I am so grateful to be up at 4am, laughing about silly dreams & pineapple upside down pancakes

I am so grateful to be up at 4am,…

I am so grateful we are going on our first training run! I am so grateful we have a bag of spinach left for our smoothie. I am so grateful it's the freaking first day of fall! Happy solstice! (or is it tomorrow? Close enough!) I am so grateful we are up so early because it feels like we are getting ready to go on a fun trip.

I am so grateful for this Cat Stevens song, Moonshadow! It's all about being optimistic and living in the moment. Kelly and I have been listening to it on repeat this morning and the more I listen, the more I love it!

I am so grateful we're doing the laundry already! I am so grateful for my new yellow plaid shirt that is so cozy and pretty. I am so grateful that I finished Lesson 4 yesterday!! I am so grateful that all is left is the audio and email! I LOVE working on life design more than anything in the world! I love making fractals. I love letting inspiration write the first draft of the post. I love getting inspired while walking with Kelly. I love our conversations about life design. I love returning to the inspired writing and editing the shit out of it. I love how it took three weeks to write lesson 4 because I wanted it to be really helpful, and I knew it wouldn't be helpful until it helped me!

I love waking up naturally at 4am on the first day of fall. I love beginning our training on the first day of fall. I love dropping a badass post on the first day of fall. I love how every single year of my adult life, this time period from now until Thanksgiving is my most productive of the year. THAT IS AWESOME. I LOVE AUTUMN. I love how it speeds up time and makes everything seem urgent, get it done before winter! I love how the air feels different and it rains and it's cloudy. I love how music sounds richer and deeper and I attract all the right information. I love beginning new relationships in the fall. I love new friends and manic weeknights and deadlines and coffee and cloves and hard cider. I love firepits, omg I love bonfires so much I could cry!

I LOVE AUTUMN AND I LOVE THIS DAY. Moonshadow moonshadow!

And here's a beautiful Amanda Palmer cover of another Cat Stevens jam, sent to us by our friend Rog. Thanks Rog, it made our morning!!

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