today’s intentions: run, love, teach

today’s intentions: run, love, teach

I am awake early on a Saturday and it feels spectacular! Kel and I have a wonderful plan for the day to get tons done. We're going to run and drink smoothies and work on our business and go shopping and make pancakes for our treasured friend and eat salad for dinner and feel goooood all day. Here's what I'm allowing to happen today!

  • run and do pushups like they're going to make the most enormous difference in my strength and endurance
  • look at everyone I see with deep unconditional love
  • manifest $1000!
  • make terrific progress on lesson 5, which will be super-web-design focused
  • feel passion and love and excitement and joy all day long
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • SaraOoo

    Oh oh oh, I’m looking forward to part 5!

  • theroundup


  • kelly

    lol, michael! they are my pets!

    also, jessica, it looks like u r holding a joint ~~~~~

  • jessica mullen

    lol that was one tasty puffed joint –~’

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