rampage of appreciation inspired by emma!

rampage of appreciation inspired by emma!

I love being inspired by other lifestreamers! I love spinach smoothies! I love listening to dubstep Pandora radio on my phone after I've reached my computer monthly limit! I love RUNNING so much! I love stretching after a run and feeling super strong! I love watching videos we took from Burnet! I love when Kelly walks by me and pets me! I love my dreams! I love running downhill and getting to walk back uphill! I love that the next four weeks of training are SO EASY - 3 miles each day during the week! I love my chippies and how little Pwny is! I love that Pwny's name has no vowels! I love dried apricots! I love my sketchbook! I love my desk and how it has everything I need on it! I love that my lamp still works even after the switch broke! I love my tattoos! I love my piercings! I love my hair! I love my outfit! I love that I started using the pullup bar today! I love that we recorded today and have a great ep to post at TPP!

I love that I'm in control of my thoughts and reality. I love that I can choose to feel good and it influences everything else in my life. I love how thinking positive thoughts results in positive experiences. I love that my reality improves each day. I love that I'm about to export this TPP vid then work on life design lesson 5!! I love allowing inspiration to flow through me! I love brainstorming! I love life! I love you!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Emma

    Awesome! Hehe, go me! I love you too!!

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