ARTD299 JM: Advanced Web Design

ARTD299 JM: Advanced Web Design

Spring 2008 | Syllabus

This course examined what was to come after Web 2.0. Students focused on finding new ways of engaging a web audience using standards compliant code. Students were challenged to make informed design decisions with graceful technical implementation. Aside from enhancing students' design process and CSS knowledge, topics included information architecture, search engine optimization, usability, accessibility, content management systems, client interaction and presentation. Emphasis was placed on solving complex problems without compromising quality of design or code.

Student Work:

Solar Cap, Capped by Travis Austin, a tutorial website describing how the site, Solar Cap, was built.

How to make fried eggs by Andrew Nguyen, a tutorial website on how the site, The Fried Egg Show, was built.

IEMS, How to make tea, Lol Lost, & How to code (above, a website on how to code the "How to make tea" site) by Maria Surawska

Jessica Mullen
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  • meaghan


    so, any tips for someone who wants to brush up on webwork?

    html 5 sounds awesome but scary.

    css i kinda know, but i am also old school.

    php is a bitch.


    happy thoughts,

  • jessica mullen

    Unless you want to be a full time developer (in which case knowing CSS and HTML5 like the back of your hand appears necessary) I would focus on knowing what you -can- do with the tools and then pay a developer to work with you.

    I focus on knowing CSS really well (or as well as I can google), being able to do custom HTML when I need it, and I live in WordPress so that’s the platform I know a lot about. I like to mess around with PHP but don’t have anything memorized.

    Everything you want to know about code is somewhere already written, so instead of memorizing languages, just be aware of what you can do with the tools. But knowing CSS and XHTML are good, and knowing a CMS platform really well is good too – like WordPress (or Drupal if you want to do that to yourself).

    Also knowing how to deal with databases, FTP, cPanel, phpMyAdmin, and installing software like WordPress is a PRIZED skill.

    So why do you ask? What do you want to do?

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