Comprehensive Lifestream Experiment

Comprehensive Lifestream Experiment

March 2009 | Live project site

Continuing a search for better methods of sharing my life in a website that most accurately represented myself, I discovered the lifestreaming software “Sweetcron”, developed by Yong Fook. I installed the software on my web server, which enabled me to aggregate all of my posts from around the Internet in one place. By importing RSS feeds provided by different web services such as Flickr, Youtube and Google Reader, the posts from each service could be viewed chronologically in context with each other on my website.

I found the advantages of this method of lifestreaming to be personal accountability, process and failure documentation, personal branding, archiving and backup, and revelation of invisible patterns. These factors created an environment conducive to control over individual development and deliberate decision-making.

After this experiment, I began thinking of lifestreaming as a process for improving quality of life, but my evidence was anecdotal, and I did not have concrete data of how my life had improved.

Jessica Mullen
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