Emotional hygiene | November 18, 2010


Emotional hygiene | November 18, 2010


Good morning! Up before noon and pretty excited about it! I am tapping away at this post from my new iPhone 4, which I am so so grateful for! The photos it takes are exquisite and it is so much faster than my 3G! I'm so grateful I decided to go with a new iPhone instead of android because it was so easy to get all my apps and contacts imported - who knows how long it would take to set up a similar experience on android.

I'm so grateful we successfully hosted our very first poker night in Austin! I'm so grateful we had so many lovely ladies come over! I'm so grateful we got to spend time with Betty, Sheima, Bridgette, and Annalise! I'm so grateful our Polly pocket apartment can host a poker game comfortably! I'm so grateful we get to go on an easy 3 mile run today. I'm so grateful I'm about to dig back in to lesson 7!

I'm so grateful for Clair, my new conscience/name for my higher self. I'm so grateful I can feel her in my pineal gland. Strange, eh? I'm so grateful we get to make sushi from scratch tonight with Betty! I'm so grateful I got a full night of glorious sleep. I'm so grateful I've been remembering my dreams lately! Last night I dreamt of taking naked photos in a pool and playing with a chameleon and my dad had ears made of wood (ha what ever could that mean?).

Today I intend to do inspired work. Today I intend to follow through with my intentions. Today I intend to seek fun and joy. Today I intend to love myself unconditionally. Today I intend to listen to Clair. Today I intend to follow the flow of well being. Today I choose to turn into the flow. Today I intend to feel relief. Today I intend to feel proud of my efforts. Today I intend to shower Kelly with love. Today I intend to BE love. Today I intend to focus on what I want. Today I intend to direct my thoughts. Today I intend to feel satisfied.

Wouldn't it be nice if I stuck to my decisions today? Wouldn't it be nice if we went grocery shopping after the gym? Wouldn't it be nice to get lesson 7 almost done? Wouldn't it be nice to pick up my ID tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to live like it was my last day?

I love writing these posts and I love that today's post is a bit short because I need to get to work on Lesson 7 NOW! I love all of you! I love me! I love living! <3 <3!

Here are a couple treats:

  • Fear lessNOV2010: An e-magazine on fear, including lots of interviews with entrepreneurs. Sent to me by a cool friend, worth a read!
  • What do y'all know about Zig Ziglar? I am intrigued.
  • Finally, I heard about thisĀ hCG weightloss treatment from my friend, anyone else tried it? What do you think? I can't resist following the latest trends in medical body modification ^_^
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  • Allison

    I’ve listened to a bit of Ziglar’s stuff, it’s not bad. He comes from a sales background so a lot of his examples have to do with sales (which can be interesting from an entrepreneurial perspective), also he is Christian so sometimes he injects a bit of that, it wasn’t too overwhelming though.

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks for the info… I think I need to check him out! About to run out of Abraham to listen to…

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