Things I love after a 6 mile walk…

Things I love after a 6 mile walk…

I love taking long walks during the DAYTIME! I love returning home feeling accomplished and worn out! I love getting polar pops on the way and then getting refills 2 miles later! I love tiny rainstorms as we pass under a bridge! I love totally tripping out to storm clouds! I love when Kelly distracts me from being hungry by talking about rollercoasters and thunderstorms! I LoVE rollercoasters and thunderstorms! I love the feeling of being thrilled and exhilirated yet comforted! I love brainstorming sessions that result in beautiful ideas! I love talking about the things we love about our friends! I love our friends! I love my life! I love being inspired and in the vortex!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    the refill was the ticket! also, the rainstorm at just the right time when we were under the bridge?!?! butts, of course!

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