Emotional hygiene | 11.11.10 | back to diurnal!

Emotional hygiene | 11.11.10 | back to diurnal!

kodak moment

Good morning! I am up at 7:07am and so grateful to be starting a new day! I am so grateful I have so many fun things to do today, like a bit more grocery shopping, cooking for friends, a bike ride, work on November postcards, record a meta meta TPP ep, and maybe make progress on the food menu & lesson 7. I am so grateful we've made so much progress on all our projects the past few days! I am so grateful kelly's friend from Illinois is visiting! It's so fun to show someone new around Austin! I'm so grateful to be a entrepreneur! I'm so grateful I realized fake eyelashes creep me the eff out! I'm so grateful we get to STAY IN AUSTIN! I'm so grateful for pwny who wakes us up so sweetly (ha) every morning. I'm so grateful people post nice things on my Facebook wall :) I'm so grateful I know what my next tattoo is! I'm so grateful running has been so fun lately! I'm so grateful to be back on diurnal! I'm so grateful we live in the perfect apartment complex! I'm so grateful November is such a fun month!

why hello
I'm so grateful we've been making so much conceptual progress in figuring out the true nature of reality. I'm so grateful that my job on earth is to feel good. I'm so grateful I spend nearly all my time feeling good! I'm so grateful that writing these posts every day has taught me how to focus my thoughts on what I want. I'm so grateful I've retrained my thought patterns. I'm so grateful I'm my own boss. I'm so grateful every day is a new opportunity to consciously create.

I'm so grateful I sprang out of bed this morning, eager to pwn the day! I'm so grateful I get to explore the video game metaphor more! I'm so grateful I get to read through my old hygiene posts and find more things to feel good about! I'm so grateful that writing what I'm grateful for every morning has REALLY shifted my way of life! I'm so grateful Pwny and Linty are the cutest cats in the world! I'm so grateful this Fuji apple is the best I've ever tasted!

I'm so grateful S & B ordered food! I'm so grateful money has been flowin! I'm so grateful to be learning how to eat more slowly. I'm so grateful I figured out how to massage my own hand which gets all sore from using my computer trackpad. I'm so grateful Joy got a job! I'm so grateful I got to talk to her last night. I'm so grateful I want to do every item on my to do list. I'm so grateful I line up my energy with these posts. I'm so grateful I'm so clear-headed and blissful feeling right now! I'm so grateful for relief!

i do love this camera
Today I intend to feel more relief. Financial relief, physical relief, mental relief, creative relief, and spiritual relief. I intend to focus on what relief feels like. It feels like a wave of weights being lifted off my entire body. It feels like my body is physically lighter. It feels like deep breathing. It feels like smiling with my eyes closed.

Today I intend to feel euphoria, which feels like being dizzy in a good way. It feels like my head is spinning away to bigger and better places. It feels like heaven. It feels like making a shitload of money all at once. It feels like finally having sex with someone after wanting to for months. It feels like all the best drugs. It feels like jumping off a cliff into a river. It feels like hopping on an airplane on a whim. It feels like a last minute road trip to see your best friend. It feels like waking up to dozens of constructive comments on your website. It feels like having a brilliant idea. It feels like tripping. It feels like running 3 miles without stopping. It feels like riding a bicycle down a mile long hill. It feels like rollercoasters and thunderstorms. It feels like adventure and new experiences and achingly beautiful vistas. It feels like visiting outer space, or the bottom of the ocean.

Today I intend to feel unconditional love, which feels like warmth. It feels like home. It feels like comfort, like curling up next to a fireplace during a snowstorm. It feels like Christmas morning with your entire family. It feels like kitties and puppies. It feels like taking interest in everyone's individual expansion. It feels like your favorite coffeeshop with a really great book and excellent people watching and great music playing softly. It feels like getting a call from my brother. It feels like holding someone in your arms after they've had a bad day. It feels like sisters. It feels like the most beautiful art you've ever seen. It can make you cry, watch out!

Today I intend to feel passion, which feels like delicious burning. It feels like having a force come inside me and push my body, my hands, my mouth. It feels like focus and concentration and absolute freedom to do exactly what I want. It feels like magickal creation. It feels like looking around wildly and only seeing what you need to. It feels like everything happening at once, so fast, but the timing is perfect. It feels like solving a rubiks cube with your eyes closed. It feels like speaking to an audience of 1000 and not feeling fear. It feels like everything is right there, you just have to put it into place.

and i love that mirror filter...
Wouldn't it be nice to be mindful of every action today? Wouldn't it be nice to make every action count towards one of my goals? Wouldn't it be nice to eat slowly and leisurely and mindfully and happily? Wouldn't it be nice to cook effortlessly? Wouldn't it be nice to have a perfectly clean apartment? Wouldn't it be nice to stay focused and clear-headed today? Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time outside? Wouldn't it be nice to make progress on our postcards, menu and lesson 7? Wouldn't it be nice to record the best TPP episode yet? Wouldn't it be nice to have a really fun day? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the fan club soon? Wouldn't it be nice to hear from Michael? Wouldn't it be nice if he came home safe and sound soon? Wouldn't it be nice to learn some new recipes? Wouldn't it be nice to look really cute today? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life?

I love writing these posts! I love that describing how unconditional love feels made me cry! I love that I can access all the emotions I want to feel without needing a manifestation to make me feel them! I love how malleable the human mind is! I love Linty sitting in my lap warming me! I love my friends and all their unique perspectives! I love my family and all their idiosyncrasies! I love that mostly I am great at spelling but had no idea how to spell idiosyncrasy! I love that my dad made me take four years of Latin in high school because it really helped my vocabulary! I love how my dad was right about a lot of stuff! I love that Thanksgiving is coming soon! I love November! I love the cooler weather! I LOVE THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE! I love Austin so so deeply! I love aligning my energy in the morning! I LOVE BEING UP EARLY! I love having fun! I love feeling excited and passionate and loving and euphoric! I LOVE that it's 11.11! I love furthering my understanding of the true nature of reality every day! I love living!

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  • Katja

    i love looking forward to these emotional hygiene posts of yours every day and the moment when they pop up and i get to read them!

  • kelly

    the feeling sections were on point, cat!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Katja! They bring me such pleasure to create!
    & muchas gracias to my lazy latke!!

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