Momentum gathering | December 5, 2010 | waking up at midnight

Momentum gathering | December 5, 2010 | waking up…

good morning!
Hi! Good morning! Today is amazing! I am so grateful that Kelly and I got up at midnight this morning! How bizarre! We slept through ALL of Saturday, from 5am til midnight, how crazy! It's because I took a Benadryl and those suckers make me sleeeeep like I've never slept before. I should remember that next time I need a sleeping pill.

Anyway, we couldn't sleep anymore, and I'm so grateful we asked ourselves, "what would feel good right now? What do we want?" We could have chosen to be freaked out and pissed at ourselves for sleeping all day and waking up in the middle of the night, but we didn't! We have to get in 12 miles this weekend, and had been planning to run the miles (Friday! ha!) but kept putting it off... When we awoke at midnight, we started thinking about going to 24 Hour Fitness to do the miles on a treadmill and get it over with. But what fun would that be? I'm so grateful that we eventually found a solution we love: get up at midnight, eat tacos and salad for breakfast, work until the sun comes up, then spend the day leisurely walking our 12 miles around Austin. We might even get mimosas!!

I'm so grateful that it is our dominant vibration to focus on what we want instead of what we don't want. Today was a fantastic example of that. I'm so grateful that we do exactly what we want, when we want. I'm so grateful Kelly is going to do the chores this morning while I finish Lesson 8! Woot! I'm so grateful Lesson 8 is nearing completion already! Can't live without writing this one...

I'm so grateful Linty came to sit in my lap while I write this. I'm so grateful Kelly started the laundry. I'm so grateful I'm wearing fishnet and eyeliner and have the whole day ahead of me. I'm so grateful I'm going to return all my emails tonight and I don't care if they're sent at 4am. People have really weird ideas about time - just because everyone usually does stuff during certain hours doesn't mean you have to feel bad if you don't.

I'm so grateful to have such great friends in Austin. I'm so grateful there are always incredible events in Austin to go to. I'm so grateful that we might drink mimosas with Amber later. I'm so grateful our friends are all so different. I'm so grateful I have computer screen cleaning wipes that I'm about to bust out. I'm so grateful I can find things to be grateful for quite tangentially. I love that I don't have to write a post about being grateful for a specific topic or group. I'm so grateful I can choose to do that if I wish.

I'm so grateful that I'm an individual creating new, unique ideas which are expanding the universe. I love explaining what I believe to people and watching recognition wash over their faces. I love how most people I talk to "get it" when I talk about what "I do." I feel good. That's it. That's what I do with my life. I choose to feel good, and I do.

I'm so grateful that my sketchbook scanning project is coming along so nicely. I'm so grateful I remember to back up my computer. I'm so grateful my work is all online so even if my computer fails, my work will always exist in multiple places.

I'm so grateful that Kelly and I don't have to do the same things to feel good. I love that we can live in this Polly Pocket apartment and still do our own thing. I'm so grateful for my understanding, loving partner who makes life so enjoyable to live. I'm grateful that she and I both "get it." I'm so grateful that we are a vibrational match. I'm so grateful we've helped each other raise our vibrations. I'm so grateful we did it together. I'm so grateful that our relationship got stronger when we figured out the meaning of life. I'M SO GRATEFUL I UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF LIFE! Even if life means something else to you, it doesn't matter, because I know what it means to me!

fishnet fun

Today I intend to keep living in real time. Today I intend to keep feeling good. Today I intend to keep my focus high and happy. Today I intend to keep thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling. "How do I feel right now? What would be better?" It is so incredible to live life based on how you feel, instead of how you think. It is so earthshattering to allow my emotions to guide my actions.

Every moment I can sit and take stock. "What have my thoughts manifested in my physical reality? How do those indicators of my thoughts make me feel?" If they have made me feel good, I keep thinking the same kinds of thoughts, like you see me write in these posts. If the manifestation feels less than good, I think "What would be better? What do I WANT instead?" And by focusing on what I want, in EACH MOMENT (instead of dwelling on past desires), I allow well being to flow through me. I allow all my old desires to manifest. I allow myself to have fun everywhere I go. I allow myself to develop preferences and desires, and fulfill them (sometimes immediately).

Today I intend to remember the universal joke. The universal joke is this: Your thoughts create your reality. If you can direct your thoughts (therefore releasing resistance), then you can be or do or have anything your imagination can come up with. Life is supposed to be fun. Feeling good FEELS GOOD. Every single thing anyone ever wanted she wanted because she thought it would make her FEEL BETTER. So why not just feel better first? Why wait for the world to change? You can be or do or have anything you want, RIGHT NOW!

I do things when I feel like it. I allow what I want to come to me. I do whatever I'm inspired to do. I do what feels good. I savor every moment. I treasure each interaction. I learn from all experiences. I create my next experience consciously. Today I intend to design my life.

sketchbook number 6

Wouldn't it be nice to get a TON of work done this morning? Wouldn't it be nice to finish Lesson 8 write after writing this post? Wouldn't it be nice to have a spotless apartment and empty to do list to start off this week? Wouldn't it be nice to work on Christmas gifts? Wouldn't it be nice to return all my emails today? Wouldn't it be nice to get in touch with Dawn about that writing work? Wouldn't it be nice to post #315? Wouldn't it be nice cook soup and dough? Wouldn't it be nice to sell my phone? Wouldn't it be nice to finish that stuff? Wouldn't it be nice to make salsa? Wouldn't it be nice to find a mentor? Wouldn't it be nice to do that ep with Javier? Wouldn't it be nice if the time was right? Wouldn't it be nice if one of us had the perfect idea for the ep? Wouldn't it be nice to publish that TPP player today? Wouldn't it be nice to get our lifestreaming to hooked up?

Wouldn't it be nice to feel good ALL DAY until going to sleep? Wouldn't it be nice to go to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6am? Wouldn't it be nice to be on diurnal all next week? Wouldn't it be nice if the weather was in the 70s during the day? Wouldn't it be nice to run on Monday too? Wouldn't it be nice if we had an amazing 12 mile walk today? Wouldn't it be nice to see a bunch of people we know? Wouldn't it be nice to hang out with friends again? Wouldn't it be nice to record the audio for lesson 8? I think I have to go work on that right now!

I love feeling good! I love choosing to feel good! I love directing my thoughts and designing my life! I love working on the School of Life Design! I love that THAT is my project! I love that when given the choice, I choose to do inspired work! I love that inspired work is the school! I love that I came up with the idea in the summer, one of the first few days I started really listening to myself and my emotions! I love the evolution of TPP and my work! I love that we didn't start "thinking positively" until last winter! It's almost our one year "positivity" anniversary! I think a celebration is in order! What progress we have made! I love the lives Kelly and I have designed for ourselves! I love that every day gets to be basking in the fruits of our labors! I love that our "labor" is our mood!! I love working on my mood! I love choosing to feel good!!!

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