Emotional hygiene, gettin hyphy daytime edition


Emotional hygiene, gettin hyphy daytime edition

I am so grateful for my tattoos! I am so grateful for the memory they preserve–running, tripping, scars, my birthday and getting better at lifestreaming! I am so grateful I have no regrets. I am so grateful Kelly and I got up at 3:30am today and already did our running miles and grocery shopping and meditation. I am so grateful Kelly just made the dough for another double batch of English muffins!
I am so grateful we took the time to tailgate in the Walmart parking lot while drinking polar pops and basking in the sun. I am so grateful for the beautiful birds we got to watch for 10 minutes. I am so grateful for a delicious lunch of homemade bean burgers with homemade English muffins!

Today I intend to continue basking. Today I intend to do some inspired work. Today I intend to keep projecting what I want to receive back. Today I intend to stay on diurnal! Today I intend to keep feeling good! Today I intend to project love! Today I intend to emit power and grace and maturity! Today I intend to make progress on our business. Today I intend to make some magick pellets! Today I intend to let source flow through me. Today I intend to adore myself. Today I intend to congratulate myself. Today I intend to feel refreshed. Today I intend to feel proud of myself. Today I intend to make every action count towards my dreams. Today I intend to feel more euphoria. Today I intend to smile at strangers. Today I intend to enjoy myself and my surroundings. Today I intend to look at my life like a video game! At Walmart today, I was picturing the 'grocery shopping' level. I got to get a polar pop (magic star/invincibility) which powered me through! I felt like I was in a carnival where anything I saw could be mine!

I love how these posts refresh me. I love being awake during the day! I love eating meals at normal times! I love downloading 20gig backup files for TPP and my lifestream! I love that I can FTP the file directly to my external harddrive! I love that computer storage capacity grows every day! I love that I learn new ways I should be listening to myself every day. Like when I should have listened to myself when I said "ENOUGH POLAR POP!" I love that every day is an adventure. I love this Portishead Pandora station. I love remembering a Legendary Pink Dots song that I really want to hear again. Do you know it? The words include "In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti..."

I love that we get to go to Whole Foods for pellet supplies. I love driving in the sun. I love euphoria. I love November. I love this day. I love making sure I always FEEL GOOD.

I love links! You love links!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    i like what you said about projecting what you want to receive back, but i like thinking of it as projecting what i am. i’m not doing it for the sake of seeing something, i am projecting it because its who i am and i have no other choice but to project it. so i think the goal is more to become it and then you automatically project it. i think goal is more to become the vibration that you want to be. then, of course that is what is reflected to you in physical, because you know who you are, so you expect to see reflections of that in your physical reality.

  • jessica mullen

    the concept still ties me in knots a bit. i know what you mean, but have a hard time thinking of it in terms of an example. could you please provide one? like… so my higher self has already become massively wealthy. i then act as if that has already physically manifested (or better yet, i don’t have to act). by projecting that vibration of feeling wealthy and abundant, then that is reflected back to me because that is who i am. so my physical experience and the world around me would be wealthy and abundant.
    do you have another example perhaps? <3 <3

  • kelly

    its not that your higher-self has become massively wealthy, because that is kind of a physical reality concept.

    its more that your higher self has become the vibrational essence of that concept. it has become freedom. it has become comfort. it has become knowing. it has become relief.

    those the things that you are trying to become. wealth would just be a physical manifestation of those vibrations.

    you become those vibrations by practicing them. by pondering things that make you feel that way. by noticing when you are feeling that way and milking it so having and maintaining that feeling becomes more natural to you than not. once you practice those emotions enough to the point where they are dominant, then you have become them.

    then the physical printout adjusts accordingly. the process repeats till infinity.

  • kelly

    in other words, the printout is not the design:

    you print you design project because it helps you see things differently than you would on screen. it helps you find things you want to fix. it helps you see things you wouldn’t see on screen.

    the same is true for physical reality. its there so you can better examine your rag. its there so you can have a better perspective of the edits you want to make. then back to the screen (vibrational reality), make the edits (to your vibration), and printout again. repeat until infinity.

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