Emotional hygiene | November 21, 2010 | getting back into tarot

Emotional hygiene | November 21, 2010 | getting back…

good morning!
Good morning! I am so grateful to awake fresh from vivid dreams! I'm so grateful today is a new day and we get to go for a long walk and meditate. Meditation and walking have both been so hugely rewarding lately. I'm so grateful I've been feeling so good lately! I'm so grateful my new iPhone is so fast. I'm so grateful I get to sell my old iPhone on eBay for the same price as my new one. I'm so grateful I have some boxes to ship it in. I'm so grateful to wake up to nice emails from friends. I'm so grateful I don't worry about things I can't control. I'm so grateful I take the time to align my energy in he morning.

I'm so grateful that the first thing I'm going to do after writing this post is publish lesson 7! I'm so grateful I've chosen to spend the last few months doing inspired work. I'm so grateful I have passive income! I'm so grateful I'm living the life of my dreams. I'm so grateful the keyboard on the iPhone 4 is so much better than on the 3G! I'm so grateful I get to spend another glorious day with my girlfriend.


I'm so grateful to be getting back into tarot! I'm so grateful that I have an entirely new perspective on the art! I'm so grateful that I've realized readings don't ever have to be negative! I'm so grateful I finally don't need the instruction manual anymore! I can do readings super quick and intuitively now! I'm awesome at it! I took a break for a few months but now I'm back, baby!


I'm so grateful I just did a quick reading for myself which was SO SPOT ON. The 2 of Swords is my past. I chose to be blindfolded, ignoring the truth around me. I chose to pinch off a natural flow of well-being. My present is the Hierophant reversed, which is about being a teacher of the metaphysical. I have a belief system that I am teaching and it is in a non-traditional way. My future is Temperance, which indicates balance and harmony. Temperance means that I have brought everything together in the perfect mix, that I am avoiding excess, that I am in equilibrium with my natural energy. I am enjoying well-being and health and love for my physical state. I can feel that's the direction I am moving! And I love it. I love this reading. I'm so grateful I know how to read cards.

Today I intend to focus my energy even MORE! Today I intend to keep going with the flow of well-being that is natural to me! Today I intend to be inspired. Today I intend to focus on the feelings I want to feel. I want to feel relief! I want to feel supreme confidence! I want to feel joy and passion and love! Today I intend to focus on the things I want. Today I intend to love myself more deeply than ever before. Today I intend to have positive interactions with everyone around me. Today I intend to feel sexy and desirable and in control of my entire reality. Today I intend to have fun and go with the flow. Today I intend to allow abundance into my life! Today I intend to feel freedom! Today I intend to work on my business. Today I intend to focus on well-being. Today I intend to have the best day of my life.

Wouldn't it be nice if I got everything on my Christmas wishlist? So far I'm looking for nice potholders, 2 banana hangers, soup pots, a kick-ass blender, a bicycle, and tupperware! Also a lingerie shopping trip would be nice, as well as some new tattoos :D Wouldn't it be nice to do a reading for Kelly this morning? Wouldn't it be nice to leave for that beautiful walk soon? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate and talk to Clair? Wouldn't it be nice to have a delicious breakfast? Wouldn't it be nice for my feet to feel perfectly rejuvenated? Wouldn't it be nice publish lesson 7 right now? Wouldn't it be nice have a really fun day? Wouldn't it be nice to manifest $2000? Wouldn't it be nice to publish a book? Wouldn't it be nice to help word spread even further? Wouldn't it be nice to go with the flow? Wouldn't it be nice to make magick pellets and english muffins today? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on practicing the vibrations I want to feel? Wouldn't it be nice to have my mind blown? Wouldn't it be nice to have fun? Wouldn't it be nice to allow well-being into my experience all day?

I love aligning my energy in the morning. I love visualizing what I want. I love my list of declarations, which I focus upon for a few minutes every morning. I love that I already have a 3rd version to print out because I can feel which declarations really resonate with me and which ones don't. I love how far I've come in understanding the true nature of reality. I love that my mood is my work. I love that my job is to feel good. I love that I have a lifestream monetization company. I love that Kelly is so good at monetization. I love that we are a perfect couple. I love that I get up an hour before Kelly. I love having time to myself to collect my thoughts and focus my energy. I love that I get to be Kelly's alarm clock. I love that we get to have a super fun day together! I love that I feel so good. I love doing tarot readings. I love getting back into tarot after taking breaks. I LOVE THAT I DON'T NEED TO USE A BOOK TO READ THE CARDS ANYMORE!! I love that I've successfully taught myself tarot! I love that I can do readings for other people. I love that I can get paid doing readings!

I love this day. I love that it's time to wake up Kelly. I love hearing her come awake slowly. I love knowing her so well that I can understand all sorts of nonverbal cues. I love how deep our relationship is. I love relishing our relationship. I love admiring how mature it is and how much we love each other and how good we are to each other. I love feeling like I'm floating on air. I love feeling in alignment. I love that I'm doing everything right. I love that I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing and no one else can sway me. I love following my bliss. I love learning. I love life.

And omfg I love the adorableness that is Katja smiling!

Jessica Mullen
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  • kelly

    yay, i love the tarot reading!! and your banners are so appropriate. its showing me some shit about psychics!

  • Katja

    dude. i can’t put into words how positively flustered i am right now! <3

  • jessica mullen

    :D <3 <3

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