I am so grateful for this beautiful day, everything is going my way!

I am so grateful for this beautiful day, everything…

I fucking love my girlfriend! I love how good I feel right now! It just came over me all of the sudden! I am so in the vortex! I am having the best day of my life! I love that we met people who watch TPP! Omfg how incredible is that?? I love that it makes me want to record more! I'm going to be honest with you, I love that I'm writing this on the shitter instead of reading some garbage that would only junk up my thoughts! I love lifestreaming! I love that my mom is a lifestreamer! I LOVE hanging out with her! I love my family! I love my dad and my mom and my siblings! I love that I have a sister who lives abroad so I always have a place to stay over there! I love that I have a sister that lives in Austin! I love that I get to keep in touch with my brother even though he is in Afghanistan! I love my life! I love hanging out with sheima! I love riding bikes! I love browsing thrift stores for paperweights! I love that we get to go on a walk to tigertown!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    yes, please more of this please.

    like we were sayin earlier, about wanting to even more diligent than we are, we gotta just like stay on these exercises and shit all day. if we start to slide down the pole, we gotta climb back up.

    cause at the top of the pole is a bunch of strippers dressed as firewomen.

  • jessica mullen

    i’m going to be one of those strippers.

  • jessica mullen

    wait, wtf? i AM one of those strippers.

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