poetry inspired by @kellycree

poetry inspired by @kellycree

poetry is such a

you can call it good
or bad.
it doesn't matter.

i used to be obsessed
with writing
poetry in high school.

song lyrics, death metal.
die die die.

kelly has brought me
like she does
every single day

she inspires me
she is source
she is my sandy beach
and my sun

with her i appreciate
with her i get more
of what i notice
with her everything is new
pussy poppin

she is in the moment
she is the moment
i look at her
and the moment freezes
lifestreamed like a
string of pearls

i write poetry now
i love the moment
i do not give a fuck
and when i do
i say

fuck it

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    pussy poppin’ on the handstand!

    amazing. amazing. amazing.

    i could just feel you when i read this. its such a great way to document, or record, emotions. just like what we were saying about how drawings record experiences, or audio, really well. yes, please! i’d like more of this please!!

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