Emotional hygiene, Monday night edition

mmm kale

Emotional hygiene, Monday night edition

Hello my darlings! I am so grateful we are about to go to bed! I am so grateful we are about to reset our sleep schedule! I am so grateful we just had the MOST INCREDIBLE kale salad of my life! I am so grateful we went to the Y and ran and worked out! I am so grateful I ran 3.4 miles without stopping! I'm so grateful my pace was 10:18!! I'm so grateful we meditated for 20 minutes today, for the first time in a long time! I'm so grateful we posted TPP 307 and 308!! I'm SO GRATEFUL that Sheima came over and taught me how to do false eyelashes! I'm so grateful I get to try it again tomorrow! I'm so grateful to be learning a new makeup trick! I'm so grateful I have such an awesome friend who is willing to teach me!

mmm kale
mmm kale salad

I'm so grateful we had bean burgers for lunch. I'm so grateful they are an excellent vehicle for condiments. I'm so grateful it's so easy to make our smoothie in the food processor now. I'm so grateful that I read Steve Pavlina's blog today, about manifesting money! I'm so grateful he reminded me that LIFE IS A VIDEO GAME. When I think about my life as a video game, I'm much less likely to self-sabotage! Who would purposely die in a video game they were trying to level up in?? I'm so grateful for the new perspective! I'm so grateful I can look at things like money as a high score, and calories like health pellets... I'm so grateful I am constantly finding new levels of life to explore!

the bean burg
eatin the bean burg/condiment vehicle while editing TPP#308

I'm so grateful Kelly and I get along so well. I'm so grateful we have the perfect love. I'm so grateful I don't care when photos don't post to my site, because then I just get to include them in these posts. I'm so grateful for the New Age Essentials genre station on Pandora. I'm so grateful I printed out my 'dreams' to go in my picture frame!!

my dreams!
my dreams!

I'm so grateful our friend circle is expanding. I'm so grateful we get to work on our magickfood.com menu tomorrow! I'm so grateful this day went exactly the way I wanted. I'm so grateful I know how to stay in control of my vibration. I'm so grateful Steve wrote that post that helped me see things in a different light, like talking about accessing different dimensions to perceive new opportunities.

about to put on some eyelashes
about to put on some eyelashes...

Tonight I intend to bask my way to sleep! Tonight I intend to be conscious of myself falling asleep. Tonight I intend to lucid dream. Tonight I intend to have really good dreams. Tonight I intend to find solutions in my sleep. Tonight I intend to go to sleep feeling good so I can wake up feeling good. Tonight I intend to smile my way to sleep. Tonight I intend to remember that life is a video game. Tonight I intend to get excited for my day tomorrow! Tonight I intend to write my to do list before going to bed. Tonight I intend to fall asleep easily. Tomorrow I intend to wake refreshed after 5 hours of sleep. Tomorrow I intend to spring out of bed, excited for what the day holds! Tomorrow I intend to feel good all day. Tomorrow I intend to love myself. Tomorrow I intend to perceive new dimensions full of treasure! Tomorrow I intend to remember my dreams! Tomorrow I intend to feel euphoric. Tomorrow I intend to level up!

Wouldn't it be nice to always play my life like a video game? Wouldn't it be nice to think of myself as an avatar in a video game? Wouldn't it be nice to root for myself and not sabotage my efforts? Wouldn't it be nice to level up? Wouldn't it be nice to keep feeling better and better? Wouldn't it be nice to have a really fun day tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to make more magick pellets? Wouldn't it be nice to pwn our four mile run? Wouldn't it be nice to do 100 pushups? Wouldn't it be nice to run those four miles at a 10 minute pace? Wouldn't it be nice to re-do my eyelashes in the morning? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate for another 20 minutes? Wouldn't it be nice to always feel my way towards my next action? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day ever tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to always be a cooperative component?

I LOVE SHEIMA! I LOVE KELLY! I love false eyelashes! I love learning new makeup techniques! I love thinking about life as a video game! I love going to sleep early! I love feeling good! I love saving photos for these posts! I love doing these posts before bed! I love feeling good in my skin! I love accessing new dimensions! I love being inspired to find new dimensions! I love my apartment and my kitties and my girlfriend and the food we eat every day! I love typing! I love cooking! I love RUNNING! I love going to sleep in the vortex! I love waking up excited to pwn a new day! I love getting excited about playing MY LIFE: THE VIDEO GAME ha! I love racking up more points! I love leveling up! I love that tomorrow is Tuesday and that has absolutely no effect on what I do! I love that only I decide what I do with my time! I love using my time to FEEL GOOD! I love living life! I love pwning my days! I love connecting with people! I love feeling healthy and invigorated! I love myself! I love Jessica! I love thinking from the perspective of source! I love that I can type "I love Jessica" and it helps with the video game mindset even more! I love Jessica! I love playing Jessica's game!


  • I love Gala's Olsenboye commercial! What a lovely lady, what a cool thing to get to do!
  • I REALLY like Steve Pavlina's last post on manifesting money! Thank you for the new ideas Steve!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE our podcast! Our episodes get better every day!
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  • kelly

    i love these freaky food photos! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! nightmare food!

    what its a haunted house? its part of the theme.

    i like it when we do these before bed. tomorrow is going to be AWESOME!

    love u wifey <3

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