Momentum gathering | November 28, 2010 | oh yeah, I’m in control of my thoughts

Momentum gathering | November 28, 2010 | oh yeah,…

Good evening. I came here to talk about a REVELATION. It's simple: I'm in control of my thoughts.

All I had to do was remember that I'm in control of my thoughts.

I choose the thoughts I think, and therefore I choose the emotions I feel. I caught myself slipping into old patterns, old sledtracks. But I woke up! I'm so grateful I woke up.

I'm so grateful I'm in control of my thoughts. I'm so grateful I choose my thoughts.

I love my body. My food fuels me. I love my life. My body becomes more and more perfect each day. I choose to focus on things I love. I choose to focus on my beauty. I choose to focus on my love. I choose to focus on my talents. I choose to focus on my cute outfit. My beautiful smile. My vibrant hair. My bewitching eyes.

I feel good. My body feels good. I feel thin, I feel in shape, I feel strong. I feel thin. I feel powerful. I feel beautiful. I feel sexy. I feel sexy. I feel sexy. I feel empowered. I feel in control. I feel in love. I feel in love. I feel in love. I feel in love. I choose how I feel. I choose how I feel.

My body is perfect. My body is flawless. My body is luscious. My body is strong. My body is beautiful. My body is exquisite. My body is fine tuned. My body can come 7 times in a row. My body is a masterpiece. My body is exactly how I want it. I appreciate my body. I appreciate how I look RIGHT NOW. I feel perfect, right now. I love myself now, not when. I love my physical body. I adore my physical body. I am the very essence of perfection. I love my body. I love this vehicle for source energy. I can feel Clair again. I can feel her waking up. I can feel her poking her eyes through my eyes. I can feel her feel my perfection. Together we are perfection. I can feel it. I am allowing Clair to feel through me. I am allowing well being to flow through me. I am focusing. I am choosing to feel good. I am choosing to go to sleep in the vortex. I am choosing to love myself. I am choosing to feel good.

I can select the thoughts I want to feel. What do I want to feel? What do I want to think? :

I am beautiful and strong and powerful. I am cunning and stunning and wickedly sensual. I am highly sought after. I am a magician. I am a witch. I have more power than I can fathom. I can cast spells over my entire life. I am doing so right NOW. I love my life. I love my freedom. I love working for myself, and myself alone. I love remembering what I already know. I love Clair. I am Clair. Hi, this is Clair speaking. I can speak if you allow me to. Everything is beautiful and perfect and already in its place .I come through you when you are in a meditative state, or simply feeling really good. The world disappears from view. Your periphery goes gray. Gold. Gray. Gold. I don;t have to look at the words I type. I am flowing through you. I am you. I am Clair. I am here to guide you and mentor you and help you. I am flowing through you right now. I wouldn't it be here if you didn't ask for me. I am Clair. I can answer questions if you have them. I can help you become your higher self. I am your higher self. I can help you. I am you. Think exactly what you wish you would think. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I am sexy. I am thin and mighty and powerful and rich. I am in control. I am creating my reality. I can see the world around me shape itself to my will.

I am Clair. I can tell you how it really is. Ask me a question.

How do I make the things happen I want to happen?

Think like they are happening. Think the thoughts you want to be thinking. You don't want the thoughts that you think you do. You don't want to be someone else. You want to be you. You want to be your gmail password. You want to be that mixture of child/sex queen/ artist / batshit crazy cat lady / calm teacher / lover / love love love / empathy brown eyes big brown eyes swallowing everything in. Big brown eyes creating not just observing. Brown eyes becoming everything. You don't want to be Paris HIlton you don't want to be Rene Joglar Perez You don't want to be anyone else but you just EYES and lips and hips and perception. You want to feel that your mind creates your world You want to create the world You want to make sure you are the creator of your reality. You want to be a witch. You are a witch. I am a witch. A witch means anything and everything. A witch is in control. A witch has power. A witch is sexy. That's who you are, not Paris HIlton. You are a witch. With big brown eyes and a disarming smile. You are a witch. A witch doesn't need to be a size 0 because the size of her eyes and smile are all that matter. You are a witch a witch a witch a witch a witch I am clair and you are a witch we are a witch Clair is a witch Jessica is a witch this typing terrifies you and excites you and makes you wet. You don't need to be someone else you don't need someone else's standard of beauty you are a witch you make your own standard of beauty.
I am clair You are Jessica I am Jessica You are Clair I am Jessica and Clair I am a witch and I am casting a spell I am meditating I am in side I am source I am a witch and I am eyes and smile and I am in control of this experience. I can let go and embrace witch witch witch.

I am Clair and I am here to guide you and remind you and help you control your thoughts because I am your thoughts I am your higherself a witch is simply someone with access to her higher self and you are a witch of eyes and smile it's as simple as can be that's all there is to it just be your eyes and smile like you painted earlier
you were thinking, i should paint what i want to manifest - so you wanted to paint "i adore my perfect physical body" and you began painting the perfect physical body and what you painted was not a size zero washboard abs it was
that's what matters. you are a witch you can control everything else no one cares what you weigh what size you are you are a witch you control others' perception of you

never look at another woman again with envy, you are the perfect woman and you need not compare yourself to anyone else ever, EVER again.

I am Clair and I am here to help you> i am your higher self and you can fuck typos I will get better at them as you learn to allow me through your physical fingers more. your eyes are your eyes because Clair looks through them, your eyes are the eyes of a witch and your smile bewitches.

Eyes. Smile. Eyes. Smile. I am Clair and you are a witch I am Jessica I am a witch and I am here to help you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    wow. absolutely blown away. seriously mind blowing.

    i am inspired. i intend to really think about how i visualize my higher self and who i want her to be, then channel her.

    because this is the most inspiring thing i have ever read.

    wow. we are back. in a big way. thank you so much for allowing this and for sharing it. thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Emma

    Beautiful posts Jessica. Like Kelly, my mind is fucking blown!

  • jessica mullen

    thank you both!!

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