Emotional high-giene | November 1 2010


Emotional high-giene | November 1 2010

Good morning! Happy first day of November! Today, I am so grateful I have been exercising so much lately. We have reached our third most active month in the past year! I'm so grateful we've been going out in our beautiful city so much lately!

we love you Austin!

Last night we danced our asses off to dubstep at Barcelona. I'm so grateful I haven't been drinking! Going out is so much more fun when I don't feel sick, sloppy or depressed!

6th st
hanging out on 6th before heading to lunch yesterday

I'm so grateful Kelly and I had the best anniversary ever. We got to do everything we wanted this weekend, and then some. I'm so grateful for my bicycle! It's been my main method of transport lately and it feels so good to use my own energy to get from place to place! I'm so grateful I decided to start wearing eyeliner again, because it's fun to dress up & makes me feel sexy! I love how I look without it but there's just something so comforting and mesmerizing about wearing it.

walking up to Iggi's Texatarian southern vegan food cart!

I'm so grateful we got to try a new vegan food cart yesterday, Iggi's Texatarian! It was an excellent excuse to hang out on the east side and the food was delicious, greasy & vegan.

iggi food
We got the BBQ seitan sammie & mac & cheeze, mmm

We also got to meet Vintage Vivant, who I recognized because I overheard her telling a story that I had just read that morning on her blog!

iggis and cactus
front view of Iggi's

I'm so grateful that I have been eating so well lately! It has been so refreshing to eat lots of spinach and kale and to stay away from the junk. My body likes me again! I'm so grateful I have a full beautiful day ahead of me to work on the podcast (5 new episodes forthcoming!) and Lesson 6!

Today I intend to milk the good feelings I've been having. Today I intend to do my best inspired work yet. Today I intend to go with the flow, the fourth dimension, the stream of well-being that everyone can choose to follow if they wish. Today, I intend to stay focused. Today, I intend to love myself and everything I do!

Wouldn't it be nice to finish Lesson 6 today? Wouldn't it be nice to publish those 5 podcast episodes? Wouldn't it be nice to get a new computer? Wouldn't it be nice to manifest $5000? Wouldn't it be nice to get the TPP fan club up early? Wouldn't it be nice to deeply enjoy my work every day? Wouldn't it be nice to go out dancing again? Wouldn't it be nice to meet some new friends? Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired all day? Wouldn't it be nice to feel nothing but love, passion and appreciation today? Wouldn't it be nice to continue casting this spell on my life? Wouldn't it be nice to get everything done on my to-do list? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life?

I LOVE that we recorded a rampage of awesomeness for yesterday's TPP episode! I love that Kelly and I love working on our podcast so much! I love that I have been feeling so sexxxy lately! I love that we are so into fitness! I love eating well! I love that Lesson 6 is almost out the door! I love having big plans for the School of Life Design! I love feeling good all the time! I love being in the vortex! I love taking great care to stay in! I love all my business spreadsheets! I love running! I love our new residential route! I love that we get to up our miles tomorrow! I love this gorgeous autumn weather! I love that it was still warm out when we biked last night! I love meditating and having a conversation with my higher self! I love finding solutions! I love keeping track of my "revelations" in a google doc! I love feeling warm and cozy and ready to take on anything! I love living this exciting life! I love that I've felt like I'm in a meditative state most of the time! I love that I feel like my consciousness is riding an amusement park ride - my body! I love tripping on being sober! I love clarity! I love focus! I love life!

And of course I love the Internet! Some tasty morsels I have stashed away:

  • Gala's having a Halloween sale on Love & Sequins! Go now, it only lasts another 9 hours or so!
  • Follow Iggi's Texatarian on Twitter for food specials!
  • Direct an episode of The Popular Podcast in November! Wonder what our take is on a specific topic? Donate $22 and we'll go all out!
  • Emma is such a sweetheart! If you want more uplifting posts to read, check out her site!
  • I've also been really digging Erica Lee's blog over here...
  • Kelly wrote me the SWEETEST anniversary posts I could ever imagine! They brought tears to my eyes!
  • Curves Ahead is a tumblr devoted to natural female beauty! It makes me smile.

What are you loving today? What's making you feel your best?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Allison

    You have MULTIPLE vegan food carts? Lucky! That food looks so gooood. D:

  • jessica mullen

    Yeah we do! There’s also Vegan Yacht, Counter Culture, and Edible Earth (but I think they closed) – and those are just the ones I’ve seen around. Austin is perfect for vegans!

  • kelly

    i love curves ahead!!! :)

    i also love you. and your posts. and your photos!

    and iggi’s!!!

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