Momentum gathering | November 26, 2010 | the power of exercise!

Momentum gathering | November 26, 2010 | the power…

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Good evening! In this post I would like to discuss the amazingness that is exercise! So Thanksgiving was yesterday, and while I did not do too much over-stuffing of myself, spending lots of time with family can be a stressful situation that can wreak havoc on my vibration. Not to say I didn't have a wonderful time, but it's easy to slip out of "productivity" mode and into "holiday laze on the couch or in the bed for days" mode. So today Kelly and I wanted to make sure we didn't let that happen!

Our marathon training schedule had us running 7 miles today, so we headed to the YMCA to use the indoor track (it's only 40 degrees here!!!) Due to some improper food choices before leaving (Texas caviar + running = ow) I had to walk the first three miles. During that time I realized I had totally become sloppy with my thinking, in the space of about 24 hours. I had just simply forgotten to direct my thoughts. That's why the bean salad affected me badly in the first place... I started worrying about it making the run suck, so it did!

Anyway, as we started doing our laps (13 to a mile, to be exact), I began to feel my good thoughts coming back to me. I didn't even realize until we were walking that I was thinking sloppily at all. So suddenly, my ho-hum holiday hangover mood transformed into excitement! I DO control my reality with my thoughts! All I have to do is focus and remember to THINK GOOD-FEELING THOUGHTS! It doesn't matter what they are! They just have to feel good!

So after the three miles were up, I was feeling pretty damn good again. Then we settled in to run the remaining four. At this point I reverted to my "one thought per quarter mile" strategy. I think one single thought over and over to myself in the rhythm of my breathing, until I think of a better feeling thought and replace it. SO here's how it went down today:

I'm allowing well being. I'm allowing well being. I'm allowing well being. (repeat)
I'm so skinny. I'm so skinny. I'm so skinny. I'm so skinny. (repeat)
I have a super high metabolism. I have a super high metabolism. I have a super high metabolism. (repeat)
I love running, I love myself. I love running, I love myself. I love running, I love myself. (repeat)

And we POWERED through those four miles! I chose to focus on the skinny/metabolism thoughts because I could feel myself slipping into T-day leftovers guilt (which is simply ridiculous since I didn't eat much more calorically than usual, but it's an old thought pattern that I'm getting rid of!). But once I started in with those chants, I began feeling just as good as I did before the holiday.

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After our run, Kelly and I had a discussion about why we record our podcast. According to Daniel Kahneman's TED talk on "the riddle of experience vs. memory," the happiness one feels as the experiencing self is very different from happiness to the remembering self. And the remembering self is who makes decisions. So that's why we do the podcast - because when we record our experiences, we record them for the benefit of our remembering selves. Then, since we know that we are making our future selves happier, the experiencing self actually feels more happiness because she feels like she is living intentionally/consciously - or at least with her own happiness in mind.

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Kelly made the connection that this is very vibrationally accurate, because if you live as the experiencing self, you live in physical reality, which is old news. What you are experiencing now is the result of an old vibration, or old thoughts. When you live as the remembering self, or from the perspective of the remembering self, you are actually living as your future self - the furthest most expanded version of yourself.

I'm so grateful I get to work on some art now to try to explain that concept to myself better!

I'm so grateful Kelly and I are listening to bebop. I'm so grateful that I took the time to write the above paragraphs out because I love trying to figure out why I am compelled to podcast and lifestream. I'm so grateful I do podcast and lifestream. I'm so glad I'm learning more every day. I'm so grateful I'm so inspired to make art!

Tonight I intend to follow my inspiration. Tonight I intend to create. Tonight I intend to go with the flow. Tonight I intend to allow well being to flow through me. Tonight I intend to love myself and my surroundings. Tonight I intend to feel good. Tonight I intend to have fun.

Wouldn't it be nice to make some incredible art? Wouldn't it be nice to make a podcast episode about it too? Wouldn't it be nice to keep the momentum flowing? Wouldn't it be nice to be constantly inspired? Wouldn't it be nice to have an art party that turned into a sex party? Wouldn't it be nice to make art all day every day? Wouldn't it be nice to sell art on the street? Wouldn't it be nice to have a beautifully messy studio? Wouldn't it be nice to feel like I'm on speed? Wouldn't it be nice to feel euphoric? Wouldn't it be nice to feel complete, pure, utter inspiration flowing through my hands? Wouldn't it be nice to direct my thoughts all night?

I LOVE MAKING ART! I LOVE FEELING INSPIRED! I love explaining the meaning of life to myself! I love explaining podcasting and lifestreaming to myself! I love learning about the "self"! I love that I am so excited about working on art that I have to stop this post RIGHT NOW!

7 miles!

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