!

I love remembering the meaning of life. I love focusing on remembering it. I love that this post helped me remember so many things that I had forgotten. And when I forget, I get depressed! There is no excuse to forget anymore. There is no reason to feel bad. Life is FUN. Life is a game! Life is a JOKE. Life is EASY. Life is FUNNY. Life is a fairytale where we make up the story as we go along!

To conclude, I want to highlight the following points that will get me through the day:

  • I ALREADY GET THE UNIVERSAL JOKE: we can be or do or have ANYTHING we want, and we do it WITH OUT THOUGHTS.
  • Nothing really matters. Everything is interesting. THE BAD PARTS ARE JUST AS GOOD, because they cause us to expand our desires. Bad experiences are INTERESTING. We can choose to look at them like JOKES. Like a funny twist in a movie. Look at your life like a movie! Or a video game! Make your character have an interesting life! How hard can it be?? When you don't take it seriously, you have nothing to lose!
  • Remember your trips! Remember the first time you GOT IT! Remember the first time you understood that physical reality was a joke a myth, an illusion! THIS IS ALL AN ILLUSION! Take advantage of it!
  • Until your beliefs change, don't do things to throw yourself out of the vortex! Don't inhale, don't overeat, don't lose your focus!
  • I am ready to allow the inspiration!
  • Clair is banging at my door!
  • I have a great attitude!

Hahahahahahahah so glad I took the time to figure all that out. Now everything seems fun and exciting, even this paperwork I'm about to do. I'm about to do it and then add in pictures of it above in the gratitude section so I can be like YES I AM GRATEFUL I FEEL SO GOOD THAT I AM ABLE TO DO PAPERWORK. (edited to add: totally not doing that because I'm running out of time and have to get to the gym! So instead perhaps I will do those things later tonight and post about them...)

HA. I just totally mentally masturbated in the post and it was the best sex I ever had. Thanks, Jessica!

And I have at least ONE link for you!

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