what i’m grateful for this morning: esotericism, Andre champagne, dubstep & backrub sex

what i’m grateful for this morning: esotericism, Andre champagne,…

I am so grateful we had such a fun classy evening last night! We made pancakes with our friends Stephen and Bridgette during sunset. We opened a bottle of Andre while waiting for a parking space & pretty much blissed out all night.

I am so grateful Kelly is making the smoothie today! I love breaks from routine! I love getting back into routine. I love that we have finished our first week of marathon training! I am so grateful for my wifey waking me up so sweetly! I am so grateful for Sundays! I am so grateful we get to go on a bike ride to the library today! Stephen showed us an amazing book on esotericism that I MUST READ.

I am so grateful for my kitties! I am so grateful for photobooth! I am so grateful we found 91 sticks of good smelling incense for $4! I am so grateful the window is open! I am so grateful I'm not hungover! I'm so grateful we're listening to dubstep! I am SO INTO dubstep right now.

I love wearing my skeletor hoodie again! I love that it's fall! I love that it's cloudy! I love keeping a spreadsheet of my manifestations! I love being excited about things! I love getting fresh inspiration! I love being in control of how I feel! I love syncing my iPhone after not doing it for months! I love pondering life design lesson 5! I love turning it over and over in my head like a gemstone with a secret door! Boxes with hidden compartments have always made me so happy. I love good sex! I love backrubs incorporated into good sex! I love that I have absolutely nothing to worry about and zero stress in my life! I love that I can DO WHATEVER I WANT TODAY!

Jessica Mullen
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