Emotional Hygiene | November 2, 2010 | Revelations!


Emotional Hygiene | November 2, 2010 | Revelations!

GOOD AFTERNOON my sweet nocturnes! Today I am overflowing with gratitude for EVERYTHING, because the good vibes and positive energy and rad manifestations have been a-FLOWIN! I'm going to focus a bit on recent revelations I've had (and probably throw in some cute cat photos as well)!

I am so grateful I had the most mindblowing realization yesterday: when you want something, all you have to do is 1) WANT IT. BAD. 2) Ask for it. 3) Expect it to come (just assume it will manifest). 4) LET IT GO. Stop thinking about it. Stop asking for it. 5) Let the ideas flow into you! 6) Finally, when you have let go of your desires and are allowing yourself to think fresh thoughts, the thing you wanted will *POOF* magickally appear!

Pwny is way too tired for revelations

I am so grateful I've been thinking of myself as my own... pet. It helps me be so much nicer to myself! I'm so grateful that new ideas keep flowing and flowing and flowing! Kelly and I keep sitting around talking about how everything is just so easy and FLOWING, and that's what we keep experiencing! I am SO GRATEFUL we have been living in real time. Over 7 times yesterday we had been talking about something we wanted, then consciously decided to let it go, and those things manifested! Hanging out with specific friends, receiving phonecalls, comments on the podcast, sponsored episodes!

Linty and me straight chillin, letting the ideas wash over us!

I am SO ETERNALLY GRATEFUL that Kelly and I had the RADDEST brainstorm yesterday! We're working on a book based on the School of Life Design, and inspiration struck! We know exactly what we want to do for it now, and it's going to be OUTSTANDING! Essentially, it will have minimal text and be mostly illustrations - visual metaphors depicting concepts from the lessons. Finally, it came to us that we are GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, duh, let's communicate visually! Think Life is Good, or Mr. Nosey. We are so excited to get started! We're thinking of it as a book of religious iconography for our church... it's going to be so hot.

Linty's art shot!

Today I intend to keep milking these good blissful feelings! Today I intend to keep the good vibes flowing! Today I intend to feel good all day! Today I intend to keep tripping! Today I intend to keep focusing! Today I intend to spread the love! Today I intend to smile and laugh and be filled with joy! Today I intend to love unconditionally! Today I intend to treat myself like my precious pet! Today I intend to focus only on solutions! Today I intend to whip up some amazing magick food for our friends! Today I intend to have the best day of my life!!

Wouldn't it be nice if cooking all our food was fun and easy? Wouldn't it be nice to go for a chilly autumn walk? Wouldn't it be nice to always feel this HYPHY? Wouldn't it be nice to start working on Lesson 7? Wouldn't it be nice to record a really sweet magick food podcast episode?! Wouldn't it be nice to have an easy solution for our new camera workflow? Wouldn't it be nice if my computer processor could handle it? Wouldn't it be nice to get a new computer with a really fast processor and massive amounts of RAM (like 64 gigs!) and a huge harddrive, like a terabyte?! Wouldn't it be nice to keep hearing the best jams on Pandora? Wouldn't it be nice to post TPP#304 effortlessly? Wouldn't it be nice to not think at all during meditation? Wouldn't it be nice to keep loving this day so hard?!

I LOVE MY LIFE. I love all our recent revelations! I love how the energy is flowing! I love that I'm going with the flow! I love that nothing can knock me out of my vortex! I love feeling good all day every day! I love that all this positive thinking is REALLY PAYING OFF! I love that we get to see our friends so often! I love exercising! I love that we have so many friends in Austin! I love that we have so many friends around the world! I love that my email inbox is still mostly clean! I love that Lesson 6 got published at 4am! I love getting into the flow of talking about love! I love moving my body to music! I love that I am a vibrational being!! I love that I am in control of my reality!!


  • Jimmy sponsored a TPP episode and requires that we include this video in some way. Ideas??
  • A pretty raunchy Flickr photo of mine was used to illustrate this article on prostitution! Woot!
  • If you are ever curious about how Kelly and I got into positive thinking, here's our very first podcast episode where we talk about it. It's called "Lifefucking Bathtub Kindness," and yes, it takes place in the bath tub.
  • Kelly wrote a beautiful post describing yesterday's brainstorm.
  • We have a few design changes up at the podcast, like adding a School of Life Design banner ad. I am proud! Thank you Emma for inspiring me to make the ads, and thank you for putting one on your site lovely lady!
  • Speaking of, the School of Life Design and TPP banners are below! Feel free to use one!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly cree

    massively feeling the photos. isn’t it nice that some of your photos don’t go through so you can use them in these posts?

    i love your banners! i love banner design! i love how its so simple, yet so detail oriented! i love that know so much about banner design.

    i love your link lists. you always link the the coolest shit. like our podcast ;)

    and i love you!!!

  • jessica mullen

    yes it is so cool to have something positive about the photos that don’t go through! silver lining!

    haha yeah our podcast is the coolest shit.

    thank you my pet! i love you!

  • Allison

    “I am so grateful I’ve been thinking of myself as my own… pet. It helps me be so much nicer to myself!” This analogy makes so much sense.

    What do you guys mean by “in real time”? Do you mean like…. focusing on the present? Or just…. “now”?

    I love revelations!

    “A pretty raunchy Flickr photo of mine was used to illustrate this article on prostitution!” Holy crap, congratulations. XD

  • jessica mullen

    Allison, by “real time” we mean that as soon as we ask for something, it comes. So for example, we were talking about wanting to have dinner with a certain friend. As soon as we said something like “oh well, let’s figure it out tomorrow” she wrote and solidified our plans. Or Kelly was outside and thought “wouldn’t it be nice to see this certain person…” and that person walks by. Ask, and it is given! If you have no resistance about what you desire (meaning you don’t desperately need it or have conflicting thoughts about it) and you can let it go (stop thinking about it) then it just comes!

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