Filtered Lifestream Experiment

Filtered Lifestream Experiment

filtered lifestream
January 2010 | Live project site

My final lifestream site design experiment at UT became an investigation of lifestreaming as a life design methodology for wellness. I wanted to test how publicly monitoring my diet, exercise, finances, lifestream design work, and spirituality might be combined with my social network, in order to make me more accountable for my actions, increase my self-discipline, and strengthen my reputation. In doing this, I might also be better able to recognize and eradicate the patterns and social structures that negatively impact my life. By addressing these main categories in my life, I hoped to increase my overall wellness.

Although my physical well-being improved dramatically during this experiment, the most significant discovery was that of lifestream filtration. From the beginning of my lifestream experiments, organization and hierarchy was problematic because of the amount of updates a lifestream creates. I removed all lifestream posts aside from longer writings and videos from my lifestream homepage in an attempt to deal with the deluge of content I create every day. This method of filtering a lifestream might be particularly useful those who wish to develop a larger readership.

Lifestream filtration is imperative to make a more sophisticated experience for the lifestream reader. By suppressing the majority of my lifestream updates from my main homepage on my website, I am motivated to create more thoughtful, long form, reader-friendly content more regularly.

Jessica Mullen
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