Momentum gathering | December 3, 2010 | last night was fun!

Momentum gathering | December 3, 2010 | last night…


Why hello! What a late night post. Kelly and I have been in a whirlwind of vortexin and I'm just now getting some time to slow down!

I'm grateful we went on an epic adventure last night.

I'm grateful that I know to let desires go, keep asking yourself what you want in each moment - that's what living in the moment means. What would make this moment better? Forget any desire you've had before. They're already manifested. Let them go and they'll show up at your door.

I'm grateful Betty invited us to hang out. I'm grateful that we decided to take a walk to Whole Foods for the tweetup thing. BASHH perhaps it's called? I'm grateful the walk was so delightful and timed perfectly. We saw this one hot woman with her dog that we saw before... we were talking about what it feels like to find coins on the ground. I said, "it feels like remembering that I get it! I understand the big universal joke that I learned last spring." Then that woman walked by instantly. Last time we saw her we pet her dog and then I found change in the crosswalk. Things flow together so effortlessly when you live realtime.


I'm so grateful for photo shoots in the city during the holidays. The lights are all so beautiful, wouldn't it be nice if the city looked like this all year round? Holiday lights are finally starting to make sense to me here. When we first moved, I thought they looked odd when there are palm trees and no snow. Now I see a much sexier version of the holidays, where you can be outside with all the right people at the exact right time and there is nothing in the world to worry about.

heady bear

I'm so grateful for beautiful views. Why do these photographs make me so happy? It must be the lights. Why am I so into lights? Are most people? What makes them so beautiful? I'm grateful that these are the thoughts I spend my time pondering.

1st st bridge

You really must see it in person.


I'm so grateful for this bridge so you don't have to cross with all the cars. I love that there are so many bridges in Austin. Achingly beautiful views everywhere you look.

sidewalk 2

I'm grateful I experienced the pleasure of taking pictures of the butts of other people taking pictures.



I'm grateful for still moments under street lamps. I'm grateful for long talks about feeling good. I'm grateful for the energy that Kelly, Betty and I create together. I'm grateful we had such a blissful walk.

trees on 5th

I'm so grateful the Twitter party was so so so so so fun! We saw so many people we know! Jon Ray, Amber, Michael Cummings, Omar, Todd, Stacey and Dawn and so many others! I'm so grateful we have such a wonderful group of friends in Austin!
ice rink

I'm so grateful we got to see an ice rink in 70 degree weather. I'm so grateful we opted not to wait in line to skate. No bar on the ice!

I'm so grateful this tweetup was hosted on the Whole Foods roof which is such a lovely space. I'm so grateful they had such beautiful lights. I'm so grateful there was so much space for everyone, and stocked bars and flowing drink tickets!
me n michael

I'm so grateful we got to chill with Michael Cummings!

I'm so grateful we finally got to spend some time hanging out with Dawn and Stacey of Thundertix. Holiday party coming up yay!

I'm so grateful we ended up hanging out with Todd! He is the shit!
kel n todd @ essr

I'm so grateful we went to East Side Show Room after the party and had absinthe mixed with champagne!


I'm so grateful there was a 1920s band playing while we ate! They were incredible, we danced and everything.

essr food

I'm so grateful we had a few vegan options to eat. Namely, bread and coffee and booze!

band at essr

I'm so grateful we came back to our place and had an art party with Betty and Michael. Art parties are my new obsession.

art party

I'm so grateful I gave a bunch of tarot readings last night! It was so fun! Betty's reading:

betty reading

Michael's reading:

michael reading

Michael's second reading I think:

betty reading?

Betty's second reading:

betty reading

Reading for myself:

my reading

I'm so grateful I took some pictures of my phone so maybe I can list it today! Woot!


I'm so grateful it's still in perfect condition :D


I'm so grateful I still have all the original packaging.


And I'm so grateful I made a few fun pages last night.

I'm grateful that I'm ok with folding paper in half to mirror the paint. It's fun.

I'm grateful to be able to create such beautiful textures that I can use in photomanipulations.

I'm grateful for nights in bed with Kelly and the chippies and the Simple Life!

I'm grateful for Linty!

linty legs

I'm grateful for peaks at our city from tops of hills.
night in austin

Tonight, I intend to bask in all I've learned the past couple days:

  • Always take the time to line up your energy before starting your day! Take the time!
  • When external things or manifestations make you feel good, take the time to stay centered or you'll lose your balance on the wave when the experience is over.
  • Keep asking, "what do I want, right now, in this moment?" Let go of past desires. They've already been answered. When you move on to new desires and stop thinking about old ones, the universe responds by manifesting the desires you've let go.

Tonight, I intend to savor how delicious my life is. Tonight, I intend to feel good and go to sleep in the vortex. Tonight, I intend to adore my physical body. Tonight, I intend to continue directing my thoughts. Tonight, I intend to do what I know will make me feel good. Tonight I intend to move forward, full steam ahead. Tonight, I intend to not skip a beat. Tonight, I intend to keep building momentum.

Wouldn't it be nice to go to sleep and wake up in the vortex? Wouldn't it be nice to have a really easy 12 mile run tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to still work on Lesson 8 a little bit tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to have some enormous, calorieless, delicious snack to eat whenever I want? Wouldn't it be nice make sweet potato soup and do the laundry tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to keep remembering that everything can be a good experience if I choose to feel good? Wouldn't it be nice to get work as a writer but write in this style? Wouldn't that be weird and awesome? What kind of paradigm shift that would be, if newspaper articles were written with gratitude, intentions, desires and love?

I LOVE WRITING THESE POSTS EVERY DAY. I love that they are a focused writing exercise that are improving my ability to communicate my thoughts. I love that lots of people recommend writing every single morning, and that's what I do. It's just focused in a specific way. It's like using the same prompt every day, and making it a daily practice. You always have to come up with new ways to get excited about it or you'll get bored. It's a way to build creative muscles. Work through the boredom until you're in a meditative state and you can break through what's boring you about the exercise. Every day this post inspires me to write something new and think thoughts I haven't thought before. I do it for the pure joy of giving myself new ideas.

I love focusing on specific types of love, like loving writing. I love that until today, I hadn't thought of myself as a writer. But it's a huge part of my creative output. So there, as of today, I'm a writer and I LOVE IT. What I love more is that I'm a multimedia writer, trafficking in videos, photos, texts and links and basking in every moment of it!

Why hello links of love,

Jetta Vegas made the cutest video of straight HUGGIN. Makes me so happy!

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  • Allison

    I’m obsessed with lights too – there’s just something so beautiful and magical about them. Christmas lights are one of my favorite parts of the holidays!!

  • jessica mullen

    mine too, we keep them up year round! I wish my whole apartment was lit with xmas lights!

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