I love my cats! I love looking at lint on the couch! I love the new age station on pandora SO MUCH! I love p-poppin in tigertown! I love figuring out new ways to play tricks on my mind! I love having MAJOR ASS EPIPHANIES while writing posts! I love my trusty scanner! I love the sound of cats drinking water! I love that Kelly is doing ChaCha! I love asking questions on ChaCha! I love feeling in control of my reality!

I love knowing how to use Photoshop! I love writing to old friends! I love Facebook because it allows me to keep in touch with so many people! I love the sound of Pwny nomming! I love that we're about to go to bed! I love dreaming! I'm so excited to dream tonight!


Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Emma

    Reading these rampages is fucking awesome! Writing these in blog posts and in my notebook is the best thing I’ve done in a long time!

  • jessica mullen

    YAY! I’m so glad they are working for you! Getting in the habit of writing these when I wake up and when I’m doing boring shit like waiting in line at the grocery store is totally changing my attitude!

  • emily

    i’ve started a gratitude notebook IRL as well as the ones i post on my tumblr! i like to think of things to add to my rampage lists when it is slow at work too…a very productive way to spend my downtime and feel closer to being in the vortex (is that the right phrase?? i spent some time watching videos on the Abraham Hick’s youtube last night, but I’m still a little confused on some of the terms & concepts…) this is probably one of the best things i’ve ever done to improve my mood also & i can tell my thought patterns are finally starting to change…YIPPIE!!! much love! <3

  • Emma Marie

    I’m finding the segment intending really helpful too… Well I tried it first this morning on my way to work but I actually enjoyed the trip!

  • jessica mullen

    hell yes! i am still working on getting in the habit of it, but it seems to work out when i remember!

  • Emma

    Yeah getting into the habit is the most difficult thing after understanding all the new information! I’m trying not to overwhelm myself by reading about all the laws one after the other but I can’t help wanting to move forward.

    Baby steps!

  • jessica mullen

    emily, yes you are undoubtedly using ‘in the vortex’ correctly! i know abraham hicks can be a little complex, but that’s part of what i love about them – each time i listen i learn something new. i’m so glad to hear about your progress – what a great way to pass time at work!

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