On my never-ending quest for joy, I made up a list of 69 reasons why I love myself. Try it, you’ll like it!

On my never-ending quest for joy, I made up…


  1. I'm positive!
  2. I smile a LOT
  3. I take good care of my pets
  4. I'm pretty
  5. I'm a witch!
  6. I'm sexy.
  7. I'm SO SO smart.
  8. I have a BFA & an MFA
  9. I'm always yearning to learn more
  10. I'm quite intuitive
  11. I'm sensitive
  12. I have a great girlfriend, family, & friends
  13. I am very flexible!
  14. I take good care of my body by feeding it healthy food and taking it for lots of walks and runs and bike rides
  15. I am awesome at websites!
  16. I am awesome at lifestreaming!
  17. I have great teeth.
  18. I have badass tattoos and piercings.
  19. I live in a perfect city
  20. I have an amazing design portfolio of bizarrely relevant work
  21. I am endlessly optimistic
  22. I am learning to love myself more every day
  23. I am getting better at life every day
  24. I have a cute butt
  25. I have bewitching eyes
  26. I have pink hair!
  27. I am a good listener
  28. I am a good writer
  29. I know how to write music and play guitar, piano and clarinet
  30. I ran a marathon!
  31. I'm training for a marathon!
  32. I'm vegan!
  33. I can cook really well!
  34. I give bomb helmet
  35. I am loving and accepting and understanding
  36. I have a fun sense of style: survival-goth!
  37. I am an excellent designer
  38. I am good at flirting
  39. I am good at getting what I want
  40. I am good at finding solutions
  41. I can consume intoxicants like a pro
  42. I can go without food for a long time
  43. I always drink plenty of water
  44. I meditate daily
  45. I was a naughty Catholic school girl
  46. I wear lots of short skirts
  47. I enjoy saying and thinking "FUCK IT"
  48. I get acid-breath (sometimes known as pancake breath)
  49. I have a high tolerance for pain
  50. I like whips n chains
  51. I wear bondage jewelry as an adult
  52. I survived an eating disorder!
  53. I am quite skilled at computers
  54. I am a quick learner
  55. I have a soothing voice
  56. I read quickly
  57. I've read a lot of books
  58. I know what's up with the Internet
  59. I'm a really good teacher!
  60. I'm romantic
  61. I have good skin
  62. I have really strong legs
  63. I can do lots of pushups
  64. I can handle my liquor (usually)
  65. I have a kickass podcast!
  66. I have a kickass school!
  67. I have a kickass church!
  68. I have a kickass business!
  69. I have a kickass life!
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    this is AWEsome! can’t wait to do mine and keep adding to it! shit i should make it a sticky post!!!

  • jessica mullen

    sticky post! bril!!!!!!!! you are giving me so many new ideas!

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