DES313: Design History Lab

design history lab

DES313: Design History Lab

design history lab
Spring 2009 | Course website | Syllabus

As teaching assistant to Peter Hall, taught principles of web design and development with XHTML, CSS and WordPress. Empowered students to visually and conceptually execute written interpretations of design history on the web.

Student were assigned articles to write about graphic design throughout history. They then had to make their own connections between articles and represent them with websites. The new connections made between design history figures and works served as visual metaphors for site design concepts. After designing his or her own design history article website, the students developed them using HTML, CSS and WordPress. The students were web design novices, going from knowing very little about code to being able to design and develop a complete WordPress website (with custom theme) in one semester, while learning Design History at the same time!

Student work:

Advertising the Intangible
Advertise by Rachel Brinkman.

Design History Lab
Social Unrest & Halftone Printing by Mala Kumar.

Design &... by Stephanie Osan.

katrina repman
Still not so sure? by Katrina Repman.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.