I love playing my life like a video game.

I love playing my life like a video game.

I love that my life is a video game. I love my avatar, Jessica. I love that Jessica has some awesome skills in this game. She's really good at meditating, running, cooking, loving, writing, designing, podcasting, and smiling. Smiling is one of her super powers. She's also really good at getting what she wants. She knows how to focus and let me flow through her. She loves momentum. She loves talking about herself in third person. She loves viewing herself through the eyes of source. She loves leveling up in life. She loves playing the game! What part of the game comes next? Oh yeah, a running level! Today she will have the best time yet! She knows how to collect mad coins while running. My avatar rules. And she has pink hair.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    I love this life-is-a-video-game idea! makes everything more fun! :)

  • jessica mullen

    Yes for sure! Every activity I can now look at like “oh I’m in a car-racing game” or “I’m in a Barbie cooking game!” even when I’m in the shower it’s like this one sesame street game I used to play about Bert & Ernie being in the bath… So fun!

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