ARTD313a: Sequential Design

ARTD313a: Sequential Design


Summer 2008 | Syllabus

ARTD 299a/Memetic Media Encyclopedia (MeME) was a Summer Session 1 course at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, through the School of Art and Design. It was an introduction to web development and design using CSS and XHTML, intended to provide the confidence to explore and manifest conceptual ideas on the web.

The course website, Memetic Media Encyclopedia, was a Creative Commons licensed aggregate of memetic explorations and commentary about the process of creating a meme. Each day, artd 313a students received a topic around which they built memettes (short explorations into potentially replicable pieces of Internet culture). They used these exercises to practice CSS skills covered in lecture. As the class progressed, each student developed a profile site to contain their memetic explorations, research, and results.

Student work:

Assignment was to build a conceptual website from scratch using HTML and CSS.

Memetic Encyclopedia by Lauren Emerson

A meme by Jason Pietrucha.

The Caged Birds University of Illinois School of Art and Design Student Works in Web Design
The Caged Bird, by Sonia Warfel.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.